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Sr # Name of Town Location At

Adjacent General Buss Stand, Opposite Minar-

1 Ravi
e-Pakistan, Lahore.
2 Shalimar Opposite Shalimar Garden, Lahore.
3 Aziz Bhatti Tehsil Cantt
4 Wagha Harbanspura, GT Road, Lahore.
5 DGBT 311-Riwaz Garden, Lahore
31 C to Gullber-III Near Liberty Market,
6 Gullberg
Bacone High School, Lahore.
7 Samanabad Rasool Park, Samanabad, Lahore
8 Iqbal Wahadat Road, Bhakee Wala More, Lahore
9 Nisther Legna Town, PECO Road, Lahore.
Name of Officers for
Sr #
Name of Town Location At Survey

Adjacent General Buss

Ejaz Ahmed, ATO (R)
1 Ravi Stand, Opposite Minar-e-
Pakistan, Lahore.
Opposite Shalimar Afzaal Rehan, TO(R)
2 Shalimar
Garden, Lahore. (0300-9457362)
Shehzad Qureshi, TO (R)
3 Aziz Bhatti Tehsil Cantt
Harbanspura, GT Road, Anwaar Ahmed, TO (R)
4 Wagha
Lahore. (0300-9435833)
311-Riwaz Garden, Tahir Ali, ATO (R)
Lahore (0301-4582515)
31 C to Gullber-III Near
Faisal Shahzad, TO (R)
6 Gullberg Liberty Market, Bacone
High School, Lahore.
Rasool Park, Samanabad, Amir Shahzad, TO (R)
7 Samanabad
Lahore (0300-8724203)
Wahadat Road, Bhakee Khalid Rasheed, TO (P&C)
8 Iqbal
Wala More, Lahore (0321-4352064)
Legna Town, PECO Sulman Zahid, TO (P&C)
9 Nisther
Road, Lahore. (0300-4597275)

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