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1)disable system task manger

Value name:
Data Type:
Action Type:
Data Type:
Enabled Value:
Disabled Value:
Action Type:
2)Disabled system Restore utility
3)Remove all Icons from Desktop
4)Hide the Menu items folder options from the menu tools menu in the explorer
5)Remove run item from start menu
6)Turn off monitor when not in use:
7)Turn of hard disk solid state mode
8)Hide "go" button in Internet explorer
9)Remove the short cut arrow
10)Disable mediabar command on the toolbar
11)Do not start the welcome screen
12)Hide notification area Items
13)DIsable locking your system
14)Display FTP sites contents in an html basic layout
15)Enable font smoothing
16)Disable resizing or moving the taskbar
17) Remove my recent documents item from the start menu
18)Disable Context menu display on the taskbar
19)Enable the fast refresh for the windows
20)Disable command extensions for current user
21)Remove screensaver tab from display properties dialog
22)Reverse the mouse button functionality
23)Hide back button inside dialog
24)Detecting accidental mouse double clicks
25)Disable Dyanmic host configuration protocol
26)Disable caching of thumbnail views
27)Hide the extension for the VBSCRIPT(.vbs) files
28)Hide the automatic updates system icon in control panel
29)show options on log on dialog box
30)Apply read only permissionn for USB devices
31)Change home page url in internet explorer
32)Change Icon size
33)Change the mouse double clicking time
34) Disable autoplay on removable drives for all users

35)disable keyboard browsing settings in control panel(current user)
36)Disable file encryption
37)Disable Ms-Dos prompt for current user
38) Disable searching a file or folder inside subfolders
39)Disable security center warning of the automatic updates
40 Disable the style windows and buttons for your desktop theme
41)Enable cmd.exe auto run
42)Enable the classic explorer style
43)hide control panel in new start menu
44)hide inactive tray icon automatically
45)hide recyclebin properties option
46)hide system clock from notification area
47)hide the usert accounts system icon in control panel
48) hide the last user name
49)hide the network setup system icons from the control panel
50)disable registry editors