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YOUTH DEFINED Retreat Invitation Letter

YOUTH DEFINED Retreat Invitation Letter

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Published by Fadzhli Azmandin

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Published by: Fadzhli Azmandin on Dec 02, 2010
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Greetings,     INVITATION   TO   THE   YOUTH   DEFINED   RETREAT   FOR   THE   ETP   &   GTP   PROGRAMMES     I   am   writing   to   you   to   personally   invite

  you   for   a   3   Days   2   Nights   YOUTH   DEFINED   Retreat   specifically   to   co-­‐design   and   create   a   special   programme   for   youths  to  be  involved  with  the  Economic  Transformation  Programme  (ETP)  and   the  Government  Transformation  Programme  (GTP).       This   YOUTH   DEFINED   Retreat   is   organized   by   myHarapan   and   is   jointly   supported  by  the  Ministry  of  Higher  Education  (MOHE)  and  PEMANDU.     Your   track-­‐record   in   engaging   the   youths   in   their   respective   communities   and   areas  of  interest  qualified  you  to  be  selected  to  be  part  of  this  exclusive  pool  of   people.       Objectives  of  the  YOUTH  DEFINED  Retreat     • To  gather  insights  and  ideas  from  youth  leaders  like  yourself  to  shape  the   content   to   be   presented   to   the   youths   in   universities   about   the   ETP   &   GTP.   • To   design   promotional   campaigns   that   would   attract   the   interest   of   the   youths   towards   learning   about   the   ETP   &   GTP   and   how   they   can   get   involved.   • To  co-­‐create  platforms  for  youths  in  universities  and  communities  to  get   involved   with   the   implementation   of   the   ETP   &   GTP,   in   support   of   their   university  projects.              

00  a.00  a.     4th  –  6th  December  2010  (Saturday  –  Monday)   3  Days.  Monday  –  9.00  a.  Saturday  –  9.00  p.  –  10.  2  Nights  stay  in  Hotel  Maluri.  –  6.m.       Sincerely.   5th  December.     Please   confirm   your   attendance   by   29   November.  Kuala  Lumpur     Date:     • • Time:     • • •   Note:   • • Accomodation  and  meals  in  hotel  are  provided   Transportation   cost   is   provided   for   attending   youths   outside   of   Klang   Valley   •   We   hope   you   would   be   able   to   spare   some   time   to   be   a   part   of   this   exciting   initiative   with   us.   2010   (Monday).     MICHAEL  TEOH   Manager   Outreach  Office   myHarapan   Please  view  the  map  to  Hotel  Maluri  at  this  link:  http://bit.  Sunday  –  9.   Information  for  the  YOUTH  DEFINED  Retreat     Venue:  Hotel  Maluri.m.00  p.ly/exZdP1   4th  December.  Lodging  &  Meals  provided   .  –  10.   ideas   and   recommendations   would   be   extremely   important   for   us.m.m.00  p.m.   6th  December.   as   we   chart   out   the   frameworks   on   getting   the   youths   involved   and   be   recognized   for   their   efforts.   contributing   towards   the   development   of   the   country.m.     Your   inputs.

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