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The Pro Performerm, like the team model and Pro Freestyle Tour,m is built from the new frame and fork and shapes the new front end geometry. Stable on ramps, quick on the ground. The Pro Perforrner'" is ready to spin with an Odyssey Gyro, and comes standard with a lowmounted Dia-Compe rear brake, GT Mags and Tuberides.


The Pro Freestyle T our™ Frame and Fork set sthe hot set-up for '87. .AII New and All Chromoly, Irs got a larger platform for easier balance moves and the extra bend in the down tube creates yet another place for standing, The fork and down tube are custom-drliled for ncr hassle cable routing and the new drop-outs create a wider for


starting WIth GT's proven original design frame and fork. The Perfol111erlM Is an entry-level model,economically-priced designed to. Introduce the yourger rider to. freesfyie, GT style, -

forkstanders up front and addltlenal standing room 'en the chainstays In bock. Pro Freestyle Frame and Fork sets are available in Chrome, White, GT Blue, Lavender, and Day-Glo Pink.

The Junior Performer™ is a scaled-dewn replIca of GT'sfuli sized Performer™, It lets the little dudes pull off the big moves.



The team model is the same bike used by GT Factory Racers. Its been designed with rider Input to be the ultimate race bike, and its choice components include GT Power SerleslM Cranks, GT Sealed Bearing Hubs, OK Stem, IRC Tires

and Dia-Comps 901 Brakes front and rear. Colors: Black, White. Chrome. and GT Blue.


Borrowing most of Its cornoonent group from the team

model comes the Pro SerleslM, truly a first class racing

machine, pure bred for competltioo.J.ooklor ttle_dJs,11nc:1M~,_, new frame design at fhe track

in GT Blue. en-orne. Black aro White.

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The Mach OnelM retains GTs classic racing frame design combination of components. from 1986. A good all around thra·sher, but no less serious on the track when the gate drops.

Pro SerieslM Frame and Fork

All racing, frame and fork sets have a new look for '87. Hot new graphics compliment tbe new rear triangle area. Racing. framesets are available In GT Blue, White,Black and Chrome.


GT Power Series Cranks combine the lightweight of cold forged alloy crank arms, with the strength of a hollow, oversized Cro-Mo spindle to create a drive system equally suited to racing or freestyle. Two pinch bolts on each arm offer unsurpassed clamping power around an extra large contact area on the spindle. The crankset

comes standard with a sealed bearing bottom bracket.

GT Pro RacIng Basae the world stc:indaid. Made froi:n 100" 4130 ChromoIV to reciJce power-robblng _ and

the tcrnous GT bend-~ an nstant advantagEt GUt of 1he gate.

GT Headsets Incorporate at Infemd.1ock-up sprIrg that prevents Ioosenirv In steel. cloy, or peak. and colors to match any bike.

The proven GT design stem hOlds Irs own at the 1raCk, and CXl1he rcrnps. standarcfweage bolt for rcci1g, brake-f1ii'CLQh system for freestyle.

GT Superiace Setlfed AAnrfnn Alloy Hubs rival •

48-sp::>ke Wtlf:w::lI!:I\AlN1A ,..,,_..,.""

lighter weight of conventional Nofhingspecial

All New GT Cordouroy Caps are embroidered in a ~Ior design. and come In white, blue, and grey.

stylish GT Pads reduce the IIkelyhood of unsightly scrapes and bruises WhIle Improving the =::.....J:........:.=Joo=:,:ks:..o,:;f your scoot.


GT BItycIes Ir1c. WClITOI1tJ 1h4! ~ 01 my erIIjr,aI part I1Je to GIe!ed In rnoIe!fCI CIIYl/cr w(Jdomc;nhIp oIth1sGT bIcydQ ma WIiIIRII1IY fd contIrUt In I\JJ 1crce and effect fer a PIIfOd cJ rWlBIy (90) days from the ~ daIa oI1lI,lI'· chase. SUch pu'thOSe 10 be doctmriEId by 0fIQit'Ii:!lI sales !lip Of ather prOOf ef po.rchQ:Kt by aucIl awr£II

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CIaina LrJder ms waoanty must be mode ItYoI.ic11 en autI'IOIIZeIcI Gl BlcydN Inc. deaIBr ~ rrut CiIIIQ !rIItaII the rapIacemenI part To IocOIe on aJIhorIzeci G1 deoIer. _ 10 GT 8Ieydes Inc.. 15552

CoofoInIIt Lane. HI..I'rti\gIon BeacI\ CA 92647. a .c:aI (714) 1195-5589.

FallI9 CiJe 10 aoaIcIet1I. obuae. ~. romc;j wear. If'nproper ossemt!IV. Improper M, monl8l'1(lro8 by ather lhan on QJlhoI1Z&d Sf dealer a UI9 01 pem fnoon$ISIent WIlli !liB use orlgInaIy ~ for tile bqdeS as IOId. 0f8 no! COV9I9d by ~ INQI. ronty.

Theru en no other wononfteG or guamI8Bs 811- PI8S$8d cr ~ mode by ST 8IcvcIeJ Inc. on ltil ~ The SCIB and exclIIIVe IIatlIIv of GT IIcvdes Inc. and/or r:n{ 01 HI aJ!hCJIIzed cIeIJIBI&. aIIIOIeS cr ogenI puauant to this WClmltIIy std be lor the repair or repIor:lIirneI.1 of tI1e Cfefectt>'e JXIrt InCIdental Of COi'IIBqIJBI1!IaI daTIoges <118 &lCpI'G$IIV acctJcIed heIaI.ndef

Gfs Jumbo stiCker - easy to InstalL just peel and stick.

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