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Confirmation Schedule

Confirmation Schedule

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Our Lady Queen of Peace Religious Education Maywood, New Jersey Confirmation Preparation 2010-2011

DATE September 20 September 26 October 3 October 14 (Thurs) October 17 Parent/Candidate Meeting 7pm Church Class 8A (Class orientation/Scripture) Class 8B (Class orientation/Scripture) 8A & 8B Speaker (Fr. Larry Why Confirmation?) 7pm Church Class 8A (Chapter 1 & homework)

October 23 (Sat) 8A & 8B October 24 October 31

Required Mini Retreat 1pm-5pm - GYM Class 8B (Chapter 1 & homework) Class 8A (Chapter 2 & homework, relate to Mass reading of 11/7 and 11/14) November 7 Class 8B (Chapter 2 & homework, see above) November 14 (Sun. Evening 8A, 8B, & Parents) Fr. Kevin (Explained Mass) 7pm -Church November 21 Class 8A (Chapter 3, plan group service project) December 5 Class 8B (Chapter 3, plan group service project) December 12 Class 8A (Advent/Reconciliation) December 19 Class 8B (Advent/Reconciliation) December 20 (Monday evening) 8A & 8B Advent Penance Service - 7:30pm - Church January 9 Class 8A (Chapter 4, work on project) January 9 (Sun. Evening 8A &8B) Speakers Young Adults 7pm - Church January 16 Class 8B (Chapter 4, work on project) January 24 (Mon. evening 8A & 8B, parents) Speaker -Fr. Dente -7pm -church January 29 (Saturday) Retreat at CYO Youth Retreat Center Kearny and 5pm Mass upon return (Parents should attend Mass) Mass of Enrollment for Confirmation Candidates February 6 Class 8A (Chapter 5) February 12 (Saturday) Initial Interviews will occur on this day Candidates/Parents times to be assigned in January, 2011 February 13 Class 8B (Chapter 5) February 13 (Sun. Evening 8A & 8B, parents, Speaker) Sr. Marilyn 7pm - Church February 27 8A & 8B (ACRE Survey)

March 6 Class 8B* (Chapter 6) March 13 Class 8A* (Chapter 6) March 13 (Sun. evening 8A&8B) Speaker-Tom Viola/Guest 7pm Church March 20 Class 8B* (Chapter 7) March 27 Class 8A* (Chapter 7) March 27 (Sun. Evening 8A&8B) Speaker Sam Chey 7pm Church April 3 April 10 April 11 (Monday) April 17 April 21 April 22 April 24 Class 8B* (Chapter 8/Reconciliation) Class 8A* (Chapter 8/Reconciliation) 8A & 8B Lenten Penance Service 7:30pm - Church Classes 8A & 8B and 10am Mass for Palm Sunday Holy Thursday Mass 8:00pm Living Stations (Good Friday 7:30pm - Church) Easter Mass of your choice

May 15 8A & 8B are to go to 10AM Mass May Crowning June 2 (Thursday) both groups 7:30pm Mass - Holy Day Ascension June 12 (Class 8A & 8B at 9AM) followed by Mass for Pentecost - 10AM

Youth Night/Reunion sometime in July or August time to be determined

FALL 2011
September 10th (Sat) All Confirmation Candidates attend 5:00pm Mass Followed by Workshop 6pm 9pm

Final Confirmation Interviews will occur during the weeks of September 11, 18, and 25 (Candidates and Parents must attend) Sept. 30, Oct. 1, Oct. 2 October 17 (Mon) Required Overnight Retreat details to follow Parents/Sponsors/Candidates Meeting 7pm - church

October 23 (Sunday evening) Candidates Evening of Reflection 7pm Church November, 2011 - Rehearsal & Reception of Sacrament of Confirmation (TBD)

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