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.91-85 ,71-67 '~)1

Rachel Elior. 'Between Yesh ::1X, ,n"'On:1 :1Y1lm :11nln:1 '01!)'::Iln!)1pn::l n771nn:1tv n'l!)n:-! 7)1 2

and Ayin: The Doctrine of the Zaddik in the Works of Jacob Isaac, the Seer of Lublin', in:

Ada Rapaport-Albert and S. Zipperstein (eds.), Jewish History, Essays in Honour of Chi men m 1~X~ 7tv ::In11~ ',::1)1 nOll .emnn ,"X'7X :17n7) Abramsky, London 1988, pp. 393-455


,11'OOOPNiTll""Y lliTiTllN llNO:J~ iT:JiTNiT .iT'I1"':J.). llN iT:J'n'~' m,o~:J c'IV,n C"~~ C'NiT 'IV '11:"iT:J 111"'nll~iT ,'X,'iT ' 111 iT 1"~" iTP'TiT llN' '1'O"1'N' iTiT'~~iT llN llpJ"iT ,iTO"I1~iT m'niT llN' iTY'~iTiT 111,'n llN 117.J'.).7.J N'iT "Y .111JlllV7.J 11':J'OJ:J ',:J.). 'Y C"'X~iT llm'y, cy llTY1J 11"'mlliT~' C":J'P~iT j'l.).tviTiT 11"':J.). llX"!J~

.CT'~1J'OJNm CT'~'lNiT ,iTY':JPiTll'I1~'iTiT iT~'1JiTll':JP ,y 1110"~iT "", '~~~iT m~' "O':JiT N'iT 'iT llN" iT'~iT:J N'N C'lI1IV~ IV!Jl"':JX~:J' l1'lm, l1'IV,nlliT:J iT"'11 iTl'NIV ", ,"~iT ,y l1'O'~iT .,:JYiT 1~ llY:J1JiT iTP'~YiT iT~~niT 'Y 11'~~110iT:J' iT'YiT ,,~, m,o~:J l1'nl'~iTll'111 lltvn'l1~iT ,111":J.).iT"I1X"!J 11'111iT 11':JiT'l1iTiT IlN ,'X,'iT m~iT llN l1!Jptv~ 'iT l1:JiTN 11' 111 l1'IV,nlliT:J ,iT'NiT:J iT~"~iT l1'OOOPNiT 11""Y lliTiT llN' ,'WiT ,tv '~'nn:J ,",:J.)., pm' "~NJ iTl'J~iT ,iTN"iT .• mmiT l"O'l '111~ l1'lPliT iT~~n 'Y 111J~110iT::I' iTll'l1tvll" 11'111iT iT'"iTiT ,tv NX'~"111,pl' llJ!J'iT ,'iT"~" 'C'X~X' ,'C'~tv llN'" ,'iTpm' 'tv!Jl m'o~' ,'iT'Y:Jll' ,'I1"tvPlliT' ,'111:JiT'l1iT' ,'I1'P~" C.). iTl'~~iT ,iT:JiTNiT "'N' .iTY'::IPiT lllV'm~iT iTllN'niT' 11':J'P~iT iT11l'Jll~:J 'T iT'"iT 'IV iTllX"!J N'iT ,'111'~IV.).iT l1'Otv!JlliT', cy 'YX7.JN"'I1':J Y.).~ 'IV iTtvmll~ 111Y:J1JiT ,111:!t" iTN,tvm 11'00'~ 11':JiT'l1iT 111YX7.JN::I

:C'l"'Y 111~"Y

'11' 'iT' mNll~ N'iTtv ,~ ," :JIV'7.J' iT'N '''' iT11 ,iT:JiTNiT N'iT iTl'JIV llN,tviT ,~ l"JT) "'Y iT"tv iTl'~IViTll"iT' iT:J~'~ '11' " ::Itv,7.J' N'iT iTT iT:JiTNiT Nm [,':Jll'J .(:J'P ,C'O!J'tv ,I1NT

l1'O"N"I1'OO'7.JiT 111"'YlliTm iT:J C".).iT -rrm iT,'X'iT mJ ,iT:JiTNiT ,tv 'OOOPNiT iT'!J'N '111~ C"N111~ ,iT:J iTJ"JiT 111"::I.).iT llX"!J' I1'J'lNiT iT111Y~tv~ 'X:J ,iTll'N iTY' l~iT :Pnl" :Jpy' " ,tv ",::1,::1 l1:JiT' l 11' lm, l1'iT'TiT

'~J ,'::111' ,::1 111P':J' N'iT iT:JiTNiT O'IV!J' ,':Jll' " 111::1iT'l1iT N'iT iT:JiTNiT~ rnm ,:J,:J N'iT 111'lm':J l~tv 'J~ ,,::I,:J y,pll N'iT' ,:J, 'I1'N ::Itv,n N'iT ,::1, :JiT'Ntv ,~ oy~~, '1'1.).iT 'l'lY tvtvm 1l'N iT'".).iT iT:JiTNiT ,"'Ytv [ ••• J 111'lm, '111N:J 'IV'P~ [ ... J iT~~n "YIV C'N' iT":J N":JiT n111!J iT:JiTNiT ,"'ytv [ ... Jll'N,,z1;)~ ,~xy 'O:J~ ,N:J ,I1NT l"JT) [ ••• J '11' "l!J' 0'1'" 1J:J,:J 111::1iTN 1l11'N~ ,':Jll' mx, ,p'ytv


'Y':J 111'iT' [ ••• J '111~~" l':JiT" "~11 iT":J N":J:J P:J'l1iT' iTN'11 '1'IV " iTtvy ,l"JT nsn 11':JiT'l1iT N'iT '1,tv " iTtvy nn [ ... J N":JiT miTN tvN '!JIV'J ,:J,::1 .(iTJ '~Y

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:J,:J N'iT 'P'Y ,~ 11"X~:J N'iT P'P'~ CN "IVY~:J '~'l 1l'N' :J,:J N'iT iT:JiTN [1J [I1Y" IV'J ,'" iT11 ,I1N'PlllN11 N:Jp1l11N'Pl 'P'YiT iTl'N iTN"IV 'Y rem ,'I1:JiTN iTl7.JT' [IV"'!JJ "!J ,iT,Y'7.J' llNTi1 iTp,niTllN 111~IV' ,'" iT11 '''l~ rrnm ren llNT

.(O~ ,N:J ,I1NT 1"JT) 11':JiT'l1m 111P:J':J C'NiT l'NIV llY:J 111m'~iT

iTIV'Y iTN"iT ", ,YIV ,C'~IV llN" C'N'Pl ,'p,n ,'" [ ... J "O!JIV~' ,'pm :J'I1~ iTliT lJ 'Y cyo IV'.).'~ 1l'NIV C.)., ,11'IVY' N'IV iT~' l1'IVY' iT~ ',:J.)., p,n C'NiT " llN" ,':JIV::I "l'lY~ '~lY C1~1~IV iTp'pn 1'IV" ,,::1.)., pm l'IV' c'p,n N,Pl iTliT' [ ... J "IV 11"::IYiT:J cyo " IV'IV O!JIV~ N'Pl iT::IiTN lJ 1'NIV iT~ iT"::1 N"::IiT iTlOP iT')"'~::1 N'iTIV ,~ rem [ ••• J IV!Jl ,J, iT'IV iT11 iTN"::1 'iTllN ,,::IY' iU"~ IV'

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,'11'11' 111JIJ01 OIP'~O'IJ' ,C1?W '~ :OIN' ,11'm101J0I 111J1J0? l1'~O'IJOI 111w,nl10101 1'J nlllJOI l1?NW? 8

.35-9 '1J)1 ,0I"7Wll C'?W1" ,0I'?1J01 OI?JpOI Ill::lOl::l '10' 'P'£1

OIl£1lJ::I ,'1l" ;n)1-TO '1J)1 ,00"Wll ::I'::IN-?l1 ,111,'onOl 0"£1::1 ,'::11::1 'IJ :OIN' ,111"On::l P"lOl m111 ?)1 9

Ada :251-248 '1J)1 ,CW ,0I'?1J01 OI?::IPOI Ill::lOl::l '10' 'P'£1 ,'P"lOl' ,C1?W '~ :225-221 '1J)1 ,111'1'01 Rapaport-Albert, 'God and the Zaddik as Two Focal Points of Hasidic Worship', History of rrnrc C'J1')1 - 111"On::l P"lOl ?W 1111011J?' ,Y"W OIP::I' iRetigion, 18, no. 4 (1979), pp. 296-325

" '::I11J::I 111,'onOl IllWIJ' ,?N~l '~ :378-365 '1J)1 ,(1960) 18 ,'?11J ,'pOJT'?1J l?IJ'?N " ?W P"lOl ,11"::1)101 0I~'0'::I'l1NOI ,0I'£1101?'£1? '1~P1' 'N11101 l1?::IP CW? '1::1'n ,'1W"1J 11'::11 POlT'?1J l?IJ'?N ,N1::11J ,n"?Wll C'?W1" ,11')1'1J 0I'1'0I1J ,POlT'?1J l?IJ'?N ',? l?IJ'?N C)11l ,7"lOl :::I"?Wll C'?W1"

A. Green, 'The Zaddik as Axis Mundi in Later Judaism', Journal of the American :24-19 'IJ17

rrt :l111::1 ,'0'1::11l')1::1 l1"'OnOl OI~OIlOlOl' ,'ll'oN 'w ;Academy of Religion, 45 (1977), pp. 327-347 ,01"100'01::1 11')1? ')1'Wl101 OlJ::I 1)1IJW101W 111Nl'0I Y::I1P) C'IJ1701 111'?111::11 ?N'W' 111'?111::1 0I'::In1

.134-121 'IJ)1 ,00"JWll C'?W1" ,(,"JWll OIJ1ln

1110W£11lO1" 1'::1' ;?"lOl :OIN' '1)1 .::1 P'£1 ,00nnOl ,'1N'?N :OIN' ,pnl' ::Ip)1' " ?W P"lOl m111?17 10

l1'm::lnOl 111N'lIJOI 1'::I? l1'lm,OI 010'£11101 1'::1 ::I10'POI - "111'IJW~::1 C~ OI::101NOI 111ofq£1nOl" 1'::17 "111'IJW~0I

?::I1' '£10 ,1'?1£11 TlJWN ~OImJ ,(C'::I'1)1) "O?',IJ ')11 'POlN'l'1o 'n ,?0,::1 " :l111::1 ,'l1"'OnOl 01'1",::1

.241-209 'IJ)1 ,~"lWll C'?W1" ,P1'IJW Nln?


[71 161 7'n 7N 7'n~ il7'Y m'il7' 1'~n iI"~ N"~il n'i"::J1~ C1Nil n1'il7 N1i1 'P'Yil rum .(Ui' ,iI::J10 ,nNl 11'::Jl) urun m110 l'lZiil'1 1,~n' 1~ i'~1i1'

lZi1!)lZi!)1 il~1IUm ilN"~ C'~Y!)71 711) n1::Jil7nm iI::JilN~ C'1~1Y C'~;I!)7 rum '::JI N"::J N1i1IU 1'Nil 77::J 1~lY ~1IUn7 N7IU ,ill~ ilJ1'7;1 ,m' ill"~ 1U'1 ,1'IUY~

.(1'i' ,1n17Yil::J ,CIU) 1K~ C1lY m::Jil7nil1 m'~lUlil n1DIU!)nil~ [CN

il17 m1N m1' iI::J1J ,IUN 1'~n' 1'J!)7 il~'7IU ilJ1lUn::J ::J1IU7 ill1'il C1Nil ilJiI lilJn~1 [ ••• J 'n' mJilN iI::Jil7 IUN::J 1J'J ,y1J n1'iI' iI,y~nil 1"N N1J' '1N' C11P~ ::J1IU'::J )ilm~ C1KIU iI~ ilJil1 [ ••• J nY1i1 ::J~1U'1 'IUUK n::J~ il7Y~' n"~1'n m1'~::J iI';I::JnJ lilJnil7 f!)n il~1IUn 7;1Jil1 i"1lil iI'illU iI~' [ ... J D!)IU~ N'i'J nY1i1 YJDiI 1'1::J N7lZi IU!)J m'o~::J i" [ ••• 1 D!)lZi~ N'i'J U'N YJDiI 1'1::J N'lZi il711lil

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C'::J'1 1il'J'J ,n'DDOi'Nil n1"1ynilil mlUil' nmlUil C'::J'1~ iI::Jn'iI~ 11 i'nl' ::Ji'Y' " nN 1mJ I1N N1i1 .n7::J1i'~iI n'DO'~il m,o~iI 1~ n1l,mil ,n'tlO'~U'tlJN iI~'J m7Y~ :ilK"iI C71Y7 n1::J'1n~iI 1'~7 il::JilNJ il11::J;l7 ilil'~::JiI 1'::J ili"lil

"1yn~lU::J '::J CiI'1' 731 'iI::J m~1U7 CK'Jil7 n1'~lZilil n"Nnil m7YiI' 1',l ilJil1

nK ::JilN" m::J1t1i1 7::J 1::JIU m::J1t11 7N m~~1' JlUn' m'~lUl 'J'JY~ C1N' il::JilN

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C1KiI illUYJ [il1'-7YJ '''31 '::J 1l N'i'J ilJ,lUn '::J '~N 'Jn~n' Ntln::J' UIU"!) rum 1l~ N~ i'lUni11 C'~IU m1JY7 711) plUn 1"llZi 3111'1 illU1n iI"::J ilny 17UIU 1~::J 1l nn n1::JiI,nilJ 11::J1Y7 'n' 'il7 C1~n '7 1nu '~N 'Jn~n' NDn::J1 rm Y'iI 'It'iI "::J1) 1lt N'i' J [y'iI 'It'~ J '''ill'~ NJlZi i'lZim nrr+n 11lZi' '1::J " J::J nN1 11'ilN nN

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m,o~n 'IV nIV,n nN'1p n1'11~ ,,'n'n 'IV l1l;"n::J 11"'nll~n ,11'~~Opl'tn m'IVpllnn 11K ,11l0, ~K O'I1Y" o'IV,n n.:lnln"'O'!l' "~,, ',:::l n::J IV" ,mN'~~n 'IV nJ'IV n"K"

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.49 ;"lI;' ,448 'r.llI

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.';1(1lV' nJ1t:1 ;1)1D; ,; 1T)I n"'lV;'IlV 111':J ,cml( mn,; 1(1"n~

A. Green. Devotion and :;'11(1 n','on;'l ;'JlVn~:l C;'I1:l1( ;lV 1n'1:l)1 ;tv ;'Im)1~tv~;)1 23 ClV ;'11(1 .Commandment, The Faith of Abraham in the Hasidic Imagination, Cincinnati 1989

1)1( P ;)1 mp':l';'I ;'1';'1 C;'I;lV 1P')I;'I1' :mJI(;'I ;)1 ;'Inn;'l '1:l1 m1tv;'l .50-34 'IJ)I 1m"J ,UJ"l)l; ;t:I:l; 1101( ;'In)l n~I(;'I,1( ,;'111m C;'I; ;'1';'1 1(; C;'I!I/ m:ll( m:JTJ 'n' ';'I~ C'lVi':J~1 c'on'n~ C"~1;;'I

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'mIViI~' '11' 111'i":I':I Kli1lV ,nN C'i"'l 'l'~ 'lIV IV' illil' :-n, :ll1i' '''' "Y' 1~" il1111 Tll~ C'1i'ill 111:1KiI '~'1 ,il1lnil Cl'i"1 m':lY, N:J '11' 'N m~~'1 1i1T" ,"l ilT ,N il11m :lln'lV iI~ " C"i'~IV ~'IV!l IV'1 2o,m:l:l'iI l1:Jln:J KI1'NIV C"i'~IV iI~:I i"'l K'illV '~:J Ki'1' 1~" 1IV!lKl [ ••• J 1'YT~ ~Y~ "'!lK 11:JY' K'IV 1IV!lN .1mK ,milK:I iI":I 'K Tll' '1Y!l' Kli1lnl~lY "IV ,~ P 1'KIV iI~ :Jln'iI " "IViI~ ':J'YIV ,~ IV1!lil m:J:J'iI l1:Jln:J T"'Y" [ ••• J I"~ "J '''' '~Y 1'i"i"~ T'N 1111l~iI, T'IV~iI "1i'!l iI'K ,'" nn [ ... J 21. '11'l1 Jln'iI~ i'1 ':llYiI~ ll1i':I'iI~ Klil lnIV1'i' il11V~1V 'lIV 1'lY m,yiI T'IV~ T'1 .CJ P'IV lnIV1'i" ,1:111' ,:1 C'i'1:J'iI 'IV ["'-,YJ ''''Y ':llYIV ,~ Cl " 1'IV "IViI~ K' ,:1, il1111i1 C"i'~IV ", 'Y "'Y ",YJ iJ"Y 1l':lN Cil1:1K Cl " .111i':I'~ "~:I' K'IV ':1':11 il1111i1 C"i" ,'1l "IViI il1111i1 ilIVY' '11' 'N 1111 mIVY' ill'1 K'illV i'" .'K T'l1' il1111i1 " l'IViI [C"IViI Clill [ ... J '11' U1l' Klil ilTIV l'IV~ CK '1:JY' ,'1l C'~Y!l' ,K :11' 1l1l1 Nli1lV "Y 'IV~' iIT:I Nl'" " T" .1T'l" Kl~n'J ,"1 IVl'YiI:I IVIVln U'K N~ln N1iIIV '1'lil "n!l' "'l 111:1i1' 11i1:1' il1~T' 'i'10!l:l "'l 111i':I':I "N~ ':llY N'illV ,~

.Ctv 19

'r.J)I ,T P1D ,mlV'1D;'I 1)1lV ,(3 ;'11)1;'1 ,;')1;) ;'I'1PD p "nJ :;'11(1 ,;'11m ln~ 'lD; m:ll(;'I m1:l)i;)I 20

.23 ;'11)1;'1 ,1;;'1; ;'11(11 .T:Jn-t:ln '~)1 ,;'I:l;'lI(;'I 1)1lV1 :nn

.ClV 21


rtl"::l~' :m~ ?::l rtl"rtl 'J,m, »n 'JJ O'~ O'N,pJM o',on Ortl~ ?mrtl 7T~M i1T '::lI ... 1 24.(,?P_~?P '~') ,JP,) ,Ortl) l'N~ rtl' N'M OM ':J '1'01i1? Ij:Jrtl ?:J~'I

M?'::l' MJJ'N ,rtl'nIl~ "?'~~ IlpJ"M ,1T MElprtlMJ Il'111M m~?rtlM 'N ,O'M?N Il::lMN Ilm::lJ::l j'~~ MmY~rtl~ 'P'Y N7N ,,'n'M ?rtl 1~1nIlJ 'Nrtl':"I?1 M'::ln? f1n~ rtl~~IlM7 IlJMN7 mJ11:J~M ,mrtl,n m'Il1Jn-m'111 Il1P'T Mm:J~ '1l'71 O'~"P Il171::l~ f1'El7


O'YrtlEl ?::l ?Y1 ?N'rtl' IlN O'::l:'11N IN'M ,1'JI M"J N'1JM IlN 'N~ 0'JM1Nrtl O'N 'J::l .(::l'P '~Y ,p7J ,Ortl) MJMN MO:JIl

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Ml' M"JpM 1N 1 ... 1 m'~rtl~M Il1~rtlElIlMJ 71'~ 111pJ'1 mJM7IlM N,pJ O'::lN' ml' 111rtlY7 Ml1'rtl -e '11' N'1JM7 jJ N1Mrtl ,~ I ••• J 111'~rtl~J O~ MJMNM ~rtlElIli17 (T' ,111'71Il,IlNT j1'::lT) 0?1Y 1111NJ ION ':JI N":J Il1'~rtl~M m~rtlElIli1J P' N7 1 ••• 1

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'1PI'.):J IlOElIlJ ,j:~7 rtl'i1 Il:J'ElM 1N ,O'i17N IlJMN7 1"J Il'~O'~:"I 1117YIl;:ti1,i1T1n:"l "J'7 ,'I'.)rtl~ rtl'7 ':"I7Ni1 p~:"I Il:J'El:"l7Y 001::l~i1,rtl'n -rren "0 7rtl 1'10':J1 Il'P"l:"l rorunn O'N:"I IlN 111:J'711'.)i1 ,111'l'.)rtl~:"I Il1~IIiElIli11 0':"I7N IlJ:"IN '~J::l prtl .111"Ji1 IlJi1N 7Y 1N IlN 1'7mrtl 'I'.):J 7N:"I IlN "1'.)')1'.) pnl' Jpy' " ,r~:"I 7N rtl':"I jl'.) ,'i17N:"I 7N 'l'Nil jl'.) Il::lilN 7rtl :"I~rtl::l,IIi'il 7N i?~il j~ 1N ,Il'l'Nil111'Y 7N Il1'~IIi~:"I 111~rtlElIlill'.) mm P"li1 7N' J'rtl7 N,pJ ,'1rtl'P ':"IJ N1il m:Jrtl ,p'y'1 ':"I7YI'.)7 N':"I 1111" ,p'y'rtl ,P"l:"l .O'N:"I ilJ:"INil ~rtlElIl:"l7'1 "J1m1 »n 'JJ YElrtl 071Yil7 1'rtll'.)il7 71:J" N1i1 Ortl1 '1N'N 'rtlN f'Nil 1'rtll'.):"17 71:J' j:~7 11'.)lY 1El1il1 11'.)lY 7~JI'.)i1 i1T prtl ,(~ ,1? ,IlNT j1'::lT) 'm'~rtl~J 0"

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C'p'~:J ,1111~'J ,n'x 33,'m'irt':1 ,~' 'iY:J 32(1854-1800) :1::':':JT'X~ 'Yl"'i ",01' '::l"~ " 'rt'lX "':lJTl~ rmn TlX1 1''i:J1'i~ '1"'11'1:1 pn::.:' :lpy' " 'irt' m,m TlX ,1"n:l C'J1rt' Tl','on:1 :1:',:1:l C'~":I ,':1rt' c'nTl~:11 Tl'::l'~:1Tl:1 nx ,'Tl"'i':J C,':I X,:1 .:1no'rt'~ :1'iY~1 ,Tl1'0~:1 'i,y cy Tl",mTl:1 'irt" Tl'DO'~ 111'iy nry 'irt' C':JDp:11':J :1Y lrt' ,n:J::l'1~il Tl:I:1Jil l':J'i ,Tl''i:JP:1 n"~O:1 TlX,rt':1~ npJ"il ,n',x"':J',J'X Tl1::':1' 111,'n l':Jrt' nn~:J TlY:J :1'111'i':J:I Tll"~ 'iy, Tl1'0~'i n':J'ln~:1 'iy 11100':J~i1 ",:J'::': '::l,,::':'i :1p'n i1'Y

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'Y .'''''11 11:l~ 'I:l ill':lI'N:l '~!m 0"i'11 I1lIll:l1":l1' 1'!):l1ll :l1111~1~:l ,'U 'Yl'" "101' ':l"~" 32

N'-:l"Y n ,iI~'i'iI ,(1890) )"'11 NIII'Nl ,11'IIIN':l ,:lPY' 11':l ,'Yl'" "101' ':l"~ l:l :li'Y' :ilN' ,1'111'1N N':lillll ,'11':lI1i1 ,Y:l':l Y'UiI ,1'1"-ill!':l!'N~ 1'lYiI 1un 11111'" r ,1':ll ',':l iI:lll:ll iI~'i'iIi1 .N"Y ,1'iI' i1N') iI~'i'iI ,'''!)'I11'':l1' ,:l"n ,m'lIIiI ,~ :N"n 'm'lIIiI ,~' llN 1'Y "IN Nl;' .,!)O;, llN 01!)" :l11:ll111 ,m ,!)O, .24-12 '~Y ,(0"111' '1' :)';") 0"0'I11":l1' ,0"111' '1' ,'Yl'" iln~1II o"n :(:l n!)Ol 1":l1' 'III 11 IU:l ,'111' 111'mN~;' 111'1'iI~::l .O',:l') O"':lil liI'l':l 111'111 111:l' 111'1'iI~ ,U'l ','J

'III 1111~' 'Y .111':l1YiI lli'l1~ill I11i'1'n~iI l1ri'~1 111101110 'III iI~"~ 111:l'l1 111J' 1110~lIIiI III' ,1925 e-rm ,0"'i"YiI 0"l1'YiI o"i'n~iI .125 ,121-120 '~Y ,"1:lIllN :ilN' ,111'111 'Yl "101' ':l"~ r '11';' OI'l'~'O'ii 11'111' ,0"1 " !l"~111'''!)1 1""111 ,0"1 'III o;"'i'n~ 0;' ,ill'JI'N 11'111 'III iI,m":l

J.O. Weiss, :453-447 '~Y ,N":l1ll11 0"1111" ,'Y:l i'nl" ':l1'iI '!)O ,'Nl':lI'N~ 'l'" ':l"~ "101' ",

'A Late Jewish Utopia of Religious Freedom', Studies in Eastern European Jewish Mysticism,

_ illII~ 1111111 m'iI 'III iI'~m01N' ,1""111 ili':l' ;(iI'!)101N ,0"1 :)';") Oxford 1985, pp. 209-248 ,1""111 !T'iI') 561-554 '~Y ,(,":lIllI1-,,":lIllI1) N:l ,"1~ ,'Nl':lI'N~ "101' ':l"~ ':l'iI 1111m C'l1'Y

M. Faierstein, All is in the Hands of Heaven - The Teachings of Rabbi Mordecai :(iI'~m01N

'~Y ,0111 _ 11'!),,,1':l iI"i'O .(':>1:l;' ,1"01ll'''!) :)'m,) Joseph Leiner of Izbica, New Jersey 1989 iI':ln'~ ,('111"'!) 'YO""I1) llm~I11 llm':ll -1"1!) ,i'l1'0 ,", :;'N' ,1"lY~ "100'iI '1N'I1' .17-11 11"'On ~:l~-1111i'l~ ill':l!'N 111"On llN 111'Nll~iI 111'!)'ml~ .66-56 '~Y ,(1"1!) ,i'l1'0 !T';") 1962

llN illl11"111 lli'1'n~iI llN III~III~' ilOU;' ,'1111i":l '1i"111 11'10l 11'~"1'1!)N iI'~Y 111"1:l1 11'~'l!) ,1"1!) 11""~ ,(1'1' 'III 1'111':lm 11"0:l 0'!)'11) 'ill':lI'N~ 0"1~'NiI' ,1'1' ,'" :ilN' ,ill':lI'N~ :l'iI :303-294 '~Y ,(""'11111) '-~ ,"1'0i' ,'iI'111"11111'I'Nl 111"On' ,I~"'N " :(0":l1ll11 0"1II1"{ '''1II1~n ':l'iI:l ,i":l 'Nl '''lil :''''11111 0"1111" ,:l ::l"'lIIll 0"1111" ,N ,1'1" Nl':lI'N 111,'on ':l'I1l:l ,'N"'III 1"111 I11'1i'~iI .1980 0"1111" ,1'I"-ill':lI'N I11,'On 'l'y~:l ,'''lil :1"'11111 0"1111" ,1',:l1' Nl':lI'N

llN O":l~ 'i'n~iI 1"Nl ,ill':lI'N 111111 'III 'IIIUN;'1 '111:ln;, ~:l';'iI llN 'i"y:l O'III''''~ 0"I1110~iI

.'m'lIIiI ,~' ,y:l 'III 1110'1II:l 0"00'~'1!)l1i'mii 111'10'iI

.:l n!)Ol ;'N' - ,!)O;"Y 33

,;'l1i1:l '11:l ,01N:l"1 "lO:l'N :01ll1~NI "" ,Clm-p ":lIll~iI ,III 1111'y ilN' ilnO'III!) 111"On,y 34 ilN' ,iITm, 111i"T1 ilnO'III!)~ Ol1:l iln~III'y .130-128 '~Y ,(illli1:l,m ,01N:l,'1 :)'iI') l"l'l1 ilO'1N .ilnO'III'!)~ Cll:l iln~1II U':l, iI'iI 1":l"~ 1)':l, ',nN N"~ 'IIIN 1"'~'11 'n:ll~1' :ill':lI'N I11'O~

Nli11 1":l1'~ lII"i';' :l,;' llN iI'iI 11111~'1II '10'1 { •.• J O'~III llN"1 iI'1m '1'" T1Y:l O:ln ,:l" iI'iI Nl;'

n ,;,~,p;, ,(32 ;"y;, ",y,) :li'Y' 11':l ,';"111 "110 l' '0~1 '1n':l my ,~, ;':l,m 'N~ 'N~ lJ:l'n :l':lN"'11 ! 1932 :l1P"0'!) ,1II1'i';' "1;";' ,;,nO'III'!)~ i'nl' :li'Y' " ,1"'JU':l, ~"l I"Y '1Y .:l"Y




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Legend', Journal of Jewish Studies, 34 (1983), pp. 179-189

.111'111 , ':lJ'17 ;:l7:J-K7:J '7:JY ,lK7:JOP'7:1 ;(37 :1,yn ,7'Y7) 7tziY:1 :;,K, ,7:J"7:J, 7tv l1111m 117:JK;, :ltv17:J 7tzi 17:J1P7:J 7Y

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.c,Xi1 :l1t'1~ ,It' i11t',n i10'!:l11 i111~1317 1"~Yi1 C:ll ,~:-r 111' ,It'




'~::1 ,11~"n7 ;'TY ;':1'~::J ,i171t' i1::J"J 11nx 7::J ,1~7':I :-r1'::1T'X 111"0n1 1'7::117 rn,'on 117::11i'~i1 11110~i1 'It' ' 111::J~0i1 ;'!)i'111 ':lJ1 '11110~i1 '1i"1t'i1 71t' 1111Y~It'~-'n ,:lJ ;'0'11i1 ;'X~i1 71t' i1J1It'X'i1 i1n'ln~Jl i1'It'Y-i1J1~1t'i1 i1X~i1 ';'7It'::1 i1!)1"x-n'T~::1 11"1;";' i1'JnJ C':l1t'1~ C71Y I11Im ,n'D~T"::J i1:1:1J:1 ,It' i1!:li'1nJ ,'::Ji1, l31Jn lM'111t' .;"It'Y-31lt'n:-r C71Yi1 'lZl 1'n171J:I nx J'n1i1, 1~l'1 ,n'Jl'rn 111::J~01 n'DO'~ n17Y11;:r 71t' 1n1::JJ It',n "n::1 C"J,~It'i1 nl'10'i1 7Y ':I'n n~"i' lXO':Z li1'nlZl .1':l1t'1~ Clnn 11X f1'!:l71 '11'10~;' 7~ n'31l~~-'117::1 ;'i"T' n'DO'~ i1i1'~::J ly':zm ,lZl,n C'::J'Y C'10 n'~y;, "'-7Y 111;' no'm~i1 i1Yl::1i'i1 n~Xi1 n~1Y' i1Jnlt'~ n'on' 11~X::1 "::Ji17 lY::1nl ,i111:1:Z ':1'~;' 11l'i1 ,C'X;' ,It' i11t',n i10'!)n1 ,~ ,It' It',n :l1t'1~ 1'l' lM'111t' .,:zy:z P1Y~i1 ,'m;, ::11'n:1 'It' nl::J~O;' n31i'!:li1' my i1i1'~::J lY'::1m ,n'I1110~i1 ",;, ,It' i1rn"Y'::1 'Y 1i',nlt' ,1n rn"",Dp - Cit';, 1111:Z31:Z rn''''It'i1 i1'X '31 rn!)01J rn',,,,0i' I11~Y;' rnYl~~::1 n7:Z1i'~i1 11n",;, rnX'l~:Z 11'Ji'!)O nml::1ni1~ ,n'OD0i'X n1"131n;'~1 c';r,~ n:lii~~ I11i'J1';' rn'OJ rnJ11t' nl'1l:Z 1:Z 7 1t'1 - '111i1 '~1'~;' nx lZl'n~ 1t"!)7 n'::J'JX n~"n~1 C"1J'1t'1 I11'JM1' nl'1~n ,C'X n:Zi1Xl C'i17~ n::1i1X ,C"J'~lZl nl'10'1 111'OO'~ll'DJX

.C"11'Jn i1:zlt'n~ ,X n'O~T"::J i1P'OO'~~ ,:Z::J'1~ '~Y~ ;'~7':I 1'71!) n1,'on:z n' n,;, 1111t',n11i1;'

- ,'n';, 1111t" ,It' n'om"::J ;'i"DO'~~ 771Mn;r ':ZY~i1 .n'oo'::J'JX ;'Y'1111 n'Ji'!)O n'DDOpx I117yn;:r ,It' i1M1::J::1 'll'lZl' i1,nm 1'7:Z17~ pnl' :ZPY' r 'It' 111'11;':Z ;'~i"n;,1t' :1'l'1 c':z,;, n11t"7 ,i1'l~'lJ'!)" '1n~ ,i1:1"i1:Z i17M.l1;'1 ,It"nn~ '1;':1 71t' 1!)pln:Z1 '111'l':Z llt':Z:lI1:11t' - n'DO'::J'J~ i1Y'1n ?X1 n'Ji'!:lO :1::1lt'n~ ,X - ;"311 i"'l 71t' rr-rm I11~' nx ;,It'DIt'OIt' ,n'DO'D"X ;"Y 'It' i1n:1m:z 1MOJni11 i1l':ZT'X~ ~01' '::J"~ " T 7 It' ,C'J!)-n:z, ;'i"0i"~"1 nl'1:Z:l nl"!) ,n1Ji'!)0 ,rn,'n ,It' ,~"'x:z lrnx ;'!:l',ni11 i"'li1 rn~' n:11ni1 l~'O:Z i1'~Y IT I111t',nn;, .'I1110~:1 C'1Y:1 m'1J:I nx It"n~ nlt"!:l~:1 '1':1:1 '~~:1 l':Z ,:111:1' ,J31:1 1'::1 nO'!)J:1 ,m'1~n-m' m~' ,'x;, ,It' n'~J"1 n:z::J'1~ 111~' .:1J11It'~:1 ;'J'n:z, :1311::1i';' :1J'n:z;, l':Z1 "noJ;' l1l" ;',:lJ;' 11l':11':Z ,'1~0;' ,~~, m'1~n;, ,It' 1mY~It'~::1 P'~31;" ;"nnlt' ,c'x;' ,It' ;,It',n;, 111Y'111 11X ;,It'31~' ;'!)i"1t' 1T 11110~;' ,It' ;"~31 nx Y1'!:l' n!)o::JJi1 ,n'JM1';' 1111~' n~ ;'~D':Z1 ,:-r31'1n:Z1 ;"11il:Z 311::1i" 111,'ni1 n31':zn l~'o:z 1T n11t',nni1 i1'~31 '131 .c'lt',n C'01!)'J It"n~ :1111X m'~i1'1 ;'31':zn ,nllnlt'~;, nlJ'OJ:Z 1n131~It'~ nx It"n~ 1t"!:l'1 '~i1 11l' 11X '~m01X 1!)1X:Z 11l'i1 ,It' :z"n~i11 '1':li1 n01J;, ,It' ,n~'10~1 111':l1~ ,nnx i1JJi1 '31 '131'31 X1i1 ri,It'SIt' 1I11!)j?n:Zl '1~Oil 1J1l':Z n1~1'j,i1 n1J11t'i1 m'131~It'~:z '1;,'i11 ,11110~J 31:Zi'J~ '!)::J "i1'~i1

.n'on'i1 iiX"ii "" m::J1t' ,nl':Z1i'~i1 111':Z'D~'1li1 n1::J'31~il n~131' i1J'lil 1"::11' 111,'on





:l1D'i';' 11~ 111l~~;' 111'111 1"~Y;' ;'l':lT'~~ '101' '::J"~ "1 T":l1'~ i'nl' :li'Y' ~ ;'~'1J;' T~ ;,;;',n 111"11~;' 111'111 - 'Tm'? 'i'~1Y' T':l1 ';':I;'~'? ';'~,,' T':I 'tli'?N";' C'J!);'"I1:11'~ 1111y~li)~ 11~ T':I;'? 111,'nii ?Ii) ii~Ii):l1 C'ii?~ 11:!ii~ ?Ii) ii~li):I ,11?:l1i'~ii

.nJI1Ii)~n l1'li)l.l~n nY'111;' '!)"'Y Ii)'n~ 1i)'!)I1~;' ,'n'~n ,1l';' ?Ii)

x n"OJ

,;,;nn 1~ 'TJ1l ,1'YJ X?1i) "":1I1::J~ (1851) ~""I111JIi):I l':I~':I '1X n~' ',1'::JT 11~T' ,!)onli) 111~'~ 1T n'1'n~? '1~' ~'l1~;'1 11~'i';'1 .n01J "U'1i) ~,., 111J'11J::J O!),J ~?~ 111'1i)'~ m1::JT11 111~'1i)' 11J'n:l:l ;'1';'1 ~,~ n"nl1::J?~ ;'10!)'i'I1 C10'~ CIi)? :lI1::JJ ~,

.n"::J'11 ~11i"~T m1';'1~ ?Ii) '1~? ~'l1~;' 11~'i'n i'I111i)i'I1 ;,:I?:1 C:1111::J? 10n"l1ntv :lPY' r ?Ii) U:I 111tv':I n';'1tv "":1I1::J~ (1869) D"::J'I111JIi):1 ntv'11:1 O!),J 'I1XT 11'::JT' 111:1'3111;' ~"1 ,C"U'1i)1 111D~tvii ~,., ,1':1n~ 'Ii) 11"1P~ii 1J1tv?:1 '1~ :'l~' ,!)o;, .pnl' " ,1J' J "':1 n111i)Y JIi) 111'1i)'!) '!)? n::J"Y n!)01J l~::J C'1~ • 'M1'~n 1J1JlO:l '''ii:l'~n I1'J11i)?1 I1'J1J;;0 j!J'n:l~ 1:1 111'1l~n 111'1,rn .T~~1? ''':I~ ,l"11'1n '1,n C'11i)l.J 7J '1'

.11'OD0i'xn nl1~'tvi'l111"1?'ln nli)"n '1mli):I 111:J1':J 1'iitv ,n:l'I1::Jn n1:1'OJ:I 111l'111~ .(t808) n"Oi'11 X11i"1T:I O!)'JIi) :1111:J ,!)on 'YIi):I '::J C~ ,1830":1 0~l1J 'I1l.JX ',:1,' 111:1'OJ '31 C'!)?~~ C',:I, C"~~J ,nr1nn ?Ii) 1'::JJ ,?!)~~ :li'Y' pnl' " ?Ii) 1nl.J'i'n:l T1,nXii 1i'?n:l Cl '1?::J '11~~ ',:1,' .'ooop~n :'l'1i'~ '311 111"01TN:'l ii'111J'n:l '31 ,;':1'I1:Jn

."tv"li)n li)1,'nn' ctv:l '1'i'1 '11':JT I1NT' ,tv 1~ nnnn 'Ii) ""':111:J ,Ii) C'!)';; 101N~ ,'1? 11"' 11':1 j!)1N:I 10!)'J c',!)on I1tv1?tv ,111'1i)'~ 111~'1i)' ,111lnJn C'''1:J C;"I1 ,111n!)tv~ , J:I "':1 1'nli) C' J11i) C'i'?n ?Ii) 111i'l1ynl.J '31 .111'0'!) 111~'Ii)'::J N'~ ,01!)" "":1I1::J::J U:J1n N'Ii) ,111J11i) 111'Y;"I1 1111i)" '~1:J'0 ,:11J:l1,1 ,':1'10 'N :;'1~' ,T":l1'~ m1Mii 'Ii) 1"!lO:l 111::J1':Jii 111'!)';;1":I':lii 111'31:1;' :,111:1 0!)'J1 ,m) 302-301 '~Y ,(:I"l'I1-N"l'l1) n ,'!)O 11"i' ,[111"Onii 111"111 ,T1y~1i) '~Y ,:I"l'l1 C"Ii)11' ,1'0 ;'1JIi) ,'!)O 11"i" 11'M1'~ 11!)0111] C"!),;;,,?:I':1 c"vn~ ,?"J;' 1":1' .126-123 '?')Y ,(:I":JIi)I1) T? ,,!)O 11"i' ,'7":l1'~ iiT1Mn "!)O' ,1"OIi)J':l1' '~ ;(95 .2 ;"Yii ,?'Y? ;'1~'1 ,111'!)';;1":I':ln 111':l1yn cy 'n~ nJi':I C'?1Y CJ'N T"0Ii)J':l1' ?Ii) "'ii'jj ,1"':l1J':I' ~"l :;'N' ,1"n '~':I 11i)YJIi) 111i'I137ii '37' nnnn 'Ii) C'J'1i) ""':lI1:J ?Y ii:ln, iil1!)11' 1:JT j":1"~ nnnn 'Ii) "'!)O .92 ;"37;' ,46 '~Y ,1"1i)11 :1':lN"'11 ,Ii)"i';' j!)";'"I1Nl" nl1'n~ 'Y .11""n?,) C"Ii)Y:J:I 'O!),J n'Ii)Y"YIi) 11;' n~~:I' ,CI10!)';' "n~ iinn;, ,"N"N ;'N' ,"'!)O 'Ii) C'1M" '37' n:l n~";;n 11"'oo'nnl1~'~;' '37 ,111:1'I1:J ?Ii)

.445-444 ,400-398 '~;; ,(2 n,yn ,?'Y?)



'0!)1J ,11i"'m~J"c"1J1t' ";"1 ~'It' ,C'!)O,J C':2, C',!)O pit' ,'1':2 m31tllt' m~'1 C"~ ,'1'T11 ;"1~':2T'~ 110'!)11:2 :2,tl Cit' '31:2;"1 1111'On' "~)'It' T"1t' :;"1"It';"1 .i1J',,:2 'T i1!)'i'I1:2 :j"31' ,1:J'!)T":2 ':21 ,It' 111'lJ~' 0!)1J '!)OmV j31'tl;"1 ,166 'lJ31 ,1960 C"It'11' ,t:I"It'31:2i1 '!)O .M. Stienschneider, Hebraische Bibliographie, 6 (1863), p. 59, reference note 170 '0'i';"1 ":2'n;"1 ,'1t'1ni1 C"'1);"1 CIt":2 C"~TJ CJ'~ ":2nlJ' ,!)0i11t' ,1~ '31 31':2~;"1 C) 0'" ,lJlt' 11'31lJlZ?lJ '731 .i'~'i' '1'on C31 ;"1JlJJ ,j1'" j";"1~ ,":2nlJtv ,11'1'On;"1 i1'!)')",J':J;"1 ,It' O,lJ,,!), :J'-l1lJ'lt'l1 "131 1!)0;"1 ,It' rm» .222-221 ,;"1'!)'t:I,~ ,0"1 " :;"1~' ,'!l0;"1 ,It' '11'n 1'31 i',n C;"1:J "t:lJ j'T1'-;"1~':JT'~ '1'Ontv 111~tv1lJlJ;"1 111i'"nlJ;"1' ,mO!)1;"1 C31 ,:J:J "!)'~ '31 1'31 .(166 'lJ31 ,'~)'tv :i1~1') 1nO!)1;"1 'n~ l:J,tvJ '!)0i1 .C'1:J1;"1 11~ 'lJ ;555 'lJ31 ,;"1'!)'t:I,~ ,(,"tv ;133 'lJ31 ,"':JIt'~ T"~ :i1~' ,'!)0;"1 ,It' "O,:J"t:lJ'i';"1 '!)O ;"1:J,:J "'n~ n'J;"1l' :'lJ~J ,13'J :J11:Jtv ,'c"tv' "1' '!)O:J .8-7 'lJ31 ",:J;"1 ,j"tllt""!l C'1'lJ31 ;"1lJ:J, ,(18 'lJ31 ,Ctv) '0'!)1:J j"131 ,~~, ~, ,tv~ tv1'i' ':JI1:J ;"1:J,;"1 1'31' m,lt';"1 'lJ 1tv~lJ t:l31lJ;"1 jlJ t:l31lJ '111'tl!) 'n~ ~O~Jtv ;"1lJlJ ~';"1 m'tvi1 'lJ '!)0;"1" :7"~lJ ~1:i j:J '.:J!)' 1t'1'1t' i'" )'!)1lJ "~'i':J :211:JJ [ ... J m'tv:i 'lJ '!)0;"11 C'tv'1i';"1 "':J1lJ 1111'11 'tv"1 '1:;'T '!l0:J C':JI1:J'.:J' C":JT.:J 111'111 '1:J1 :J" 1~ "~':J 111~"~' C'i'lJ ;"1~1lJ ":JlJ 1:Jn:J.:J t:l":J1;"1 ;"1'11;"1lJ:J 1~~' '!)0;"1 ,tv 1'i',n 'Jtv .(13 'lJ31 ,Ctv) ':Jp31' ':J, :J,;"1 ,J:J 1':J:JlJ :JP31' 11':J ~'~'lJ;"1 I1lJ1P;"1' ,':JnlJ;"1 'tv 'J'J ,'31J", Cm1' " ,tv 111;"1);"1 11"1:J;"1 ,l1lJ"~lJ 11~:J'PlJ

.1"lJtvl1 ()"'tvl1) J"" "J ,m'tv:i 'lJ :'31J", ~01' ':l1'lJ ",~,

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