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Strengths and Weaknesses of the design argument It is an inductive argument which means that we learn something new and

it goes beyond the truth of the premise which may or may not be a good thing. The fall of it going beyond the truth of the premise is that we can never fully trust the conclusion which may mean that we cannot fully justify and explain the argument. It is an a-posteriori argument which means that it is based on our experience of the world. This means that we can find evidence in the world to support the premises or the conclusion. However, Kant has argued that we might be imposing design on the world ourselves. We assume that the world is ordered but what if we do so in order to give ourselves stability? The world may be in utter chaos. Due the fact that it is a feature of natural theology it may be able to convince those who do not believe in religion may be convinced with this argument as it doesn t use any holy scriptures. However, evidence of the natural world is not conclusive and cannot be used as proof. In the various versions of the design argument (Paley and Aquinas) we know that the analogies used make it easier for people to understand and relate to it. We know that when similar things are compared it is makes the analogy stronger. Hume however told us that analogies may only be useful if we are comparing similar things and we have no experience of universe design so how do we know that it is comparable to watch design? He said perhaps it is more like a vegetable which has been organically grown. The designer is like a watchmaker: that offers problems in itself for example what if the watchmaker was malevolent or female or lazy or be a group of makers and not one? Mill also said why would God create a world which there is evil? Why would he wish to hurt his creatures? However, we may be able to say that a watchmaker needs intelligence and so they may be alike in that respect. Arthur Brown gave us a piece of evidence of design in the world. The ozone layer has been designed to make sure that the world is protected from harmful rays of sunlight and to make sure that there is a perfect environment to sustain life on earth. Evolution however may dispute that claim. Darwin told us that just because the world shows purpose it doesn t mean that a designer was involved. This theory however can adapt to face its critics. It is an 800 year old theory which obviously stood the test of time. This theory has been adapted to counterclaim arguments which have said that there isn t a god. However, these theories still haven t really answered the criticisms according to Dawkins scientists still aren t convinced.

Sophie Jdouri Miss Parker Philosophy A02

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