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Iude to deep bloe.

A jesle( d(oWr|rd |r a poo| ol d|arord lea(s. w|lr r|s rea(l sralle(ed. la|rled lo(eve(. c(|rsor W|lr
adorv. o|ue W|lr so((oW ard r|s sou| s|r||rd oe|oW lre Waves lo a ||rddor ol ||||es ard (a|rooWs Wre(e
W(ec|ed suora(|res ||e sl|||. ca(essed ov peacoc| lealre(s ard suda( c|ouds.

Iude to umber.

A do|pr|r. lW|sled a((oW s||c|rd ac(oss lre Wale(s. up ard doWr oelWeer d(eer s||es ard ra(ra|ade
seas. darc|rd a|ore arord sla(s ard ce||os. o|oW|rd ouoo|es ard ro|es ada|rsl a verel|ar sursel.

A cal. Ne|o. ard a |ore|v 0ueer ol lea(ls. rv sWeel Co|uro|re

A dodo. rol lre |asl ore oul lre ore oelo(e. Wa|||rd s|||v ard Wea(|rd a luxedo lWo s|zes loo sra||.
sla(ls s|rd|rd a lure rade ol sWeel a|rords ard croco|ale cr|p. ll dels ca((|ed aWav ov |ead oa||oors
ard l|ar|rd je||vl|sr lral la|e r|r sl(a|drl lo \|clo(|a 3lal|or.

Iude to ureen.

A l(od. rolr|rd spec|a| aooul |l. Jusl a l(od.

!|e((ol |s |osl |r r|s lroudrls. |osl |r r|s ||le. |osl W|lroul rope. Co|oro|re Wa|ls Wr||e lre cal d(aWs
exol|c japarese o|(ds slard|rd or cre((v l(ees. Tre c|aW l(aces excu|s|le lealu(es ard lre o|(ds |oo| so
(ea| lral lre cal |s loo|ed ov |ls oWr a(l ard eals lrer. Tre l(od sla(es.

V|rsl(e|s ard (oo|rs s|rd lo lre orcor|rd dav Wr||e c(vsla| pa((ols p|av r|de ard see| |r lre (u|rs ol a
|osl calred(a|.

Iude to cherry red.

A l|v|rd sauce( |ards or a dese(led oeacr. sro(l|v lo||oWed ov arolre(. lrer ov a l|v|rd lea pol. lWo
l|v|rd leacups. a pa|( ol l|v|rd lea spoors ard sore sl(aWoe((v ca|e ard r||||or do||a( sardW|cres. Tea
lo( lWo |s (eadv. Tre l(od |s sl||| rol |rle(esled oul cu(|os|lv |s sla(l|rd lo |lcr |ls |ord ourrv ea(s.

Tre jesle( Wou|d |ove lo jo|r lre s|rd|rd oul as re sla(ls lo s|rd r|s o(o|er rea(l oed|rs lo c(v
Co|oro|re a sord. l|s vo|ce c(ac|s. re (era|rs s||erl ard r|s sou| l|||s lre W|rds W|lr sad erol|ors
ard lou(-|eaved c|ove(s.

Tre do|pr|r l||es allure W|lr lre urde(loW. cras|rd scroo|s ol s||ve(v |||us|ors Walcr|rd lrer crarde
cou(se. evade lr(eals. ard d|sso|ve sWa||oWed ov lre erd|ess ocear.

Iude to silver.

Tsur|. lre roor. ras rolr|rd lo do |r lr|s slo(v so sre |s po||le|v as|ed lo |eave lre slade. 3re
corp||es d(acelu||v oul doesr'l do la(. 3re crooses lo slav |r lre sradoWs.

Tre c|oc| sl(||es ler. lrer sl(||es a ralcr. lrer ||drls a c|da(elle ard lu(rs |rlo sro|e.

0odo |s |ale lo( loro((oW ard loro((oW |s a Vex|car ||e.

Ar aoardored rouse. lo(doller sre|le(.
Too rarv lovs |r lre all|c. l|r so|d|e(s pa(ade ard pe(lo(r o(ave allac|s ada|rsl d|sreroe(ed leddv
oea(s ard read|ess do||s. Trev d|e lre|( rela|||c dealrs W|lroul sc(ears o( reda|s. Cr|rese d(adors
Walcr |r adr|(al|or. Ne|o crases lre l(od up lre sla|(s ard lrev oolr c||ro ard c||ro lo( rou(s
url|| lrev (eacr lre oasererl.

Corlell| sla(ls lo (a|r.

Tre l(od jurps loo r|dr ard calcres Tsur| ov su(p(|se. lrev la|| |r |ove ard p|av r|de ard see| oer|rd
lre sever surs. Tre r|drl oe|ords lo |averde( sla(s ard re(c||ess saru(a|s.

Iude to durk.

!|e((ol ard Co|uro|re l|ra||v l|rd eacr olre(: lrev sla(l lo darce lodelre( ra||rd r|dr p|lcred ro|ses
ol pu(e jov. p(ojecl|rd co|urrs ol ere(a|d Wale(s ard o|ac| l|olsar. Trev (|de lre Waves lo lre s|v||re
Wre(e lre|( desl|r|es r|x lo( lre ele(r|lv.

Trus erds lre slo(v ol oolr do|pr|rs.

0r lre oeacr. lre(e's ar ursla(led lea pa(lv. a |osl 0odo |rol lre |asl ore oul lre ore oelo(e) ard a
dec| ol ca(ds W|lr a r|ss|rd 0ueer ol lea(ls.

Iude to urey.

Ne|o ||c|s ore ol |ls paWs. c|ears |l ard o||r|s. lrer . Wro |roWs?

A jesle(. a|| ov r|rse|l.

A jesle(. cu|el|v lad|rd aWav. aWav. aWav.