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Cutting Stuff Out.

// Day 2

1. Marquee Tools
Modifier What it does Modifier What it does

ALT Starts marquee from Shift (after Adds another marquee

(before Center a selection (without removing the
you click) is made) previously made one)
CNTRL Moves the Selection ALT (after Subtracts from the cur-
(mouse on a selection rent marquee.
top of is made)
ALT + Copies the Selection CNTRL-D Removes the Marquee
(mouse on
top of
CNTRL-T Adjusts relative size of Hold Makes a perfect Square
the marquee Down or Circle Marquee
creating a

2. Lasso Tools and Magic Wand Type of Lasso What it does and what it’s good

Magic Wand Will automatically select similar


For things with light/plain or sim-

ple backgrounds.
Magic Wand and Magnetic
Quick Selection Similar to Magic Wand, but will
Tool select what you choose.
Lasso Tool Freehand Selection Tool

Polygonal Lasso Semi-freehand selection tool for

Tool making polygons

Magnetic Lasso “Sticks” to the edges of objects (as

Tool long as the edge is different from
the background)
Polygonal Lasso Tool
ALT + Lasso Makes straight line marquees
3. Quick Masking

“Q” turns QUICKMASK on/off

Make sure you are painting with