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lmprQ.1.",J·fJ4 Home-BIll]r R'tXtJl..UJe.:s5 ~k.*er;5" b.~ v.. Demaree

{)}p:ff ~gjiJt © 'l !;i.4.)5 by t.· Dtm a K

ISDN to . .Q- ...... i! 4 8·· .. 0· .-,' .' .P ." V-:.., /.:>d '-'.,,: - !

iPlll!1tcd in the U 11 hi,';~ S~ates of Amertea

Plillb-l iShed b~ Palad i~ Press, a dlvision Q~ '~~b.d,in; Ine., P.O'. Bex 1-307,

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Bmd de,. •. Cololi,ado 8OC"fJ6., US,A."

P()3.) 443~ 125U

PALW]N, PAlADIN P,R"ESS. a,lid I~e "horse ~d" de.4ji~'ll ~~ 'tfadermuks b~l (Joging ~;.j. fat;ta in Enle rprises 3f1.11 rngi,swred in United SUllies P'iIi tc mol, and 'fr.adero ark Office-

An right~ resereed, EXcept for use ln a rt:'!;.![e,w! n~

pm! ~]'J, of tlrii3 book mayo' 'be rel$od!J'~f~' ~~:lInJ f~1r:~ 'wiiibout t~ e:xp:-oCss 'Wrfrten: pc:'rrni.!!S'icJIlI: (3]' the ptIbi Jshe'L

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1.lirtr'odu,cUon. .I

Cha'pter' Olle Recoilless Wea:pons~'Gene.ral·


Chapie,Two Variatj ons all ,;3 Theme

" Chapter T'nree

R,~ i n~ofcii1 g '& FibergJassfng a PVC Barrel/Launch Tube 17

, Cilaipte,r Four

Charge Holder & Access Cover Options


C'hap'ter F1ve Firing Terminals Z7

CIIapter Six Foregti plBattery Holder


t;· .. ·e-: n," t( S~· ~'.

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Chapter Sev:en

Rear Sight: Assembiy ,31

Chapler Eight lgn i ters . 33

Cbapte'f NIQ;e

Arm in Ii &' Fi ring C i rcu it 35

Chalde', Ten Charge Mtx Detail,s 37

'C' Ele,ye..n Chaige Packets ,~,9

Chapte'r' Twelve . Co nstr uctlo n of Wa rh ead 41


La U 'U1 che r S chem a tics 47

Ch II pl'fU FOD rteea CdU n tern hot lMS em b I 'J 49

,eba,pter Fifteen 'lest ~ Fi nag,

51 --


c~.aTge 'Size' g.,.·Range Data 55,

----- -


TfU~ procedures in th is, book and result ineg e,~.d prod uct are!~ MMgefQM. Wheneve r deah ng W'! th h igh exp I 00 ~ ves and improvised weapon :ry'~, special preca u t inn s Pft rts! be' followed ,i n. accordance with industry sta ndards fo r experlrn enta tion an d P fa ducti on" Fa i lure to st rl ct]y follow such j nd U sHy standards may' result j Il harm jo 'life or U mb,

Befor-e constructing a.ny improvised weapon or m a kl ng' explosi ves of any type. care must be . taken that a i ~ loca I ~ state-".3 n d federal laws '3 Fe ad hered to. Contact the Bu rea 1I cd Alcoh 0] r Tobacco. a, nd Firearms fBA1P',] in Wash i ngton. D ,C_. for :i nfo rm atton 0 n the ap propriate re'e s and regulatl ens.

The author, publisher, and distributors or this book disci al many' liab iii ty for any damages, or in~ u rles of anY' type that a reader 0[;' user or lnformatlon contained widt~n this book may 'cause 0 r su ffer from the use of said lnforrnetlon, Use this material, and anu end nrod uct -.' b .. :-'.' -, idr - ...... :'It '!#)lllr

. ,_ _ 11;1 _ _ .. ,,I.... ,to'-" c~ Of y pro uca. 3ii1o. J!V~-

own risk, T/d~' hok i~ for acaa'e'miG stud~ 6 n~",

• ..!i~ 'Viii


. -

d <it

r, uction

Metu the wurld·s, finest I and perhaps] strangeat) i mprovis ed recoilless weapon syste rn, It's less than two feet IOing' yet. capa ble of deliv ~:lin:D" an antia'rm,or or annoersonnel

--: .1' -. - - -- ~~- -'5, _. -- - -- - . __ . t"e_~. -~-~-

wa r head accu ratelv, at ,high speed. to B target: hundr-eds O[ meters away.

This is the weapon currently ta kin e the im provi sOO wea po 'Ii"'! eo 1'1"'0' r],d "'u sto rrn Set - '. to be- co m e the e;l- ~ nda rd bv

~ICb· . ~ ~ ~O. Y'!I._- _ , .. u.J" ~.. '., ..~.. - L. . ...• VI , "-. fbJ ~ _" ~:b,[JI_:", a "_ -, . J/

which other launchers are mea sured, this gys;tr.-e,m. wU] soon be avaUable ~ n you r toea 1 terrorl st supply store. You can save big' buds. h owev-er. by pu rchaslng . the'S€' plans instead and constructing JI',)'ur ow'n custom model over the we.e:ke.nd" "'Yes. OJ I hear. 'you ,say" "but there: ar·€ pl,e-rrlty of other plans avallable for we,apo·ns that are rust as destrucnve, why shew ld ] buy' these?"

A g'o ad q u €s t i on. part lcula fly' a pp roprl at e in these recessionary 'Urn es. We a II, :I Ue to- be sure that. we a re getting the b,ilgest bang for our buck SO~ by way pf. an answer, let me es k yo ~ a few questions.

( l)' Do other launchers on ,- le ::,,,",, e, l~ ,--, - .:--' I tb .-- ""I .22 rifl e-?

, _ -.;.; ~ __ ers~ le 'I" reoJJ . , an """ . _

(2) Ca n oiher launche rs be reloaded rapid Iy in the field?'

(3) Can other launchers be eas i I'~r concea~.eq benesth a. ~'adu:t or toot?


(4) Do ot he r launche rs offer a .i ("'0 U ntershot" svste m th at you . . can €'at if yor ,get pe citi sh In between targets?'

(.5) Do at h er launchers care- ,~or·the en vi ron rn en t? ..

Enou.~h saia~ Pu:t~tr Alia: Coop·er disk on the CD, pour a glass of -Milk:-Plus;' a~Qd st~rt building now. You know U makes sense. See you at the heating,


On e"":

:.' . _" . - . ";" .

~The bac~bld,st delivers numerous cookie-crumb mealls, of va rio U 5 sizes aero ss a b road area _ 0 u r feat hered f rlend s .and small :grotJ nd-dwelllng creatures benefit from thls, espeda][y in times of inclement weather Invigorated b~f 'the meal, bees will pollinate more flowers: the droppi:.ngs p~oduced ~' the now well~fed forest creatures 'win help sap.l] ngs to grow; Barnbi' '\\tl ~ I eom e and fora,~,.e, 'lOU can st roke h 1 m: sorn ewher-e distant an orchestra will begin p'IB~!lng ; - , and ~]'I because you purchased this bookwlthout you everything, w]'ll (He and rot _ Buy it, you m'l serab Ie bastard.




~'L."" : ...... , "U f.l' .. f', ':1!:"'-' ,"--':. rhich vhen

TI re term !"fCC] .e.5S [e ·ers to a weapon w. K~ I. w." en

fired, remains completely still and.' [does. not kick back. In a. normal (recoinng) ,~UJn. complex and/or ,Iarg:~ and hea'yY reroU mechanisms m ust be i neorporated to absorb the shock ge ne rated 'O:~l th e bur n in tt pro pel I 8: n t .sa ses t ha t kj c:k. the warhead, shell, or round out ofthe barrel and toward the target, The ~arg€r the caliber of tbewespon .. th~ heavier these rn ~ cha n is ms beco me U nt i I a: PO] nt ls r each ed wh ere s ubsta nt i a l moun tln es or 'carrl ,roes are n eeded to su pport them. The remiUeSs:.gun does 'awa:y, wjtll theneedfor these abserptlon rnechanlsms and ',alIQws, even, ve.ry ~,arge. caltber wea pons to be Hre,d [rom a mount as I ig ht as a mao's shoulder.

" In its simplest form, the recot U·ess eff~e,ct. can he

achievf~ by fir~ng' twoequal weights. (one' being the forward firi ng proiectile r the other a rearwa rd fi rj: ng' ccuntershot) at equal velodties. Credit. for the development ,p,f the fir,st recoi I ]~ss gU n goes to on e Com rna nde r Dav'j S of the u .. S. N,avy, who des:ign"ed hls system during 'World 'Wa:t' L The 'we a,PO n as sem b]y cemprlsed two. U un barrels poln t ing ~ n cpposlte d.irections.. one .of which contained ,8 proi·e~tle. the other an' equal. weight of $e·,ad shot' and. grease. A central chamber' fad] ltated loading. In operation. the countershot was dissipated in the air behind the weapon. V~:lflous tlP'~S


o Davis Gun~ WeIe~ flRife,ntly. fitted to certain' 'J1tish nl; a~ aireratt with aJ 'IIb:!w to engail~§ enemy swbmarines. but tt hr 1J ~'~ ikel y that thay Vi' re ever aetua Uy u$@d Jn an~r.

As Wi! pons de!JEloprrren evol!Vied. It waf; pQstu~!ated. t~a·t if tWQ equal weiH,hts tpr,oie,cltie a-nd eou ntershe ) moving away f m eaeh erher at t~e S' me speed pro-v~d_' II rect')iUess 'effec:t~ then: a. u rrterst\' '_[g -f~' 'a If as mudi as t,Ft'!' ~rojecUIe out [ttl fin' dt t iu tAe SRi Jho'Uli:1._ ffifeVe 'the same effect. TI1 is pn=!Ved .to be the' case. It wa s tUscoven=d that if the product o~f the eeuotershbts mass multlpUed by 11~S velocl:'f rema ~ n eel ~ he sam e, the wea pon p1J id ,Al~tJ'!ls, he recorlless. PIJ'rt· If,.' he' n,eed nor be a,[~ aCCL.I:8,i "we·iernt"" at a.U. and most current recoilless ~u:n syste'ms

:~pIQ:~t this fac by u 'Ul;zln& a stream of e- _, as the wun1te ~ - I: fO'fCt!" rhe &irS, iii thoug,h ot course ~ery light. i~ ro,ade to m,o¥e t an 1L!1rtreme I, high ,ell cdty ufs~ng til ventu ri ,assem,bl,. 'ftnn;,. the :ret:lli~ r m n ts of the ,above eq ln1 tlon are ,h.dfiUed,

A W'orld War. II Ge man s,y'stem h'hJch is, stlll e'm:p I o'yec ins ome w odern recQU] es s wea pon s I 'U5 ~S :1 dntr~dge case wi lit 3 pla~[k {rartb r than solid metan base. The p~,asUc b se has prec,tse p essura-reststance characterlstlcs and when tbe 'weapon i$ fir,edf ~t remains whc Ie i ust Ie nl eRolJgh h.?:r the p r~ ect~,le to 'begiJiN mO'ving~ 'rhe -ciJsk then ruptu res, anow~nl las to vent t'hrolJg,h. a. '.e'n - uri and rloule ssernbly, The' vent u ri inereases the velodtl' of the gas Flo\\' so 'that when multiplled bY'its ass! t'h protl uet ~s equal 0 the ve]oc[1 ., Q'f th:e' p rojeetlle mulUpUed by' ns Mass·, and the W'Ea .'. n remains re(1lII~ess.

Another technlque used In Varb,JlUsAmerl(:an reoJ'illess rin ~ i ~ OJrporalt2S a taftJitd'g;e case With a c"onventlorrall: (snJ id} 'base bu- w~ h ,~ double..:w,a]led body. ~lnis, takes the [tlHrel of al

kin metal or :pla~tle inner U~& and a '~c rf04!ited_ meta~ outer 'calm. Upcn,: firine, the inner Une1 ruptures. and the galS 'no,ws au t thli0,ugh [, e pet. olarons in:tQ' ,B n annu ler dl annel m, the cha,mber 0 the la un rn er to a venturi assem'b '!l.

The '[0] low i n e U,lllstJmli.'ol[1ls shoW' wea pons hom both ends (3 t he fe(Q'~ lless IU G1 tedUltDl'oW s,pet! r.1J m.



- ~ . __ . Gun'

,Ih t 1111 __ - f. IIJIGR • ,rock tJII.

. ~a.i1te. ..,-d.

St"rap -Se'lal F11tlftl'

ItOIi __ btll 5¢,r; ,p M'-ll;!,


If anytbj, ng· ne'~ath!'"'e.· '~adl be said 'about .modern

.... om mere 'I" ~ I recoi ~ 10 I!:'C w""·):l,<:!i non ~ ""11." 1- 1"" th '::it (' II "',a·I"'ii""·~ d erab ~'U.

~_ ~LI,IL'·.r··,'L.1 I~'~VI,~ ~~~.:i '-'~Ut-"-0 ~i ~,_ a;J! I,~~ ... " 1~' _U.~~-!l1 .... _y}.k}.l,

I'J " d" d thanl b11 ," I'"

mote: proper an t ]3' nee ec tnen I n ~ eornparar tIe, ]'BC{U 1 ng

@un because" in .the rec,~j lless system, some 4/5 of." the charge powder is vented, t'l1tou~h the venturi: and r2) this ven t i ng gas and n am e. ~5 hlgh b' \f~slble' lo a rI ' ene m y an d. dangerous to P~[SD ns ,I n the j_l])med.h~t~ a ~OO ..


It is worth notfng that the improvised recoilless weapon detailed In the. followi ng pages prevails over .a, venturi-based system because the backblast ~5 contained and, SEn at h e red to a I a rg:e degree by the c-o u nte rs h ot rnete rial,

u sed lts ",.' , tureist here 1;'0' ,1:"~ C' rn Co:> I ~ ,...l the we "!i P' on F"':!In IL-. . ..,..

~., .• ,I .;:;. sl,gna. u r~ 1.$ l.B u:::; ~1."::; .0.', I!JI I" a nu, 11,." t, ~ '.' .1:] .. I:I"I;..,u IU'I':

Fu fed from lnslde a bu ndhl~, with far greater -S(ilJe-ty' than wou ~d be the case if t h e ba ckb I ast 'were 'tented di rect I y to ~ i r.

The cook~e~Q,·]}(l"cloth cou ntershot system used heretn Is decept~ve'~y simple axed, possesses an ,inttf nsic variability Q~, .opcra tion that requires ~xt.f~ln,e]y complex

, " "

mechan:ical assemblies to replkate, the', ennre two~pack:et~--

of-cookies-an d-cloths assembly ... .and/or the individual cockles or gro'IJp~ of cookies within those packets .. Win . react in varyi ng deareesa nd at v CI rio u s Sp€ e ds accord i,n~ to the charge Sb:'E and the projectlle 'weight used (pthoer things being equal 1_ Also, there is a !lUrin~ envelope" outside the:

" ~ ~. t-. Ii-.. "'Ir be '. f'~ - .731

pa rarneters or 'i,fh ~ K! j t ne weapon 'VI ~ ~: me teet ~ ve a no or






, .

'.' .....


Ftgu r.€! :3 $ h Ow,s ,;3 verslo n Q f the "cook i e" ],8 unche r tha:t ~s.' currently used by ~ 'well,~known terrorist organization .. For legal reasons" 1. cannot n a me the organ lzation here. I do, how-eve r, hu r,ri'ed]y acknow ledge th e l ngenu ity of the ongl tl ate r; whoever 'h e cr she may be.

N.ote that as with many such, terrorist devices. the original corn ponent parts a r€ sel ected beta u se of th el r ready 9vS!jlapiHty .. and non .. -trall-genetatlng status. rather than because ttre.)" are the must ,sophistica'ted. tidy, or ,aeaU;tetk:~'I~,y pl eas ing, Thus, the bulb .. holder arming switch I[AS). For example; 'm_ig,ht easi]y be replaced with 2H~y nu rnber of 21.1 te mative s'w itch type s without affecting the safe or effective' operation o~' the weapon. 'lhis also a:pp~'jes to other parts such ~8 the foregr:i.p/battery hoi der, sight assembly. and so on.

'\-vUh th is hi m ina r ] have Incl uded plans. [OJ the con structson ot GIl varia WIt developed by Anthony Lewis, author of' Bazoo~~, from the model shown in the illustration be low. Between the 0 r,ij,g i nal de'sl~;n.· a nd the Lew'!~; varl a nt, oou rut less posslhi I ltles exist.

n is worth men tien i ng that like, most peoole s-eeing 'the destgn for the Hrst time, l.ewi s d Isplayed so me skeptl clsm abou t the, eftectlvenees oJ the countershot sys tern" N evertheless, he went ala n g wi1::h t he project a rid


Va.r,latIons Oil iii Theme

Ftgmre 3 Legend and .,lttrial~a

,ST ~ B~nch lute: 1/& 10 U4;-lnch tlt!i~k steel 0lT Dld;] p,pa with 21t2\b1c~, irr:twna cianate;r" and 22- kI ·3t).inch l:erun,. The 'oert~y' ~oo.ili'~ hllla· n tI1e wall of' 8r Fa 01 a di~ Hlaj 'Bjlllrmli tIite hstaIaIioo m ,ttmge r.d-tler


1X1 :3: Box. ~ Pldc or me1al. Cm RW1 and modll1ed g!ShowriJ and sooured ltD Sf wit! hose dip lHOi",

Ill! .. BO:lt~ Plastic: or metal Hall' t.e ilengJl of 6X1. Cut awa,' ,and lflooiHed assho..wn,

AS .. ,Arml'lg: $Wt1:;n:. S)Vftcl1ed tab 1'& la'mp blllh hol'DEf and holdEr adapter ~tlJy mount!!d i1 B!<a .Em ~. (Sea FgJre :4 '!cr ciM ooJlneotan disgam,) He ... [HOse CW,~~ (N5.a ~ as 'j~. ;in r.orne CI)JfI'IefsJ ~ ,dJamm. ~!~ wi1Il'~Cf ,as ~~ Passes 17lroVgh BX1 and ,iIiOOnd ST.

fS ~ Front S~f:ut Notc~ 'fled uri! V!rtitaJ· mctangi.W I*te (VRP) {turning lI;~ade,.:o' (See

FrgJtf9S 5- md MI, far deWls..1

f L friggef~ LorIg.-arm mCiWitdl. {Sse. RglJe 4 for circuit conn8ttioo diagJ,[IJ]., 16 ~,rwr GlloIant Mettl (l"pasoo~s.~ ~

V~RP:r:: ~ R~u1ar PIefeI:, ~ O'~

ILP' :: ,~e, fIala: NmaJ' (I" puc. Cut imo; l",Shape u ,showmJ.,~ ttl BX1.

AS .. [ReM ,Si{tt Peephole(s) ,iefC!d n LP iin life wih FS. Speclfied~ baMeen IDes. b diflenrrt 13lJe5 are determined dumg initial te5Mn'lg9. (See RglRS 5 end SA)

CH !5. Ch:vge [Helder: (AJ'sIJ.. Kt& as ,iI warihei;d ·sLood'off ~pacarr keeping the d"1S'tI!'Iee1 ~, he wOO"lead[ base aild ~00t 1iDe«·I'~. ~ durnng Ioadlng,~ N'umf3fiOOSdesfgn possi~ib. Fer mmpe, o,:j'4 to '1·indl di~ mmaJ ~rndit vdUh mHir.-OO~ lQ'M-irt or skrilartj' se!G.lfe ~ Is ~Y dril~ .circwnfarriBlly. as, Shown, and ~ 1:/2.'-1b 3/4-.lnch ~~ tail tn.a. g·18J1lEIler·m thB ban'eI.

C ~ c~ LtxIl.n~ 'VaIious p:l1iStbi1I1IIes.. For exanfpm', a ~ ~ to 4rgram charge d ~ perenlllratB and aIlmlnuml ~"

a = EIedrii:'.aIl@liler: (km!!llefola1 Of ~_

CF,B = C,lmdl'itaj Rreg.n~ HOlder: PVC 01i' metal,. B-i'ndJ length wfth 11 '2~ to 2- looh diam .......... ~Ired m bas.e· al8X1 ...... _:_ ~ - ~.-._. "

. . . 1I;;:L';;l, _ . . . ~ !~I~ illS i~.uo!fl'.

B = Batrry:, (Sea Figtm.( b" conoodioo !?Jetails.}

EC = End Ca,rl: Pladc orl1!l~bar. Frf~ID"~1 ~ em. DI1' 1J69 gder~.

PB = ~;d ~.~T~ packets ~lin .J~ cfOlM., a ool"idad fiber prOOoo [railer Iban waitt ~ m do1Jl) hal :is, ~Ir~ B. mtdlra of 115 peroent ~ &rid 25 pEIIVd pOJyesB. ~ ar8 m~eted W1tEf a Vl1Imy ot na.J11ie!S' ,1'ypIc:Ed oodkia packet dimemiens are .approxim_l, 4. irIctet:

I'~ng by 2 3J8 i'rdIes wide.

SlH = Socf' can W~: (See F\)Jte BIDr ~ii1 deIds.J.



€.Ven volunteered to. u:ddertake the initial test-firings. 10 say he W,EtS tm pre.sc9@d with the resu Its ts a n un derstatement, Be was posltive Iy in splred. 'Watth out fo r Lewis' nexJ;: book. J

- _. .. • .Jl

prom lse YOU!, you· don't,. want' to rruss it!

Figulfl4: ,ArmJI'ig and FliIIAgICiiWil COn nft'li 00 D.fili~

a',~ n~~ '. . - < , • ,


U!il!i u:: ~'" ~ ;;; rmc['llSWIIA .. !i

1tSA.::. Arn1ift!g $~itm·~bly 91- Soom-lQallper

p == IPlug ~I~ intrJ, ASA arld ,_'m PS, 10 ami} PS !: PusJ; :~,


.n-. file here 1Q create I:;cnlral "blade"

Drill here,

Reat Sight

Front Si'ght.

Figure s: Front and IRa Slgh1 Detd'.

'0"--: '

-a ".""

Sllurt to'. mlC'dhJilI' r~n9e:' Mellli:um to 'IDl1g Fange

IFigLn SA: F£ri Md FIaat .siQMa Superhl_

; .


Rild 6 ': S!iKI;p. C~am W __ :S;liematlc·". sc = Soup· OM*

INS;;;; .In.rt (~'jQOdElnl di'sk)

$. ~ S~1cl1 ~ess-i~maka ',pa) DC;;;: D~ Counterbaienoo D.1iIi·~~H

SAn;;;; ;Bal:l'eIy.

caw ~ ~....,I'iIiI~ ,:St! __ Wlre 'ffl'STsts ,all! bull1rlilh-im'i"~ nrl . .. '. - " . 'ns.1 Si

.......... ,.... . ~. '. _. _. _~. _ ~!""'asstlJFM aga:J .. p.

PSW = P\fJSlll;ve ~ VWre·(a u'5cttongw: .fa. (J" ~n: whi-~h fs, ItentlO¥OOlli~:a'ly OOktebadi~)

"So ,sh~ufd have a sliding ~tI.rt lI10t e;:~ loose m rJt'lhe lau:nch~r;.b~t Wra:p SC body'witl1 ma$king tape: 11 tu:J~i"ed,



c. m

D· :c


Ii::! :8anell,laurll:::n Tltle: One 24~ (0, M-inch ~eng(h rn 2: 1l2 .. fr1d1 ittem~ldtam!:!ter, tlB. to' '114-,inch Ifilf:l~k3 steel' htbi'ng Of 2 1/2·,im;kq JlI1Ile~-nal dian;, etei" IP'VClAeS ~raJfi'ilP,ipi;:}oorI(I~it '",im PVc. ~ee.v~ i:Ild fiDe-rgl,ass ,~€!illiloroe.rnoot. (Soo~ Cflaptar 3.)

1'1 ;;;; Trigger. :l.InJrarm fllk~ Orl& tenninall ~np.l.) ooJlneds : reelly b paStiw side of ,batte!ry, the' other ~pu~ 00l"Ied:S 'to one' of h ijr,lng I(e~.mlnart"

~nsUated ~irim,g -s,used IflrooQlnollt., ,

AS, ~,Arming Sw:itt:h:, 5m:aJI ,siFl{fa-lhfaw s)Ii.!iooh. 1:1i"!p-:ut t'Brmimd '00I'l ner: 1;5' ~Ir&.:tl~ to negati~e $'[~ 0" ootIe.ry.; 0LltPI!JI t'Wm ioal ,ooli1i1'1,ee't$. to rem airiin~ 1i;[ing ooniiinal. ~I.ife,d ... M~ng ~ ,1.l:B UlroughiJ!J;.,

fu F-' " ""~ .'," H' ·1: .... - I i.o .... ,.1 L. • ... .. _ ...... .4 .".'" '- ,:·'tk· ............ L..r ' -,

iii;;; ~nJ"\',,,,.atleit!l 0 ~; \RIN' I'lare ~ a 1'1!d.I~ piece WIJfI a '-"\lIVU, 1000egnp.

m~aSI.Jril"llg 5 1'/2' I1ches x :t 'U4 ~ x314 inCh.1 wniCin [omaJr15 'U'!,e batttery.

AnJ'l ,sUt9tble imprQViSatiori wil 'work:, i.e.1plOOllc: 'tlf~!)Q!, tha mo1l£jw ,pJasUc. handle'turn a. ,poo!{lmg lape n:)II' d1spel'lwr: '~'., Seml~e~ kI iB wJth hosltt dp

'(JiC), .' .,> ,

:Ill :;; Igriter: ,Shrrwill ,instalted n cnarge ~~ (CP). sUHlUi"Iderd i)~ d'er~ e [rnixkn

- {C:M}: C:,e;n, be .. Estes ~;~ p:yrot'ooI'lmi'c match, ,a'liEliikiHfmm p:hoonfrx ;[I, lheatib:al effect: OIJpPly Strtes) ,(It' h~,IS{jd' ty.~ sum B5 GUtaway .auto « Has hliQht; tub" wl1it;~ is :partially filled wUh bl"fiCk or smokeless powdel.'_ In~ tcml]~ wires, from 'th&igooer' p~ thi!\OO{.tI Eimall~ales i'n: ~ cmarge ho~(jer access Oly~'e.r ~CHlb\) and connect to thgj Ihi'ng, tennlflra.I' !:(Ir1IrWirng ,~: (Aj.

SA ;;: '~Jy. 0'1 adeGuattl y.,oha-g,elounem ~t!ty' to reliabl~ n! the' ty,~ of r~gmr' used lor t:J~wifI a ~). UH.~,_kaJin~ ortIJiCad mttef1es.-

He ;;; .~ CI~: ~.So krPf~; ~ ubil'eg, cl1pi) 4.-.il1.rin'dlaroetf[;,- ;.jflCh 'III'IJ;t ~se ~ if Dnl~ '1ffuh wide'~ ~:9 ~.}, S~~S, ootlr Il~ Slftl ~A$) .arid fH. 'eM! -= ,Charge ,Mi~1\We~ fine: ~inur.p ixlwd'err and pota.~$itini pen:hlorJle, mi>,tture.

f're:par~~la.s~descrtOOd iiil CMpt~ -HU .

CP == 0Ih!~ P,aeiet NMking" 1(p.3perj~'!1~~ at' ~&"ip[l'fy POP. to:t,'

, . " "' ........... -- ' '''I~' '

lusee:O( 1J1Qi.ed oliI! N '~I$~IJI~ WI.

C-HI~ ~ Cna-ge' HGlth1A.ooess 'CD¥~ foi:,~ of Safely, H1e oh~' ~ shedd fa)~ ,fl~a:y from the m«er[~s hea.m_ Fm '~OfIai saJety m ease of COI'iIrol~

, "

the pa$itfoo of b 'aiming Swilc.h (rnn Dr OfO: stlotildl be 'readily apparent.

'Thereiore, UN s'~iIch S1I!I!lJkI -lace 'lOw'aId the fi'I'et., Not~ tttit the dl8.t'Qtl hl:ild1er and '~iiing t@'m:1iMl's ce 001 'U'Je side" of ItitJ ~~n iml i1is iI~1 i .. e I Coo~!JI~' fer ,a ;j&ff~ded mer ,lJsing 'the'~ o:n his, (or her) snwcklr. Thl~"bejng. '00fi:! the armqi,swild'l, ~tji6h"~$'M 'Ole ~~ftoband side 01: fie bEviP b reasoM of ,dewily. wlAd. in r~ 'u a

!eft~. be QVeC1-I.o the ~' . '00

,- ',' i!!>I' ",' _ ... _' _ .' , _ :"_ _ _ '"I"',

. . ~,,' ~IU _ ~.' _.~ " _ .... 11


FT' == F'iling Termi"laJ CotI~ng Posts: lifro !5ae-~' type. U' :sPfitl~!oo.ded 00l~ ,[XIsts. FT is ,attached to a ~Ih ir~ljl~ rnate'i,ial ir B is m~I~c. Epo,:(i resrn'" act as bmh :in3llJ,lab:f' ,t~, ~l ,fIlId EJ;ttacrunern 1TI2leri'aJ. Rougher.! the ar,ea !)riQre' ,applying ,e,Poxy.

FB :::;: fOf~wYI Bead~ SrmaJl $C •• lila SCl:e.'W musl R?I, ~eb'ate: lUna mer walll of the'

~II , ~

Ilaund'ief wC-e'. Arl ,a:dj~ahTe::fll)nl Si!;tI ,~ be' rnade!.by s,flbing a Small

dee;p rill toc two ,e4immer nuts stack~d) 'Il? the latnJl-er usilg, epo:q' Md $C:r:ewing Ih8 SCr;5W in or Dtrt; as f~if£d.

RS = R~ar Siglj: VanQIJ9, aptjom ~ possiJJa USed here rs a ,simpfe ~ ~'~e type mCUlkld OIl an L;&hsped p.da 'ofrneti:U rfavin~i a, ::J..;lrlCh long vurrbi piece" AIlam,to B Wi'ih He.

UJl.lII _ W'''''4.r-.;I. \u ... ~..4_"_ 'II.!na.

;; w- 8r5=,t~;;I! "n'y"

Ke ~,~oll9n Clb~i1-iousehc+rJ Crolt~ (J doths).




Th:- .... r.e .. e ... 1

... ::- __ I'>

RE~ ·;·IN···· ·P-·:'O·R<C··. ··'·N. ·G··.·:: !e' ..

,. I,'.' ". ,_ ••. ~


BAR' 'RE'ULA' - : U'N"" 'C'R TU·B·· .. E·

: .. '. . _ .' -.... . '" . _. '. __ I .. ' .. '. - . . '. -- .. " '._

This. section is only appliceble lf you are Using a PVC lsuncher tube. If a PVC barrel/launch tube is to be used, it 6 hou I d be rei il~;Or(e-d witb two add1ti!oJl a I lengths of PVC pip e sleeving and three laye.n; of fiberglass matting, ·Qn.e of. these la:y~rs' w;i] cover the entire launc::lu!.r rube, the other two wUl re inf.o rce ~ he breach/charge h older a rea.


Step one i,n. th'~ rElnfofcement process is to obtain two addi"tfonalle.ngths of PVC plpe to be used as relnf:ofdng sleeves. One should be. the same' length .as.the launcher barrel itself the other .a.pproxi·mately 6 inches I.on,g. rdeaU,y;, the longer of the' 'two sleeves should have a diameter that allows a trktlon fit over the barrel and the other ,a diameter that allows a f:r1cti:Q n ever th e fi rst s leeve. I'f tu bi ng: af a suitable d]amete[ cannot be obtained, use two h:mgths of tube o;~ the same dtameter as the barrel and cut each of

them a]ong.theit' length, .

Next, roughen the outside of the barrel. and the ] n sid e and ou tsi de of the: sleeves \lliMth sandpaper and coat the- 0 uts ide of. th e ba rrel with a laver of PVC cement (available from hardware stores). Shde the longer ot the


:;,. Twlllted Wlil


,Sleev, " .. "

SleeV. ,.


tubes over: the barrel and adjust untH the barrel and sleeve ends are n ush, Secure the assembly using several 'ti.glhUy wo und , evenly spaced 'Wraps of 'S,tiff wire- 'Of' hose dtps .. At a pinch. .gaffer or masking (reinforced paper) tape can be used.

h . ..l,,,,:~. iI.._- f . . d .. ,-.

t e mea ~Ing to torce out excess atr ant adhesive and to

he Id. the a ssem b]y·1together securely wh i I e· it dries. Wh en dry, remove the w.lre· orhose dips ... and repeat the process using the shorter s I eeve, Pes i t lon this p.i eee centr a Uy' a nd so the slot .i S exact Iy opposite (i 80 d@gre,e::? from l' th e slot oJ the Urst' reinforcing tube. Once! the PVC cement has dried. remove the W~~ res or h ose dips and conti n ue w:ith the rest ot the assem bly instructions as outlined in the fo] low] ng chapters.


Return to this section for details on f]ben~:lassing when a:U other compo-nents have been atta-ched. Furl

. t t" ~ ~ I" .~.."I • h ,1:' b J • Tr':: t b t . h

ms rucnons are supp [1;:XJ WI.t. nnerg ass: nog M' S. U _ tne

basic prindples to remember are

( i ) Att.ach aU fitt,! ngs to the tube ,ie{f).fe fiberg las sing.

(2) Protect the' in,side' of t.he barrel. moving' parts, and electrical connection points from res I n,

(3) san~pa'P'e:r theoutside of the PVC pipe before comrnencini-

(4) Determine the size needed and cut the fIberglass matting,br before com mend ng.

10 fIberglass the tube assembly; first ap-p]y resin to the: central reinlT:o.rcing sleeve section and. work the in 'ife[] 'with a . pal ntbrush, ens u ri ng that the m atti n g is w,eH moistened and close .. fntjng 'to the tube and arou nd the cha.rg~ holder shoulders, When this has, dried, continue w~th the r-est of the tub~, doing one section at a tlme from one end O'f the tube' to the ether and including again the central area. When dry., apply a final laver around the central breach area.





CI~I:ARG' .·E H: : :0' .: 'L" -D- ER' '.' -'~'.",

,_, --.' , _Il-~


To· facilltate rapid re load in.,g· and consistent launch results (the latter i)y vlrtue or. the fact that when the tech nh4ilJe .descrihed here ~ s em ployed; the' dtsta nee between the charge, warhead, and CCHJ . ntershct w~II.~ 'other things being equal; remain constant], .pt>e· .. prepared, pa . .c·l~ted etta r ge a n'~ i gn iter ass em b~ iJ~;5 are I oaded i nto '8 oeri t ra 1 charge holder (CH~ from the outer wall of the tube through a secure. positive .. lockif{:g (or .screw'~on) metal access 'cover. 1\'/0 insulated C.Ejn~e(ting wiie.s from the iLgn.i~:er pass .t hrough th is cover and. auadi to the: Ii rln g' terminals (PT).

T·~ bl t.,.. . "A'· ;,

~ ue assemr 1y may ne I m provisea In many ways· US] n~,

a variety 0": parts, aut notethat in all de.sEgns LnvohJ.~ng a screw-In type ,?f i!:UX~E:S.5, cover. you m:IJS[ 'g,€',ntly', tW'lst,1the Lgnite.r wires [once the'y are fed through the cover] in. the

.1-...... d - . :I- h t "..41' . ... .". ,r

0PPOOIu;::; .. ~.rectl-on to. it. ·Ia. ·w·eqUJlr"eO: to secure tne cover .. r.e., ~~,

th e cover screws j III oro n. cl ockwrse, twist the w·j res 001.1 rite rclockwtse, Tn[s ens ures '~hat when the cover is fjtted. the wires will untwi,st! thus rernovin;g' the .ris.k that the wist.i ng a ctl on C6us¢d:~y. fi.t_t] ng. the : .~e r will P. u It the wires from the igniter. lnsert .the pack into the cha rge hoi der after til e wi res have been fed th r-01il~ h t he cover and tWisted. a ccordingiv,

C h a r·e'Le hol del' .a S5 em bJle s may be made ~[om go:l~


~lIIpro\'ised Home-MUU, Re:c.(I'Uess laUDe - en


B - Bt&e. Cf V\feId

rCH' ;;; CfJaF§e 1-1'i:J1def'" (thr~ iffle1nallyl pp ~ P[pe ~IJ{I (ll'lraadOO extet'nallj)

IWiH == I Qjlij'iler WIre' ,fides

tIi~ drilled as~rnticaWd with: 1 ~fi hades

Rgu ri tOk. Plpe Aug.

H ~ Hcl~ ~11/~ooh d~amewr)


IF'iJJIie 1;1

'CH !!!! Chasge HoldE!f N.,Nrn.

~ _ '"1'5. .................. llj' ........ ion .I'..-.+,.."......."II.· .... ~ elrtemal~·\ ~r il;I ,_ II Ul~ ~-w , l:il~~ IEII'IJ ti:!III "",. - . - . I..rJ


pipe or QJ'Elter pipe (threaded ifl ernal1y at one end] and are used ln con] unction wnn a plpe fltrnent (drilled as i nd lcatedl 'for ,13 cover, Ins·ta Ilation of' the hoi clef in the brEI rre I is achleved by braz]n.g or 'weJdlng around the point where It exits the barrel W'8 It or by threads ng both the outside of the holder and the walls of the hole and screwing the assembly into it. In the case ,or PVC barrels, all charge housing assemblies are to be installed prtor to the application 0,( Jlbetglasslng material,

An a lternative that can be us ed w~ t h metal nil" PVC barrel tubes is to tap a section of the outside of the pipe (the same end that is already threaded mternally to take the pi ugi a nd attach a nut.

Ne:d, place the assembly in position inside the tube wit h the threaded en d protru d IlfI.g th roug 11 th e hole and aUix a second nut on the outside, therebylocking the assembly in place. .A similar effect can be achieved if the outer diameter of the n onth readed section [the sectio n that wi'l l be Jns'ide the tubel lS 1/4~inch 0,( so gtEateT than fhat of the threaded section. Apply liberal amounts. of epoxy adhesive to all SurrEH)~S and ·~LocktUe" te all threads before assembling.

'rhe tech n i q ue:~ recom mend for uS'e wlth a .PVC ba rte I is to wel d or braze the charge hotder to the i ns ide face 01' a sect ion of' metal plate that has been curved to fit the contours of the la uncher tube- ~b~, hammering it over a meted pipe of a similar diameter]. Drin a hole in the launcher bodj' and. after coati n~ the :1 nsfde€ of: the' (11.1 rved p I ate with epoxy, install the assembly. Attach two- hose clips (one on e ithe r side of the h olderl to lock the asse mblv in place prio r to the appU cati on 01 flbergl a ss re'i nforoement material. Th is te-ch nique also provides additional reinforcement for the'

breach a rea. .

An untapped holder can be used. the outermost end of which is cut' as shown below to create a press-and-turnto-lock effect when u sed wi th the aecornpa ny.tng cover, A variation is. to nave the !ugs on the cover and 'the cutouts. on ~ h e end (If the cha rge h older



:fi_U!A 'Cit

'Ll' !!!.t.auOOher'. Tu~'

lit,;;; Hose ~Olfp'

'~:;;:; qW:QIi ~r ~~lde' LIlt Q:?;:: ~r;ved' PI.atE,

";H we[ded to !irilSidt fto~ ot CP

Threaded Intern ally to take pipe plug

'm~_I_' illl ,I"~LI~. 'l}

_ ... _ ... __ .~~ I IWH

••• -U·'ll~·~'l~·'l··. •


') f1:g,!,it~. '13: C,a P "Ji ewe d htHl1il iliilP,p ~s'iI~ s hll1e


CH ~ ~older (d'!iill'ed U ~~\Wb 1l4-inoh holes)'

L~~(~~'~rn:~itaJsiooo~cIil" ','., "."

C ~ ~' ~ on ri tum w· slliC~f,e)

MH == IgniW~ WiM~lHde5;

f~ont ,O'r B:ane!1 ,A'_14: s. d.'m Bolo

'sa ~~.;I~iI:j;~iII;

I' _: ;;'~lAIll~.un ~~

,iI"'c _ .f" .... ,~" I!:~nn, '~ - '~~,~~f r~!!!!!I'~


A final alternative is to 'use an even shorter length of pipe to create' ~jt le more than a 'means (lr:: fastening the acces 5. cove r. In this instance. th e packe ~ed ch~,rge 51 m D~.Y r~sts' In the barrel (rath e r th a n tn a 5~pa,r-ate' housing); and the warhead sta ndeff effect is achteved by· mea ns (),( a sta ndoff bolt I SB,)! The standoff bolt-serves to en sure identical"ead ~pa.c:in,g' vih~eti, a' IuU ... slze charge holder (whtch also serves as a standoff) i;S not used. "The bait pa S8 es throu gh the barrel as. shown and. t he securtng n ut [after tight,ening). Is I~ked wi,th either ~pg%y' -,ad"he~ive ora braze 0 r weld t a ccord i n g to the type ol barref mat~ial used), If a PVC/fiberglass barrel is to be empl:o')i"edl the standoff bolt is Installed prior to addirig the fibenila~sing' m,ater.i~I.,


NO te that 'i n j ts crud est "Form I the I a u nc her n eed not ern ploy 9 cha rge holder ~ r a ccess assembly at all. Instead, the packeted charge/igniter a~sembly is simply .posltioned centrally in the barrel, with-the igniter wires' I@'a,ding OQt th ro ugh the rear of the barrel i an d the. standoff bol t technique described a.bCf\!'€ is used. H u~iEl:g th~s. approach, ensure th a t th€ ~,gn iter wires a re held "fi r m ,,~~ 'iN h en load i ng the countershot.

- -





Attach the igniter wires to the firing terrnmals prier to :r-iring', The' fh]n.g termi rials may be mounted on th€l outside IN til e barrelJ1au nch tube or on!.i n the foregrlp. "

Use s i rnp I,~ electrical bind i ng posts', taking the Io rrn ol rnetal pins mounted on a paxolln base or spring-loaded terminals of the typeused tn loudspeaker hookups. attached with E'pOXy resin, adhesive. Ti\e ends of the Insulated firing terminal vii re 5; can, in stead, be terminated in a] I~;gator dips. If i nstallat i Oft is to be made on. a. metal barrel/leu nch tube, care rn ust be ta ken to ens ure thst the re a r con necr tons r)f the termi:nBls are not shorted out To this end, app]yan insulating layer of epoxy adhestve, fiberglass, plastic tape; sticky pad. material 'or some other trnprcvisatron to the ba'l before attachi ng t he tenni na ls,

· --




The option IlJ sed' h ere lSI 'a simple wo eden .g,1 P cu [ away and drilled internally, as shown Oil the n~·xt.· .p~ee .. to eccommodete the battery. armi n.g SWH:C"]l. and. i nterconn ectl []fe' w j res ~ The dimensions of the fore··e r[p used here are 5 Ji2 inches x 2 1/4 inches x 114 lnch .

. Attach the foregrlp to the barrel With a 4 .. inch d i a meter hose clip _ wra the hose' dip aroun d t.h e bar rei and through the- H CS. "Thi 5· same clip can 00' used to attach the rear s i g'h t assem ~,],y~ A n a ~te··r na t lve fo·re§·r.i p/baJ.·~e ry' ho Id er CJ;I n be ~ rnp roy i sed lU'om, the h~.llow. p.~,aitk, h and le and base plate pa rts ·o·f a tape roll dtspenser of the' type used in warehouses fo sea~ing .boxes, 'etc. A few minutes of examlnation o.~ one of these. t09hJ. will be aU th~t= is required for the obvious attachment options to ·suggest themselves. They reallv .are worth i[1ve'sh;gaUngi a's they' seem, al most tailor-made t-o,! rhe lob"



S ' ,~-,even,






ToiP' 'Y.'icw I,Dp yjew'Tl!i' FQrJi)ripkUery ~okl~' tc.l~~n DebUs. tICS :::l' Hose ClIp SIDt

IH1'-H3 = Hlrlles

C1: .. cf~: Cutouts

til = L,q-Arm Micr-oo,'Mtdl A'S = AJ;rmrn.g: Switch B=~


eM ~ Charln~

Any number of variations are pcsslble, inci,ud~,ng the attachment of ,a scope mount, but retain in,g the KISS' principle, a simple fixed peephol e 'zype 11 as been em ployed here'. Form the sight body tnto an t-shepe and damp the, lower section to the 11:0P or the barre] with the- hose clip (HCl. A. s I at in the cerll'[er of the 3,m inch 1 on ~ vert ]~ .\'"'QlI n ert :-;f t h . i

- . , , '_'-' . '. ,',,', '" '.' - --"l::i'r<O:: i .... !;:1 ,t"Q", o~ , e ,Li'"

s h a ped piece a l i0WS easy esta b I is h m en t 0 f the req u [red peephole positioning for various loads and ranges. This is, accompl lsh ed by coverl ng tEl e . 5.1 at wi til i nsu I atLng or gaffer tape and pie rei Ilg th [OU gh two or three. '1/4,-in ch dla meter holes at 3l4~'inch i ntervals, Test~.firi,ng5 with the weapon aj med. to ro ugh each of the .n,e~es wtUi ndtcate the Fa nges for whic h each hole sho uld be marked .glven a pa rticu I a r we I,~ h t o f c ha rge 1:1 nd wa rhead, Once the ranges are ~sta.b I lshed, a piece of plastic' 0 r meta lsi m ilarly drilled can be epoxied in p I ace o.f the tape.

Note ~ 'cut into bop of brtg~p to prevMt damage, III ,lnt~rnedi~.5 when '[cregnp ~'s ptjed Up ~gWt against h bottom ot tfie haEFel ~ 'file h~ *.





lG'NIT r,R'S

A commerclal Estes type ~gnl'ter or .an improvised t!I'pe can be 11 sed. Perhaps the $1 molest i mproeisatlon i s the da ssic cu tawall bu I b i,e:" iter. Th is Is made from a n}1 sma II e- to I 2~vo~t DC bu]b of the standard t<glohular" type or [the cylindrical fuzeUk:e type.

solder a connectlng wire to each terminal of the bulb, then caJ~fully file away B section ,oJ the, gi,ass until access to the j ris ide ls possible. lnsen enou gh bl ack or smokeless powde r to cover the lllament, and seal the hole with masking tape.

n - C .!Jlm CII;iill igpilcr

c ulaway ft\Bsbl i,g b~

".lIb 1

Cutaway "9 c 'type bur,

Both bUlb t)!p8s ;n: JXe~ by fillrrg away' a se«fo~ of ~ ~ lham1i~ the N" tfI1entlP{it.' 15 ,a'hiE(lM~, lttIe' hata Is ,ooaJed with ~ ~ _. Solder '00 d1e ~!¥I_ ,wJ[8S t.iefure il'l5talri'IJ 1b$:!' 'lX!liI'de,;




B.1 I

~UN!' 1"7: DIJ'~ 8Jtery T:ype. AS· ~ Amfl1g Sw:ilcb

B1 =',Bd~(9·YO~ F'Pl~)

.... ~J!' I .-'~.

FS ;; ,FifiTlg h:lat'I




Fi!Jft ta BattetyiCap.cilcr Type. AS, = Arming Swilch

51 := 8~bry (t,y(liI' PP3 t}'ptlj f1o .. Fi~irng SwilctJ

C1' 10 fItIt'Ii .... " 1'1 HI"'lf' ~R.-.,;,Io ---I'o!tll'" f".-....:.",'fjo;, j - -iI,. • ;'..,1 ihl'l'LCo\ ~ _ ,~ 1,111, !;;;'i'II,JIi".' ~~ro ,r"'-'" ~hur !3lIoIillIl1Ja:..Yffi I) r'1



OPT-' :JiG' .'IPI.I! J,

", ], .... lUll'

(recommended fo r mrtlal testi n g} i te ] to 4 g rams of b I a c~ powder 'with ,a n Estas. ign ite r, el e etrlca l (pyrotechn ie) match. or im provl sed bu l.b igrdte'f. 'The black pewde r shou ld be extremely fi ne and may be re covered fro m 'E stes n yi ng mod el rocke t eng i n es if obtain i ng it otherwise i 5 dHfi~lLlt


lgnite i, to 4 grams of potassl u m perch lorate/ alu mlnum 'powder 'mixture 'w~th an Estes' or I mprovised i.g niter 0 rei ectrical match _ If an Estes, igniter .is used, .add a small quantity-of black powder a,mund the j,gniter head as a I' Hrst-Ilre" materia L The mixture. is 1 pa rts by wei . ght potassium perchlorate and 3 parts by weight fine alumtnum .powde:r t u mh[ed. u ntl I. complete Iy mixed.

WAR.NI.N:C: Do not ette mpt to- prepare th ism i xture unles s tee h nical Iy qua I i f.i,e,d and 1 egally. authorized to do so. AJwa'ys fa] 1 ow appl i cab 1 e BAfF laws and i nd ustrv sta nda rd safety guideli nes. .. A$SlII rning yO'1)J ,dtt technlcat Iy competent and.

'iegaMy aut h oriz .. ed to man u fa cture t he, m,~iei ia I! ~ preps re o nl "l srn . .all quantities at a time, i.e. 10"

Obtain any- small plast lc 00 nt:iH'ner that has a ti:gh1t~ fitti ng rtd and i n it place 7 gr.?l1m 5 .Of P9ta~.sf'!,J m -perch lorate and 3 gram 5 of fine. atu mln U rn powder, The alum in u m powdermust be the finest grade- available. Fasten the lid (;I rid tu m bl e t 11 e container "co n t i nU6~~.~.1 U nt j I th e mate rials are tho rQ'U g h ly mixed. Be awa re that the m lxtu re is spa rk ~ and fI a me -sen si tlve and: m us t be ke pt aWd,y from potent i al SOIJ tees or' }gn i uon.





Once prepared i' seal the p rope lllng ch arge m:b;t u re in a fo~d e d. piece. of paper or ca rd a len g with ani m bed ded ign i'tterj 8 nd wrap it with 49.. s~i ngle I,ayer of maski mg tape.

. An alternative. more 'substantia] container 'is a disassembled or used irpart.y popper;" These are small, plasnc-bodled party' toys that discharge a stream ~aduany," more llJs;uaUy' a durn P:) ,of stream ets when a. "fhing] 0l( i 5: pul led, On [y t he' em pry plastte casi n g is requl rsd. U se a m a x I'm u m of 3 gra IDS of pota S~ i urn perchl crate/a I urn i n u m

d h· . . . t· '" . , d ' , . h

power c,.arge. murtUf~e~ Install an Igniter an a.. to 1{b'inc

long insulated connecting wire assembly, leading the lVires out th ro ugh the th ttl rea r end of the pa ~r popper body and securing them w,iln mask.htg tape, then add the charge powder Sea I the t ro n t of the party po pper with a la'le r of m.asn,ng tape, as shown,


Fl9UB 19: Party Popper Challl' PIdet.

pp -, ~'i"u D.nrvv..., R..vt.i

_- -!!!! ~I'" ~ ~~.f

IIr=~kl~"8pQ Eli. ::: ElectIicallgrntef CP .. a~ PowdEl'


WARNING; L):) not employ a charge mix eTh:ve,lope. container. or al ternate mixtu re holci1n,g system off@rine any more confinement to the p'fepe:U.9!fJt 'e~s,e8, ttian that afforded by' tw'o. or three layem < 6f m,as-ti fie ,t&M'D'~ rir thick paper, It is unnecessary and, p6te'ntla,Hy dcing'€roiH; unless you know e.uu;U!l what yCN-I ~ re doin g,


- _


Tc "f 'r'e~' ',I' ·V",', 'e :,: ",

~ ~ • • '. • J

, " ',' " , I

. ,. ".

co" ,,'N" is''~' TR' , "U"C" :T") 0': "'N"'::

'" ':, "j ,',',' ',,' ,',_', , : > ,',.


N'II!!'~"hjl~ !1lii!-IP.i"G'iIIIiICf·t' ltD me III~ !t~,~ I!';I' "1!!~tf,ll'I' !j.~~' rCll' In~li!iIl;!iii!J. gf'~W


~~~'~~~,__:-""""""+-------------------::..u 1],', •. -""""""",

,~ c.~iIy.' _


cr.....III·i!· ~h ,_ .... 1'

, !!! ... '" ,· .... e t'~1 !dUel

S ;;; ~tch ~-to~ake I'y,pe} DB ~ Dowel Body' "

0.1 "",DoweIlmeft:(1Q11 ~,fit irn OBj B ~ ~6aJtmt'1

E,D = Electric DekmIor CSW ;;; Cq~ Shear Wire

,PS ,= Positi,~e ,Safeiy ~~ mng) WAS"" WarI'I@ad Armirig -SWllth

H' ~ tHoles (Or sinQlle metJneJ) 10m" SWHch mrmin~l5, ,Md inte[,evfl~cIlfig \\iires

B and ED are rliICi1Jnted i'nlhe bJd~ with ,M, &'CIJnnpan~ing ctJarge of' ex.pI~.iy.e materiaL

P,iglllri 22: Fmm v.. of Warne.d.

II;;; l'fI~ tdoweJj Body

OS ;: OUter -(ca.rulsl~ Bod;~ C:H ~ Cri'aI 'Hale



2, 3l4~ 1'~nI1bb of' pVc p Iple;, 'wt ;85 :Jhawn far lit1if!!g L 0Y~t _'Il:d~1i e,g lI'ar'=!I'" S~~re wl1h '9 IIU .. 1 1 III Us 1I~ Indiate,d •

... - - - .. '-

F1p~ 'w:~adc:.lrlie'. ,~.,lkb"ematle. DB ~ D~"S1' ~ ~inc;h, :I'~gttii 1,1'i.(M'~~r) ,INS='!~ rV4-inch aeep, 2'1Ji,rnth dra'meter)

SI!ot B


Vertibll ,. ,

fii'lu- ..,.110 ICJ:n n_"'::'L -=:J .... ~~ ~'!: n· ~

'Jihe rm IJiater,1aI ,m",:be,1'{',6-iI1l~1li lo11&-i.Mbr~1h1ck s~,~allum~llJm~ Of 1111 dim" ~ thll vertical I.m M~.on1dW 'N IiIS mge.1h. ~'I IS iud icaled, and15ec~lfe IlIn~ni 'by brallJl!1~ soIdering'l or appl~~g epoxy ad_lYe,.


N' ." ~ H:. 'w': .. If WIthtld. F;:; Flo

eN :Cerif;at Hole' S. :=l.Scraw

[D' :~~lBm




'Thre OHI ~~,.uyun9!i'elii~, or ~11iI!: seide ... used 'lq ~

the ~tW EirKI ho(jf~r1taJ m~ p~ antUhlS ~l~ ImJ m .lH(ng. witteJln Ihe a:sser:nhly,ls ,I .. ~,. ThB 5, ,a~·lhr1J.IDBI aJiId 'the ·mu1i.mbt~

ItInqtn a.~tlr.ed 0011, Seal lis rQ Qfb ~ ~. wJ' , epe~.




, .-





HCS;~C P-', n~FuVtgiTi :. '. li:C:I __

T~T., 9C'6~R·~'~

N;, o

'T ·6


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--. -

F .- rtr

Oll ,-_eeni




- - - - --_ - - - ---


--- --------------


EST~ 1'01- .•

R.;uII::J~ 'iIbI1 ~ ~ fOF l _ ·'.fIit'nall'rem I BIndt.

'. ·'n' ill "from ,I .... el'l ""'fl1hould ... flrlnt. H hi tht

Inn~1'IiI!:I1 ~iIiICh . . VI ; ,IUd. rim. NlMypHi _- [~

II.. . _ -- 'llli:imugh a.dI 'ftx' .~_ ! and lID ... , - _ ml


lntff. ued by the pasSfbiUtles tha't the successful firW1ills' -of the cooJUe' ~aUl,u~hJn sUR:ges..t.ed. ,thle 'est aelW loo,ked around for alternative" u n usual "c;OunttershcfH;.·· About the on~~' fhinJ we eould see at the time . ~'S-S1lQ,W', sc we .is·v,e ~t a IQ" our ,feennt[flg 'beWn&.~ha! i:tij- IUm lite. ,ooeldes. would Itave a d'~lree of ". arooiUtj'" In tit way' It wlJuld react Ul ~he,io:n.

1ft his tedllm.iCl ue were ItOI b. f0p]1eamd it woy Id be. 1 mpo lta nt to note . hat packing 'the lallln,che'f rube too Cilghtly Vi' hJ St"UJ,w>rfi"1ed cloths wouJd re-duce €If nllt d: stTO,Y. t,c,mpleteJy] the :meoil~MS effect purthert,; 011 an [c.."j' da:'i and especially' ~r U b;; :5l1'O'w'l'ng, ocr tB~rn'lng and thn ~au ncher ~s getting wet. the loaded sno,w/clath a,$.':;m,b1ies, may [Teeze j,rl'to :the Iauncher tube. Wf th!is werle. to halOpen col.ndd~n~a!lhf w~ h the warhead free:ztn,; or iammin . In the tube (possibly due tQ ,epeated ·flring.s,~witl1qut cleaf3ilO.{I tbe bDrel~ It eauld

spe'llldlsas1ter .


- -~. ---


di I .IX


RANGE n- 'if.:r~

. . '. . I ~ > ~ • I .' ',' ~ '.' ,- '

'.~. . . ", . ,. :.."

> - - ~- -' - -~' ~ ~ _... ~

IiiJf!:Itn,J!i .')iIk. DiIat -'I § .... "'!JiI!I1I''''~n

An i,'IlIY d_I~. &'in and "n. It Jlmmll!!l11 ...-mud..A r·.llOPIIUl.ldu~ p'"lpiUfnJ ch lJ,g~I' .filch' 'was; "11 too JI.g)'ltl, glflil1jdi~ll(lnd: nt'~plrlmH_tal !iI'cmJntllfllunll ¥1em th~t.lhOl 'kaRin iliorf.d: I["to 1hll':auoo • .,.ltm8. A gl1i~IC; illu.ttfltkln !If wh~' "aU It~rtmil!ii'dlllmprtbvl_ '''QJlOU~'hauld :bIIBll!i:l: f8IllIi!Ittty; -e

The fo] ~Dw~n.g tests WErre ~ er$c;[:m,ed w]t'h a cha fie :m]ld.uf€ .of,'Um p~rchi~orajte 'amd al,u!m~n-l1m pnw!def" lnstaUed I'm, a u sed!d~sas-sembled :pa'ity popper ,~QIlSI "'I. the front af'wblGl, was, sealed wU~hma'5kino, taipe. 'The wa:rh'ead wei:iht wa.s a p;p'rox~,eWy I :potlnd. iuitd the wEa!po:n, :was (Ited fl'om. the shoulder at 'the: an gl,es, of eh~;\fatwo.n $,I%own. The'

~ . -:-1 ..:II~~· to. .... d -- .'. - .AI ir-- - f-' ~ .fl-...:il ". "d' weU

faJ~I,e6Ing~€a~ wefie aveilrltgeu ,~_mm aUf .n~lIlnes an, are [ __ ,_'_

wttht:n ttl e range~ at wh~,td1 the wa rhead wU~1 impact ·.l~ h suffWdejfl;t '[DIce to ~rd:tiene an. im:temal. :HriPO devlce.

- ,
Cltarae Welaht Ii Lau nell An_e· 'Ramp .Achle.<ved
r 1 or,alh @ 101 .deg rees ~ .4iD m.eb~'rrs
.2 @.' 65· d.e·gre,!'! :1 '110 meters
~ gf,ams @ 45' degrees 1 lao meters
31 rlr,ams @ ,65 degree's l20 meters
3: g.rams @ 4·5· degrees, , 2'~N) meters
:3' mra~s @ 0 degr·ees ~ H) meters
- - - 55

Ygur s;earrn far tbe finest. I( and perhaps strang,est) im~,r~vised feoo~Ue$S 'weapon 'S!ystem: '~s OYelr:: Wn.f .• t sets this lauecher desip ,a,part from, the otrhew 'j s its, unlque eountershot system,~, whi~h u ses cOOkIes. YE.$'! mom,est 'W,hat."s, ,even, mo're· Guttazl~' Is that tniB econom rea l Hod -eny,htl:Olllenta']'ly friendly system offem·'1\ess f@ll![ moo,i] tharri a . .2,2 t~fh~'!!

Other:' 'L,lfll:i.qlle f~t.yres, ,i n.clud~ lliilhNtei'ght mawri'a] S,. a com .. ,

.J!_ '.,J, • .... t.. '1.. l~'d' 'b.[ . 'it...... . iI?]'

pact, ~Slgr:l~ aJlu a unrque iltacW~)e' nomer ass@mD y tll.l~t a~.o~~

tor rapt d re~oadl.fie· ncnu the outer waU, ol the .1aU)nciler tube."

] lil.'tn,~' HDme:",SKil't RBMiUts$· ,ldu:nd1I!f5 -provides eorn-

~ ,~ ~.. ,

:p~ete: plansfor two' iooonbie," launchel' 'oeswgns as-well as step .. 'by.-step, assermibm:y ifl3~,ru,ct'Jon S'! detailed, dia.g¥clms:: and

'6. '+~. d'" . f" • d _. . ~.

scnetnaUcs. ])\I;i(O'tOO'i anc test - ~n.r:I'g •. '. eta ,Because tl: ~e proce-

~lnLII~' d escrlb .... .d' ·[Iin!. +,'t...[ .... book oei;,1:'I;,j11 ~U1~il;cI'; ''irI[)Ii end n;rn...:li~'I,if+ ..... 01", lUlU .~I ". _~~,"~ :1Ii,1~ 'Il.l'~ ;.jJ1 lA.Jt:J . !Gl.I:".u ,J !C;.~,._. _~I~lIJ I,~ ~1Il,'I,· ' ~! Y~l~ ~I~ ~I; IL

be dang,.ero~i this, 000:)::, iJs offered l{Jr tJw.'d'entic ,$~U~ on~'y.,

.. , I ATiIfI,,:hll1ii'l '-n,'- E"S ' .,. ,

A ,p~ ill" PnEi~.· BOO,K,

,ISBN O~8>7364 ... 8J~7·