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Tea Party Nationalism

Tea Party Nationalism

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Published by: Socialist Rose on Dec 02, 2010
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Dale Robertson’s grandstanding as “a founder of the Tea Party movement,” combined with
the negative attention attached to his group, has created some distance between the 1776 Tea
Party and the other factions.59
FreedomWorks spokesman Adam Brandon stated, “Tere’s only a handful of people we would
categorically not work with—Dale Robertson, maybe.”60
Tea Party Patriots put out a press statement denouncing 1776 Tea Party leader Dale Robert-
son: “Tea Party Patriots wishes to make clear that our organization has never had any association
with Mr. Robertson, and that we stand frmly against any expression of racism and the kind of
language and opinion expressed in his sign.”61

Despite this denunciation, the Tea Party Patriots
website list of Tea Party groups still, as of August 2010, included the 1776 Tea Party website.62
Of all the other factions, ResistNet worked most closely for a time with Robertson’s orga-
nization, sending out email in December 2009, inviting supporters to attend 1776 Tea Party
“Liberty Concerts.”63

Resist.Net later backed away a bit with an email to its supporters, “While
they [1776 Tea Party] are a separate group from us, we share many of the same goals, a free,
conservative America, and fscal responsibility within our government. We are not necessarily
promoting their complete ideology.”64
Robertson announced that he sent members of his own 1776 organization to a Tea Party
Express bus tour event in Searchlight, Nevada in March 2010.65

While these two groups have
been the ones most notoriously marred by racist incidents, as the report makes evident, they are
not the only Tea Party factions with problems in this regard.

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