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Thanks for taking a look at this 'zlne. II's an outlet for my own art and ideas as well as a vehicle to show work by my students at the Kaleidoscope Gallery and School of Art in Barrington,IL (There's more info on the back cover about KaleidoscopeUt is my plan to publish TIGRIKORN every two months.

I came up with the concept of TIGRIKORN when r was a freshman in highschool. In my sketchbook, I merged the mythical unicorn with a tiger and created an amalgam that represents two natures: Idealistic Fantasy and Fierce Reality. A tigrikorn is a bit of a misfit as he treads the line between competing worlds and ideals.

Since then. I've been inspired by various sources to make Tigrikorn a comic as well as theme for a zine.

This zine has other com ics by myself and others. 1 hope to get more contributions as time goes by.

I'll trade zlne for zlns or for additional copies send $1.50 per copy or $1.00 and two stamps to the address below [Art School patrons recieve limited copies free as welll as customers of Fat Dutchie's Comic Shop)

I welcome comments and questions about this zlne at my e-mail and snail mail addresses.

Write to Doug Jennings: or

c/o Kaleidoscope Art School 205 S. Cook Street Barrington,ll 60010

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ArthuI'S Pod ~'? comlc9

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really dig!

,,. r've been a fan of MADMAN COMICS for a few years now. In their May 1994 interview with Mike Allred, Madman's creator, WIZARD magazine described thE comic as "quirky and sublime". Allred's output of MADMAN COMICS has been sporadic lately. He has been involved in other projects, most notably with some writing input and art on the current movie CHASING AMY. Soon, however, the publishers of MADMAN COMICS, Dark .a:=_--»o.aJij'L..L.IL..:;S Horse Comics and DC Comics are jointly Ma d rna n's r e c en I I 00 k! producing a Superman/Madman team up.

AI/red started Madman in a comic published by Tundra in 1992 called MADMAN. It was a black and white and is now sold in a compilation volume. That is my favorite manifestation of the character. He's grittier and REALLY quirky but with a conscience (he eats a guy's eyeball--but immediately feels bad about it). In another title, MADMAN ADVENTURES, also for Tundra and also now in compilation form, Allred added color and lightened up the tone. Currently my hero is starring in MADMAN COMICS which I wish would come out more often.

MADMAN #1 cover

W hen MARVEL and DC COMICS first teamed up to merge some of their most popular heroes last year under the AMALGAM imprint, my favorite title was SPIDERBOY. It was fun and I loved the art by Mike Wieringo. This year, AMALGAM' 5 SPIDERBOY TEAM-UP title just blows me away! Mostly, I like the art by Jose Ladronn (his name "Lcdronn'' seems like it would be perfect for one ,of the legionairres that are featured in the comic). His work is an homage to two artists I admire greatly: Jack Kirby and Geof Darrow. Jose's characters look like vintage Kirby while the background art (exquisitely detailed and gritty; every nut and

bolt; each pavement crack .. "11JtS~ cl.. ts..

~~ ~~

and electric powerline) must .. .

have been. inspired by Darrow who does BIG GUY for DarkHorse comics. If you get no other book. be sure to check out SPID ERBOY TEAM-UP. It is suh-weetl

Arthur's Pad

by Doug Jennings

Arthur's Pod is about a boy whose world stretches from realify to the pages of his sketchbook. Check out the Arthur's Pod web page at htfp:/


PU6L.IC .....



I've gotlen Arlhur's Pad into a small municipal newspaper in Round lake Beach, Illinois. While people there read about the garboge pickup schedules or new woter ordinances, they can be entertained by my toon.

'~ ...

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.At ~tfp:I/,",MoJ".kG!III~$ '{OIJ ca." f~~c\. {~K.s t-z:> all k,"i".ls 0 f Cool Un"tll.. S J' k\l~c"", t:\VI..l ~d f: 1t-..,f{. ·l1'H~,Sl. I/';(~JI'I' jvst 1how tt ~{i",-~st. fJf v- ~t·c;. If". ~rC..


V\ -,:)


• MADMAN a.V+hoY-lad;~lflljKe AU'feJ ha~ "'i~ official ~

PJAPft1Afoi web e lil4J<cd -to Lotis l>Jl()o6/"'~. site.

AUi(J kas aJ(' ~~~I' ~~~~~~~

Htt ose« ~DM Illiii!~II~iiiiii'!

MAbMA~ ;5$ues

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I a'7t, i + is " ,. '.',' .:" ",'," " , "",' " ',',' ",> ' "

t;e.t"f r~.:t(wcl!

o.h d ha, ajot or ttAfvttt MtlJt Ptf ~D""e fztVl" ,+$ a f'1I~/a~I7"" of Iflve.


~_bJ ...

"-WP web-sites '{Mi9~t'oe of i\-\h:("es.t i1::> ~ a"~o~.e. wa,\I\tiHlJ til kVl~w i'!.bf't! abovtMp'_~MAN: l "'t+-p~1 / www .. J ij~ fOfest .. Con'l/-rnaUreJ/ ~

- glH.)-


-rHis p~e \5jusf for "":Sol/,·e S


'/011 nem 6. botfl€ of e.t"'l?r~ Gille all (gen erl' roi{f do) 3MJ a b"t-fJe Df liqoid

t ~tJkdr'1-sfa('t:h

(r. ~ot Mi~e at

w~IV'K"'+J. 0


fL-A'{ ! STore ?vt+'( ito. plastic. cPlIt\1:ii ~.e<" +h4t Co\NltS 1 • .,iit1! 35"'hJ


:r fou~d tI1is to~ (01{ wkatevt\"" it's CAl/lJ) af ~tt BraVl6)'1i\A($ hDO~_ ::r:+ i1lJ~ ill be tYllI4o\ +ke. 1.(05 (J( 'io!. 1l1eres ~o eop'{r;'jki dAte. but fh{ priCtl. 5a'f5 a/off

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\ 1hi$ 1~~pifeJ Me -to do f~ '1u4r'"k.slt~~f''o1ll pasefJ1-?

TigriKom ft.)

J>AAW F€-A't"L!JZ€$ f"c<:OfYI Tl\e: "SAt .. u,su 8tLo .... _-~~MAI<E. UP '{O\)S!.OWtJ!

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e TigriKom

The following

pages are individual shots of Creotivity by the studenls

of Kaleidoscope Arl School's super hero Corlooning class,

Late winter '97.

Art this page by Angelo Pennacchio




by Kevin Glass


by Steve Poyser



/(\ RE~


e ligriKom

Dynamis by Angelo Pennacchio


f. vampire-themed t~ine called tXPIBtD inspired me to create tPtBt. 'to met the vam pire is a metaphor for someone caught between two worlds: 'the Living and' 'the Dead. I hope to egplore this tension in future

e TigriKorn

TigriKom a»

e TigriKom

rVl 1~is---t sKetc,~ r. plal'u1ed ~ut

a Gce~e f(o~ the

~e}t fyfeCD~ic.

r ~ope to Pllt if into t~e ne'i-t Tifyi/({)YH.

woul.\.\II't c. ... a. k.s,..o Ir'"it ~ ,l: fot"9ot 11Ie ,l"te.

0'" t-\tij. o~

TigriKom e

SUPERHERO Cartoo11ll1g

For Jr. High and High School Students



Fina out what it takes to make super-hero action comics. Classes will overview Hero aesign, Story layout, Inking and Lettering & Basic figure drawing.

Come ready to learn and practice. Each student will complete his or her comic page.

For class registration or other information call: (847) 381-4840.

TigriKom is funded in part by Kaleidoscope,Ltd. Gallery and School of Art, 205 S. Cook Street, Barrington, IL 60010. Jill Funk, Kaleidoscope Director. Doug Jennings, Cartooning Instructor. Printed in U.S.A. © & TM '997 by Doug Jennings and featured artists respectively. All rights reserved.

Gener CartoOllll1

Learn the steps it takes to make your own cartoons!

Classes will over-view creating. writing. drawing. inking and lettering. Drawing experience

helps but is not necessary.

Each student will complete his! her own comic strip. Advanced students will be supervised on

their own projects and learn how to prepare their work for publication.