'play : Zone - 42 143 Zion, Zurich, Zumbrota, Zealand



Zone Drrve P.S. C gap.


Zone Drive P.S. B gap or Hardshoulder with Center.

Zone D r w P.S. A gap or Hardshoulder w ~ t h Guard.


B.S.G. B.S.T.

Cutoff or Hardshoulder with Tackle vs. 3 tech.

Cutoff or Hardshoulder with Guard vs. 3 tech.




If ~nand to the call, block the D Gap (If you are not carrying the ball). Block man on. Block man on.

I :

Block man on.


Block man on. Read the End away from call to e~ther give or pull. If grve, fake naked.


Split Eagle

m h i t g Eagle

Play : Trap - 40 / 41 - Toledo, Topeka, Tulsa, Tucson






Covered - Influence and kick out E.M.O.L. Uncovered - Combo with Center to MLB / BSLB

l lock back.
B.S.G. B.S.T.

0 Nose - Combo with P.S.G. to BSLB

Block BSLB - Apex.

If in and to the call, block the D Gap.

Block man on. Block man on. Block man on.

Block man on.

41tNorth and South

Play : QB Trap 40 I41 Q Tampa r.M. Block man on.T.O.Combo with P.L.G.G. Block man on. R u n Irke zone and cur End or Block man on In Empty . RESPONSIBILITY COACHING POINT 1 lock MLB -. - - >OSITION P.S. I PSLR .Influence and kick out E. If in and l o the call. Pull.G. Block man on.S. B. 0 Nose .Apex. Covereg .T.S. block the D Gap. Block BSLB .S.Apex 7 P. to BSLB B.S. Block man on. Uncovered .Combo with Center to MLB I BSLB I i Block back.

TRAP Split Eagle ) T i g h t Eagle .

Casper.S.S. P. and be physical.Combo with P. I awry from call.S. shade . vs. B. to MLB! BSLB COACHING POINT / 8. B.S. Block man on. I vs. MLB 1 BSLB to vs.S. shade / 0 . (control Drive End.G. Io8 I I Read the End away from call to e~ther give or pull.S.Combo with B. . cutofl - x Z J Block man on. 21 / B.S.Play : Counter . P.G. Cheyenne RESPONSIBILITY P.S. A gap PSLB Be alert for I i 3 call 1 I Ipull for C gap. take naked. Columbus. Canton.G.44 1 4 5 .S.T.Cutoff B. If grve.O. yIRIT /It in and to the c a l l block the D Gap.Control Drwe vs. Block man on E Block man on. - pull down into L.Combo with Center to MLB / BSLB vs.T.G.Combo wlth Center to MLB i BSLB vs.S. 21 1 shade . 3 . 21/ F.S. 2. 3 . / shade .S.

S.Control D r w vs. If away from call. Pull down into L.Be alert for 1 / 3 call. I shade .G. - 3lock man on. 2.Combo wrth B S G to MLB 1 BSLB 1 B.S. RESPONSIBILITY P. 3 . f in and to the call.S.T.Play : QB Counter . 2 gap. Cleveland.S. vs 21 /shade .f3.S. block the D Gap.Cutoff B. cutoff B. Control Drive End. 3ock man on 3lock man on.S shade . nust be to the call srde and go opposrte and cut End. A gap >ull for PSLB .T.Combo wrth P S G to MLB I BSLB 1 vs B S 21 . and be physrcal. P. . Cincinnati -.Combo with Center to MLB I BSLB p p COACHING POINT 1 - - - - - - vs P S 2 P S shade 1 0 .S.44 145 Q .O.Combo wlth Center to MLB 1 BSLB vs 3 .G.Chicago. 3lock man on. vs.

! shade .T. 2. 6.T. block the D gap. POSITION P. E QB Block man on or pitch man if away from call.Combo with B. run opr~on wlth slot away from call. I~lock man on or pitch man if away from call.G. Orlando --*. If in and to the call. to MLB I BSLB. 2 I shade . and be physrcal. P. - B. RESPONSIBILITY Control Drive End.S.S. x 2 Block man on.Combo w ~ t h 1 P.S.G. 1 COACHING POINT 1 C B. vs.G. YIRIT 1 I Pull for PSLB .S. 2i I shade .S.S.S.Combo with Center to MLB 1 BSLB.S. Read the End away from call to e~ther give or pull. vs.Cheyenne + Oakland. . 3 . Omaha. 3 . If away from the call.Cutoff B. A gap. F. vs. to MLB / BSLB. cutotf C gap. vs. vs.O. If pull.Control Drive.Combo with Center to MLB 1 BSLB vs.G. .Be alert for 1 1 3 call Pull down into L.S. Block man on.S. 2 1 shade 1 0 .

COUNTER Split Eagle ' Tight Eagle .

A gap or cutoff Reach B.M.S. C gap.S. Spokane. no COACHING POINT I P. go and work levels.S. B. Syracuse Sarasota POSITION P. '~tchor keep off of the optron m a n .O. Possible "Ugly" call w ~ t h Y.T. Zone Hook P.G. Reach B. let E. Hock man on. Zone Hook P.S. B gap to BSLB / MLB.S.T. Hook ILB. B gap or cutoff.f ion C .S.S. I - f In and to the call. RESPONSIBILITY Rip inside. If away from call. 3lock man on.G. B. A gap to BSLB / MLB.Seattle.48 1 49 .L. 3lock man on.S. cutoff B. 3lock man on. Be alert or "Ugly" call.S.

SPEED OPTION Split Eagle ight Eagle .

B. Zone Side = 'One Man CallM stay with 5 technique. B.S. Z ? = 'One Man Call" . zone Sidz = "One Man Callu. Big on Big .G.S. - I Make "One or Two Man Call'.work with guard to BSLB.Protection: 5 Man 58 / 59 .gap protection . B.work with center to BSLB.O.O.C gap.B. .B.honda / accord / civic - RESPONSIBILITY COACHING POINT + P.T.B.G.gap protection . P. Big on Big . 'Two Man Call' . "Two Man Call' . Empty or immediately into route.S. "Two Man Call' gap protection .A gap.B gap.S.T.

Big on Big . "Two Man Call' .gap protection . COACHING POINT b P.B.gap protection .B gap. RESPONSIBILITY Big on Ehg . Zone Side = "One Man Call' .T.stay with 5 technique. ?one Side = "One Man Call' work with center to BSLB. ~~ - &me Side = 'One Man Call' .B. Insert to the call side.S. Make "One or Two Man Call". R/T .B.S.G.T.gap protection .B. B. B.work with guard to BSLB "Two Man Call' . "Two Man Calla .~OSITION P.S.O. checking # 1 to #2.A gap.G.S.C gap.O.

T. I B. Don't slide to nothing. Don't slide to nothing. Don't slide to nothing.S.T. COACHING POINT Don't slide to nothing. Slide to call if there is something there.Protection: 7 Man Slide 78 / 79 tractor / massey / case - - POSITION P.S. RESPONSIBILITY Slide to call if !her€ is something there. Don't slide to nothing. P. B. I Don't slide to nothing. Slide to call if there is something there. Block opposite of call directly off hip of Tackle or Y.S.G.S. Slide to call if there is something there. Y R/T Slide to call if there is somethmg there. Slide to call if there is someth~ng there. .G.

S.G. B.B. B.O.S. .S. If blitz backside.Big On Big.B.Potection: Roll 88 / 89 . I I I B. Reach P.S. C gap.S. e each RIT 10lock on edge P.G. If blitz backside.S.T. 0 gap.S.S. B.O.S. I B.S. I . & B. & B. A gap.S. have two most dangerous threats.G.T.T. P.G.S.S. depending on alignment. B gap. Reach P. or B. I B. . have two most dangerous threats.S. - DOSITION P.T.ford 1 mustang 1 taurus.Big On Big. P. RESPONSIBILITY COACHING POINT 1 each P.

G.work with center to BSLB. Zone Side = "One Man Call" .stay with 5 technique. Big on Big .0. Cut. .S. T B. 0 .T. 0 .work with guard to BSLB.8 .G.Protection: Quick 98 199 cadillac / seville / eldorado - - L -- POSITION -- RESPONSIBILITY Big on Big .S. Cut. B. nsen to the call side.T. I Zone S@ = 'One Man Call' . I 2ut. COACHING POINT P. W a p 8 Spear.S.0. P.S. checking # I to #2.0. Zone Side = 'One Man Calln.

B.T. Block gap opposite of call. I COACHING POINT Create a wall. RESPONSIBILITY Block gap opposite of call.T. Create a wall. I I Pull and log or kickout E.M. Create a wall. .O. Block gap opposite of call. Block gap opposite ~f call.S.G. Y R/T If away from call in route.S.Protection: Boot dodge 1 stratus / viper - 'OSITION P.S. block. Create a wall.G. B. P.S.L. If to call. Fake Zone and block off the edge.



- .QUICK -Slant & Out 10 storm / snow .

heat / hurricane - - .I QUICK Hitches 33 .


BOOT .dodae 1 stratus I viper .

BOOT ocean / atlantic - I .

I BOOT river / nile - .

ROLL Smash 36 hammer I nail I wrench - .- I .

60 pool l pocket - b o d .Q .ROLL .

ROLL .Choice 50 curlv 1 larty I moe .- .


Flood 84 ocean 1 atlantic *.- .ROLL .- .

I Wheel .washinaton / wisconsin .78 .

I Vertical 88 vermont / virqinia .- b o d .

nevada 1 nebraska > -- - - 1 .I Nole .

Hook .55 hampshire I hawaii - .

Smash 36 hammer / nail / wrench .DROPBACK .- .

- .I DROPBACK Choice 50 curlv I larrv / rnoe - .


cross -619 .cross .619 .cross E flat X cross @ check then flat - - JAKE I 6 -- X cross E .flat check then flat A-619 :.check then flare .cross 1 .FLAT < .flat .cross .cross .flat .cross 1 .cross Z .DROPBACK Cross colorado I california / carolina ~ e k /jake / ed e - - - ZEKE 1 2-619 J .check then flare .check then flat i-619 .

cross 1 .zeke I jake / ed - - - L-619 e .flare J-6/9 .flat - z-619 J cross E -check then flat g cross 1 flare - - Z .cross 5 flat E-619 X .cross Z .flat E .cross 3 cross JAKE 5 .flat E . .cross ) .DROPBACK Cross colorado I ca ifornia I carolina .cross B -check then flat X .flat X .flat X .!-619 Z .cross .

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