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The Alexander Technique - The Revolutionary Way to Use Your Body for Energy

The Alexander Technique - The Revolutionary Way to Use Your Body for Energy

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Published by: jaffers99 on Dec 03, 2010
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Unlike conventional exercise and manipulation, the Al-
exander Technique coordinates conscious thought with ac-
tion in order that you may deal with yourself. Most of the
time we operate our bodies on a subconscious level. We
unfold the whole repertoire of our daily activity with little
attention to how we are doing what we are doing. Consider,
for example, driving a car. How often have you driven from
point A to point B without noticing what lies between or
even how you got to point B. Or again, if you are accus-
tomed to a standard shift, think back to the last time you
borrowed an automatic car and reached down for gears that
weren't there.

In this half-conscious state in which we operate, we pay
scant heed to the constant flow of information that is being
communicated by our bodies. Only the very gross or
screaming message—a headache, a muscle cramp, sore lig-
aments or illness—gets through. We continue wearing our-
selves out and tearing ourselves apart from day to day be-
cause we remain in deep ignorance of our bad tension
habits until we reach a crisis of pain or run into some drastic
physical or emotional trouble.
Moreover, as these bad habits have developed little by
little, so too has our sensory awareness gradually adjusted to
them. We cannot perceive the faulty way we are using
ourselves because it has come to "feel right." We simply
don't get true messages from our bodies anymore. Thus, a
person may carry one shoulder higher than the other and
never notice (were his shoulders to be set level for him, they
would now feel "wrong," ludicrously askew). Another per-
son may be oblivious of a tendency to lift her chin and jut it
forward (until she sees herself on television).


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