We all proudly say that we are in 21century and we are civilized social animal but when it comes to different

gender we still discriminate them in unfair levels which portray us as not social animals but as animals and also it happen to all the human beings irrespective of their gender Female: When our colleague gets promotion faster than us just because the colleague is different gender i.e. female the male workers in the place speaks bad about her ( you know how she got the promotion she has some .contact with our Boss ) which may not be true at-all. Solution: We male as a human beings should understand the fact that some special talent at the work place which is required was possessed by her and we need to develop that. But still the same mind set is there it show that If you are a boss you will do that and that is why you didn t climb the ladder . Aravani/Aruvani/Jogappa: This gender is also as normal as other genders in human it is the biological change in Hormones which make them so in which they don t have any control and it is sad that this gender is being neglected from the very beginning say in the forms to be filled up for any purpose and even in providing rest room and we don t give them job opportunities and that is why they get involved in some immoral activities. So it is not their mistake the entire sine of making them get involved in these immoral activities is to be shoulder by the other two human genders. So please never criticize or imitate or ill treat them. Just try to treat them as human and give them job opportunity. Men: In India at times when there is an issue of sexual harassment in work place mostly it is blamed that the male has did that but in reality it would have been done by the female and the male would have rejected to accept it and the female would have created an artificial seen. To overcome this bias first the Indian law should be changed because even in Indian law when a female harasses a male sexually there is no legal protection for male as if chastity is the sole property of female. But I do agree that this has very remote chance of happening but still it do happen. To overcome this problem the female gender as a human should understand that even men do love to live a life of one for one. They do want only one girl in their life as a life partner. (Either love or arranged marriage but only one girl in their life)