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Copy of Rpsc Question Paper

Copy of Rpsc Question Paper

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Grammar Past Participles For each of the given questions choose the one correct answer. 1.

Did you know over 200 people have successfully ______ solo across the channel from England to France? a. swimmed b. swim c. swam d. swum

2. Hmmm, I love the smell of freshly _________ coffee. a. grind b. grinded c. ground d. grounded

3. Why don't you throw that shirt away? You haven't ________ it for years. a. worn b. worned c. wear d. weared

4. The lecture _________ over an hour, I nearly fell asleep! a. last b. lasted c. lost d. losted

5. She's going to look lovely, she's _________ a beautiful dress. a. chosen b. choose c. chose d. chosed

6. Ouch! I've been _______ by a mosquito - again! a. bit b. bited c. bitted d. bitten

Adverbs For each of the given questions choose the one correct answer. 7. After attending a summer school in Brighton, José spoke English much more _______. a. fluently b. confidently c. accurately d. completely

8. I had to drive very ________ because the snow was coming down ________. a. slowly / heavily b. slow / heavy c. slowly / heavy d. slow / heavily

9. Which one is NOT correct? The whole team had to work _________ to meet the deadline. a. quickly b. quick c. fast d. hard

10. Which of the following is NOT an adverb? a. badly b. quietly c. friendly d. carefully

the worst d. the worse c. 9 of the 10 _______ years on record occurred in 1995 or later? a. The Best For each of the given questions choose the one correct answer. bad b. the easiest c.11.she had driven so ________ on her test and failed again! a. 13. hottest b. real b. hottest 14. the modernist d. incredibly d. All the following are correct . the most beautifullest 17. most hot c. weller c. the worst 15. badly The Biggest. the most modern b. This is _________ steak I've ever eaten! a. more hot d. film legend Audrey Hepburn was named ____________ woman of all time. the more beautiful b. the easiest b. worse b. That was the _______ test she's ever give us! a. the most beautiful d.but which one is only American English? Brian was _________ angry about losing his job. the most modernist c. She came home crying . worst d. easiest 16. more well b. a. the mostest modern . Did you know. Asia boasts some of ___________ architecture in the world. better d. Phillip works __________ when he's under pressure. really 12. the beautifullest c. easyest d. worse c. a. a. Last year. more good 18. a. terribly c.

a. a. is a town in Scotland. Is this coffee mine or ________? a. _______ my brother lives. when 26. Replace the underlined word with one of the following. who d. my one 20. but by midnight. 25. my b. me c. Aberdeen. there c. you b. there b. Replace the underlined word with one of the following. now 24. My mum s cooking is the best in the world! a. here b. it s my jacket. It was when I saw his name in the newspaper that I decided to get in touch and call him. Her b. It was after midnight when I arrived. your c. then b. here d. which c. where b. yours d. she was nowhere to be seen! a. here d. 19. your s 23. His Relative clauses For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer. Is this jacket yours? No. Her s d. then 21. Last night I was going to meet Kylie outside the cinema. Which word is NOT possible? . their d. Replace the underlined word with one of the following. but when I got to the cinema. mine d. there 22. now c. then c. it was too late.Pronominal Forms For each of the given questions choose the one correct answer. a. a. Hers c. Replace the underlined word with one of the following. Replace the underlined word with one of the following.

couldn t b. with ________ we are meeting next week. couldn t you? 35. who b. ___________ a. a. Get the phone. aren t you? c. will you? 36. do you? c. a. which c. get you? b.My parents live in the same house ________ they bought 50 years ago. The house _______ I live in is 150 years old. ___________ a. who d. shouldn t d. that c. ________ lives next door. which c. He lives in Tokyo now. whose 29. can t 33. what Questions Tags: For each of the given questions choose the one correct answer: 31. does he? d. --d. who b. you will? d. You re from Beijing. whom c. doesn t he? c. is a dinner-lady in our local school. a. are promising a big money deal. who's 30. ___________ a. which d. You should be on holiday. what 27. lives he? b. you aren t? d. _________ you? a. isn t it? 34. whose d. which 28. You couldn t give me a cigarette. You worked with Jill in the post-office. --d. Sheila. I met this woman yesterday _________ husband plays golf with my husband! a. whom c. that b. could you? d. The senior managers. you could? b. ____________ . he does? 32. a. where b. wouldn t c. ____________ a. who b. aren t you b. you couldn t? c.

has left In the past For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer. I didn t see him. a. isn t it? Grammar Tenses: For each of the given questions choose the one correct answer. Did you speak 39. a. will have got 42. a.20 every day. he ____________ home. Matthew _______ so tired yesterday after his night working at the hospital. Have you spoken d.a. Have you ever been 38 . when I was a little girl. did you do b. History says Shakespeare ________ 38 plays. Were you ever c. due to leave c. A: ____________ to Japan? B: Once. Had you ever been d. A: ____________ any foreign languages? B: Yes. Do you speak b. I do. when I arrived at the party. to leave d. left and went c. will get d. gets c. a) has been b) was c) were d) had been . you did d. leaves and goes 41. we went to Osaka and saw the famous Osaka castle. but some people think they were not all his own work! a) write b) wrote c) rote d) written b. didn t you? b. leaves 44. worked you? d. I ve been studying Arabic at night school. Sophie ____________ married in May but she hasn t invited me! a. a. Did you ever go b. have you done 40. a. The bus for Liverpool ____________ at 4. was leaving and going b. 43. I went shopping on Saturday and spent Sunday with my family. had left and gone d. 37. did you? c. were you doing c. Apparently. is getting b. Are you speaking c. A: What ____________ at the weekend? B: Nothing much.

49. one _________ came an hour later! a) generally b) presumably c) ideally d) eventually 51. If he s found guilty he could __________ go to prison for a very long time. a) rang b) rung c) ring d) ringed 46. 55. Have you heard the news? _______ she s left her husband for a younger man! a) luckily b) presumably c) potentially d) apparently 54. a) potentially b) originally c) eventually d) luckily Conditionals and Modals For each of the given questions choose the one correct answer. I lost my wallet last week. I ve studied hard. I _______ him to invite him. but __________ I didn t have any money or credit cards in it at the time. ___________ any milk at the shops? a) You bought b) Bought you c) Did you buy d) Did you bought 47. I waited ages for the bus. it was beautiful! a) fly b) flyed c) flied d) flew 48. a) originally b) hopefully c) generally d) apparently 52. I didn t ________ the question could you repeat it please? a) understood b) understanded c) understand d) understooded Adverbs For each of thegiven questions choose the one correct answer. a) luckily b) hopefully c) generally d) unfortunately 50. so ___________ I ll pass the exam. but he said he was busy. a) eventually b) generally c) hopefully d) originally 53. I wish it ____________ stop raining! . My grandad _________ has a little sleep after lunch. When we _______ over Paris we could see the Eiffel Tower from the window.45.

Which is the most natural question? 'What ________ we have for dinner?' a) will b) do c) shall d) are . a) 'm going to give b) give c) gave d) 'll give 66. Which is the most natural question? '__________ anything tonight?' a) Are you doing b) Will you do c) Do you do d) Would you like to do 62. I decided not to do it at the last minute because I might ___________ myself. __________ my hair'. a) leave b) left c) had left d) hadn't left 58. a) steal b) stole c) have stolen d) had stolen Futures 61. a) I'm washing b) I will wash c) I wash d) I washed 63. If only I _________ crashed the car! a) had b) hadn't c) did d) didn't 57. what time_____________? a) is the film starting b) will the film start c) does the film start d) did the film start your 65. He must ____________ it. Which is the most natural future form? 'If you're not there. he was the only one who had a key. a) had been hurt b) hurted c) have hurt d) had hurt 60. And the most natural answer? 'Sorry. a) be b) were c) have been d) had been 59. I _________ you a bell on mobile'. Where is he? He should ___________ home hours ago. What's the most natural way to complete this arrangement? 'Do you want to come and see a film? We ________ outside school at 7'.a) would b) will c) won't d) does 56. a) meet b) will meet c) 're meeting d) met 64. He wouldn't have been late for the exam if he ____________ earlier. Which is the most natural question? 'I might meet you at the cinema.

It's a beautiful day. ________? a) get you b) don't you? c) do you? d) will you? 70. . ________? a) have we? b) haven't we? c) we have? d) we haven't? 71. You haven't got a light. Have you ever seen ______ UFO? a) a b) an c) the d) --- 75. We've met before. What s your ______ email address? a) a b) an c) the d) --- 77. I saw James walking down ______ Oxford St the other day. _______? a) have you? b) haven't you? c) do you? d) got you? 72. an. _______? a) is it? b) isn't it? c) it is? d) it isn't? 68. Who do you think is ______ best football team in the world? a) a b) an c) the d) --- 74. You won't be late. ________? a) do you? b) won't you? c) would you? d) will you? 69. _________? a) didn't you? b) did you? c) you didn't? d) you did? Articles a. Get me a coffee.Question tags 67. the & zero 73. I m just popping out to ______ post office. Oh no! You didn't forget your wallet. a) a b) an c) the d) --- 76.

I ___________ up around 4 and couldn t get back to sleep again until 6. Who ___________ my fish and chips? I was going to have that for my dinner tonight! a) ate b) eat c) eight d) eaten 84. I ___________ you said it was going to be a nice day? a) think b) thought c) thinked d) taught 82. Drinking a lot of ______ water is good for you. She _____________ English at a university in Canada a) teach b) teached c) taught d) taughted . Fearless aviator Wiley Post ___________ around the world in the first ever solo around-the-world flight in 1933. a) flied b) flown c) flyed d) flew 81. They ___________ all around Greece last summer. I couldn t sleep last night.a) a b) an c) the d) --- 78. a) woke b) wake c) waken d) waked 80. a) a b) an c) the d) --- Irregular past tense 79. a) driven b) drive c) drove d) drived 83.

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