to accomplish desired goals. .MEANING OF MOTIVATION     The term ³MOTIVATON´ is derived from word µMotive¶ which refers to the needs. It is the process of stimulating people to action.wants.impulses within individuals. conditioned by the effort and ability to satisfy some individual need´. It involves arousing needs and desires in people to initiate and direct their behavior in a purposive manner. ´Motivation is the willingness to exert high levels of effort toward organizational goals. According to S P ROBBINS.

PSYCHOLOGICAL PHENOMENON. . as every individual is different is different from other.CHARACTERISTICS    IT IS A GOAL ORIENTED PROCESS. INFLUENCED BY SOCIAL AND CULTURAL NORMS. Recognition and Acceptance to a job the individual is motivated to that job or organization. there needs and satisfaction levels are different.The persons activation depends upon the felt needs and expectations.Motive of a person drive him to achieve goals to relieves his tension.With Respect.

IMPORTANCE OF MOTIVATION IN AN ORGANIZATION.It helps in bringing change in organization. Increases Productivity. through rewards. ACTIVATE PEOPLE-Motivation puts human resources into action.     . Implement change. Achievement of organization goal:-By meeting individual needs and demands. by giving continuous and positive feedback.It increases productivity of both Organization and employees.  IMPROVES EFFICIENCY -It influences the level of performance of employees. and recognitions. Motivation builds the will to work among employees and enables the management to secure the best possible utilization of resources.

Theories of Motivation  Various theories .

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