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Dr.Ajit D Shewale

Human resource management

Human resource management includes all activities used to attract and retain employees and to ensure them perform at a high level in meeting organizational goals


Scope of HRM

Indian institute of personnel management has specified the scope of HRM as y Personnel aspect-This is concerned with manpower planning ,recruitment ,selection ,placement,transfer,promotion,training and development ,lay off and retrenchment ,renumeration ,incentives ,productivity etc. y Welfare aspect-It deals with working condition and amenities y Industrial relations aspect-This covers union management relations ,collective bargaining ,grievance and disciplinary procedures,Settlement etc.

Human Resources Management .

Objectives of personnel management A) Achieve optimal utilization of human resources B) develop feeling of involvement .utilization of and accommodation to human resources by organizations . who are engaged in organizational activities.Human resources consist of all individuals regardless of their role.Personnel Management y y y y y y y y According to French Personnel Management is recruitment . selection. development . .commitment & loyalty towards the organization C) Personel growth & development of individual workers through opportunities for advancement D)Satisfy individual needs through optimal renumeration F) Devlope high morale and better human relationships.


selection . induction .Functions of personnel Management y y y y y y y y Manpower planning Recruitment .motivation and discipline . orientation Human resource information system Wages and salary administration Training and Development Performance management Employee services Employee satisfaction .

utilization .improvement and presentation of human resource of an organization y The process by which management determines how an organization should move from its current position to its desired manpower position y It consist of y Forecasting y Inventorying y Anticipating y Planning .Functions of personnel Management Manpower planning/Human resource planning-It is strategy for acquisition .

working condition & fringe benefits like canteen . conveyance . .aptitudes &attitude of human resource &to change techniques of interpersonal management To plan for physical facilities . benefits &all the cost of human resource .Benefits of manpower planning y y y y y y y y It checks the corporate plan of organization It offsets uncertainty and & change It enables the organization to have a right person at the right time & in right place It provides scope for advancement & development of employees through training and development etc It helps to anticipate the cost of salary. childcare . turnover etc.facilitating the formulation of budgets in organization To foresee the changes in values .sales. It helps to take steps to improve productivity .

y Changes in economic condition .technology. y Unreliability y . market condition and labor force condition tend to make long range forecast unreliable.Disadvantages of manpower planning Manpower plan suffers from inaccuracy as it is difficult to prepare long range forecast accurately.

Steps in manpower planning Detailed organization chart y Audit of internal resources y Formulation of recruitment plan y .

y Sources 1)Internal y 2)External .Recruitment The process of identifying prospective employees . stimulating and encouraging them to apply for particular job in organization.

Internal recruitment y Present employees y Employee referrals y Former employees y Previous application y .

Advantages of internal recruitment Technique of motivation y Suitability y Loyalty.commitment y Cost y Trade unions y .

Disadvatages of recruitment Old concept of doing things y Unit raiding y Politics in recruitment y .

television Acquistion & merger Competitors .External recruitment y y y y y y y y y y y Professional or trade association Advertisment Employment Exchange College .University Walk in Consultants Contracter Displaced persons Radio .

knowledge y No preconceived notion y Reduced cost of employees y Latest knowledge .skill y Mixing y yDemerits y y Loss of motivation Costly .Advantages of external Sources Suitable skill.

Job analysis y A systematic compiling of detailed description of tasks .accountability and other requirements .qualification and employment standarads .determination of relationship of the job to technology & to other jobs & examination of knowledge .

Selection This is process of examining large number of appplicants for their suitability to given job and selecting the best suited &qualified candidate and rejecting others Sucessive hurdle technique is most commonaly used .

y .Training and Devlopment Shot term process utilizing a systematic and organized procedure by which non.Long term educational process utilizing a systematic and organized procedure by which managerial person get theoretical and conceptual knowledge.managerial personnel acquire technical knowledge and skill for definite purpose y Development.

allowances .perquisites y .bonus.Wages and salary administration Job evaluation to find out worth of job & make it comparable to industry y Determination of salaries &wages y Operate wage &salary programmes y Payment of fringe benefits .

Employee services To ensure safety y Social cultural y Employee counseling y .sports.

motivation& discipline To deal with indiscipline .Employee satisfaction. misconduct y To carry out surveys y To handle grievance handling system y .