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Interview With Graham Boyes

Interview With Graham Boyes


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A brief interview with the lead singer of Bournemouth based rock band 'Spilt Milk'. Formatted in the style of an NME article.

A brief interview with the lead singer of Bournemouth based rock band 'Spilt Milk'. Formatted in the style of an NME article.


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Published by: stephenjfaulkner on Aug 04, 2008
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Bournemouth based rock band Spilt Milk are taking over the south coast of England, despite still being at college...

lots of money (laughs). It‟s so much bigger and better, it has a huge stage, great lighting and loads of recognised bands. It‟s the 12th July, running from 5pm „til 11pm with free entry.”

That’s some good plugging. Apart from Paramore, what other bands are you a fan of at the moment?
“Foals! They‟re great! On the electro side I‟m loving Digitalism at the moment and the 12‟s. Even though Pendulum‟s new album is disappointing they‟re still writing some great music.”

Hello Graham. What’s been
happening in your world today?
“What? Actually today?”

Yeah, today is good.
“Well, I went to see Paramore last night, so all morning I was nursing a hangover. Then I went for a skate and went to work. After that I had a trip down the skatepark and I‟m now sitting here talking to you.” be recorded in 2005. With the release of the new EP (our fourth) and signing by bombfactory records we played around 70 local gigs, earned places at festivals and won two Battle of the Bands. In 2007, three members left the band, Rob joining a heavy metal band and the other two concentrating on their Alevels. I was then left with our synth player Matt, who became part of the band a few months back. We then reformed as an „indie-electro‟ band and are getting far more gigs because of it! I don‟t really know what else to say. I shall plug the Ringwood festival right here.”

You mentioned earlier that two members of your band left to pursue higher education. How do you manage to juggle your social life, college and playing in the band?
“Well I like to keep busy if I‟m honest. But the band is a high priority for me and college seems to understand that.”

Paramore? Really? I wouldn’t have had you down as a fan.
“Nah I don‟t really enjoy any other bands of that style, but I went for Hayley Williams...”

It certainly sounds like it! If you had to compare Spilt Milk’s music to an existing band, who would it be and why?
“I really don‟t know. We‟re really a fusion of a few genres. We‟ve got the indie guitar lines with electro breaks and the rock choruses! It‟s like a mix of Foals, Digitalism, Pendulum and maybe Nickelback! (laughs) We could be called „Foglitlumback!‟”

Moving on...Let’s have a brief history of the mighty Spilt Milk please.
“Oooh! Well, I started off Spilt Milk when I was around twelve with my friend Rob (exbassist). We sat in my room playing Blink-182 and Chili Peppers covers. Badly. Then we found Tom (previous drummer), he laid down some simple beats and we got a set of rubbish songs together! Then at age thirteen I wrote the smash hit „Memories of You‟ (sarcasm) and we developed that for a year along with six other demos, to

Any weird superstitions or habits before going on stage?
“Give me a pint, or I will stand there like a statue. In fact, give me five pints, then I‟ll be fun – wahey!”

Ringwood festival you say?
“The festival started off last year and was a big hit with next to no promotion. Funded by us as a band and a few helpers we managed a crowd of about 300 people. This year the council has given us

That doesn’t sound at all weird to me. Your MySpace page is flooded with comments from fans all over the country. Any plans for a mini-tour of sorts?
"Yes, how could you guess?! We

really want to arrange a minitour for some time this summer but we are all really lazy! Exams also take over your life for a while, but maybe we can sort something out for a few weeks.”


Good to hear. What’s your favourite album of all time?
“Rage Against the Machine, self-titled.”

Any advice for people just starting out in a band?
“Take it seriously. If you‟re going to do it, give it your all. Don‟t play music no-one likes and don‟t play music that people liked 20 years ago and won‟t like again for a long time!”

“Give me a pint, or I will stand there like a statue. In fact, give me five pints, then I’ll be fun – wahey!”

Graham, thanks for your time.
“No problem!”

Where do you see the band in five years?
“I really don‟t know. I don‟t take this band as my life but I know there will always be some opportunities as the university course I‟m doing is great for bands. I‟d love us to become what you call „famous‟ but I see that a bit farfetched unless you‟re directly related to Simon Cowell. I think it‟s not necessarily how technically skilled you are, it‟s really who you know and how good your stage presence is.”

• When asked why the band is called Spilt Milk, Graham replied ‘No reason. Random weird boy me.’

Check out Spilt Milk at:

I like to think the personality of a band shines through when they play live and that’s what can attract the audience.
“Yes, you have it my boy! As the band is filled with nutters we pick up a select crowd (laughs).”

Why should people come to your gigs?
“Because they‟re not like your normal shows. Our gigs are pretty much like a party – we like to make the crowd feel like they‟re part of the band. It‟s ace! And our music reflects this greatly.”

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