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Bach Flower Remedies Diagnostic Chart


Flower Remedy Purpose Keywords Current Negative Positive Potential

Agrimony Unmasking Mental torment behind a brave Move from hiding inner torment To self-acceptance, seeing
face behind a cheerful mask problems in perspective
Aspen Reassurance Fears or worries of unknown Move from sudden unspecified To a state of inner peace, a
origin fear and anxiety desire for new experiences
Beech Tolerance Intolerance Move from irritation and To tolerance, compassion and
arrogance unity with others
Centaury Assertive Weak-willed and subservient Move from a lack of assertion To expressing your own
and energy opinions & the ability to mix in
Cerato Conviction Seeks advice and confirmation Move from not trusting your own To trusting your inner judgement
from others judgement
Cherry Plum* Rational Fear of mind giving way Move from fear of losing control To calmness and the ability to
and sudden rage act rationally
Chestnut bud Life lessons Failure to learn from past Move from recurring failures To seeing mistakes objectively
mistakes because you don’t learn from and learning from them
Chicory Selfless Selfishly possessive Move from being obsessive and To learning to be sensitive and
self-centred give without expecting
Clematis* Grounded Dreaminess, lack of interest in Move from living in a world of To having an interest in the
present your own & lacking world, enjoy life and fulfil your
concentration potential
Crab Apple Cleansing Self-hatred, sense of Move from a poor self-image To an acceptance of yourself
uncleanliness and feeling unclean and a positive self-image
Elm Coping Overwhelmed by responsibility Move from being overwhelmed To gaining perspective, restoring
by responsibility, losing ability and confidence
confidence, not coping
Gentian Upliftment Despondency, discouraged Move from being discouraged by To believing that these
real problems and small difficulties will be overcome
Gorse Hope Hopelessness and despair Move from extreme despair, To a sense of hope despite real
having given up the fight problems
Heather Empathy Self-centredness, self-concern Move from preoccupation and To empathy with others,
seeking selfish attention listening to them
Holly Kind-hearted Hatred, envy and jealousy Move from bad temper, hatred To inner harmony and
and envy, not accepting love generosity
Honeysuckle Live today Lives in the past Move from living in the past and To the present, seeing the past
pining for lost loved ones as a valuable experience
Hornbeam Vitality Monday morning feeling Move from weariness, feeling To restored vitality and energy,
you cannot cope, although you balancing work with play
Impatiens* Patience Impatience Move from being easily irritated To calmness, coping and good
and bad tempered humour
Larch Confidence Lack of confidence Move from lack of confidence To greater self-esteem and
and fear of failure awareness of own potential

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Flower Remedy Purpose Keywords Current Negative Positive Potential
Mimulus Courage Fear of known things Move from shyness, timidity and To quiet courage to face trials
fearing and a life without fear
Mustard Joy Deep gloom with no origin Move from sudden severe To return of joy, stability and
depression for no reason peace
Oak Strength Exhausted but struggles on Move from plodding on with To restoration and conservation
waned strength of strength
Olive Energising Lack of energy Move from exhaustion of body To a restoration of energy and
and mind interest in life
Pine Self-worth Guilt and self-reproach Move from baseless feelings of To accepting responsibility, self-
guilt, that you deserve to suffer respect
Red Chestnut Care without fear Fear or over-concern for others Move from unjustified fear for To learning to care without fear,
the welfare of others feeling courageous
Rock Rose* Security Terror Move from terror after a bad To regained courage and calm,
experience, threat or hurt coping with threats
Rock Water Flow of life Self-repression, self-denial Move from setting inappropriate To holding high ideals
goals, self-denial realistically and with flexibility
Scleranthus Resolution Indecision Move from indecision and mood To decisiveness, poise and
swings balance
Star of Bethlehem* Comforting After-effects of shock Move from immediate or To neutralised effects of
delayed shock after an accident physical or mental shock, feeling
or bad news comforted
Sweet Chestnut Peace of mind Extreme mental anguish Move from hopeless despair, no To liberation from despair,
endurance, intense sorrow and although the cause may still
loneliness exist
Vervain Relaxing Over-enthusiasm Move from inflexible ideas, To calmness, wisdom,
being determined but highly relaxation, a broader outlook
Vine Leadership Domineering, inflexible Move from bullying others, being To determination without
greedy for power domination
Walnut Transition Transition Move from oversensitivity to To remaining steadfast to your
change path in life and moving forward
Water Violet Friendly Proud, aloof Move from being aloof, private, To warmer relationships with
overly proud and appearing anti- wisdom and dignity
White Chestnut Clear thinking Unwanted thoughts, mental Move from obsessive To a clear head, controlled
arguments uncontrollable thoughts thinking and reasoning
Wild Oat Certainty Uncertainty as to correct path in Move from indecision & To positive ambitions and a
life distraction on important life clear picture of what to do
Wild Rose Zest Resignation, apathy Move from resignation to a To a lively interest in life and
situation, lacking the will to accepting responsibility
change it
Willow Acceptance Resentment Move from resentment, self-pity To forgiving past injustices,
and bitterness enjoying life and controlling your

*Bach Rescue Remedy, a unique combination of these 5 Bach Flower Remedies, calms the mind when everyday stress or emotional shock threatens to take over.