Interaction of Porphyromonas gingivalis with low-density lipoproteins: implications for a role for periodontitis in atherosclerosis

P. gingivalis have shown increased size of atherosclerosis lesions P. gingivalis and atherosclerotic plaque     Oral pathogen involved in periodontitis Has been seen in atheroma lesions Mice infected with P. gingivalis and its outer membrane vesicles (OMVs) can aggregate platelets .

gingivalis to take up LDL LDL must be modified before being taken up can be done by proteases .cont d  An important feature in the development of early atherosclerotic lesions is cholesterol uptake into macrophages to form foam cells   Stimulated by P.

gingivalis may play a role in the modification of LDL to an aggregated form.cont d  in this study we examined the hypothesis that the gingipain proteases of P. .

Methods     Human LDL was purchased Bacteria grown anaerobically including mutants murine macrophages bought and stored OMV isolated from P. gingivalis .

Methods cont d   LDL aggregation determined by incubating together in PBS The affect of inhibitors and activators of gingipain also investigated  E.g. leupeptin .

Methods cont d  LDL analyzed with gel electrophoresis .

gingivalis strongly aggregated LDL at concentrations of approximately 108 cells/ml.Results   P. maximum affect at 3-4hrs) OMVs at concentrations greater than 10 ug/ml also induced LDL aggregation (slower) . (dose dependant.



\ .

Conclusions    Demonstrated that P. Arg-gingipain Protease alone doesn t cause aggregation . can directly modify LDL into a form which facilitates its uptake into macrophages. gingivalis.

Critique    Methods Data not reported Conclusions .

findings summarized Improvement?   Lots of new questions Clinical relevancy? .Summary   Questions answered.

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