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Infosys 2006 Papers

Infosys 2006 Papers

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Published by: Tanuj Kathuria on Dec 04, 2010
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Infosys 2006 Sample Papers

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02 APR 2006 – BANGALORE INFOSYS PAPER .com .HYDERABAD Introducing VYOMS – Redefining the way freshers get job! List of other placement papers.09 APR 2006 – NOIDA INFOSYS INTERVIEW .vyoms.02 APR 2006 – CHENNAI INFOSYS PAPER .03 APR 2006 .www.01 APR 2006 . Disclaimer .HYDERABAD INFOSYS PAPER .Redefining the way freshers get job! Table of Contents • • • • • • • • INFOSYS PAPER .

..i couldn't understand the problem a wife goes to a party and reports about no of people in the party.-1. ans 40 4>it was some kazai problem .-2 the logical questions were 9>in the jewellery shop there where two cases left and right dimond is only on the right stone starting from letter a was only on left emerald and saphire always come together .2 &5 ...com . q1> a man carried apples there no when divided by 3 5 7 and 9 left 1 apple and the no of apples was completly divided by 11 .09 APR 2006 .3..vyoms.NOIDA On 9th April Infosys conducted the recruitment test in our college JSSATE noida. the pattern was the aptitude and the english paper the apptitude consisted of 10 puzzles in 60 min and the english paper was of 45 questions in 30 min the apti paper was as follows. their steps were equal in the ratio 28:24:21 and the time taken by them is in the ratio 6:8:9 who won the race ans dogg won 7>it was about the family .there combined ages is equal to their grandmother who was 81 years of age. ans : 1. find the age of son 5y 8>the temparature of the city when multiplied get to 12 and each day the temparature was distict find each days temperature... 24 ways 3> the same old ciggrate question...for two distances it was given the speeds were 15 and 10 mphs 6>the dogg problem.www..2. 5>u have to find the average velocity . three people raced.find the no of apples ans 946 2> a dice contained numbers such that 1 and 6 .Redefining the way freshers get job! INFOSYS PAPER .4 &3 r on opp faces find no of ways in wich it can occur.a man had a doughter the age of son is 5 times that of doughter. wife 5 time of son and his own age was 2 times his wife.....

. thats all i could recall at the moment ...vyoms.Redefining the way freshers get job! i exactly dont remember the question but it was simple.www. a very good vocab portion.other were filling preposition and correcting sentences ...also filing in correct verbs.. and idoms. 10> there were 4 people grocer druggist policeman and the butcher named A B C and D not respectively A and B always gave lift to one another and were neighbours B earned more than C the policeman was not the neighbour druggist the butcher went by foot similar statements.. english paper it contained a RC passage.com ...

Redefining the way freshers get job! INFOSYS INTERVIEW . thy really hlp a loooooot . my slot ws et 2 in the aftrnun but it strtd at 2:40 as soon as i ws cald i can c two middle-aged ppl ready to play with me thn strtd the game thy strtd with askin my name n abt my hobbies note tht thy wil hv the aptitude paper with thm thy r gonna giv u one qstn frm the ppr n ask u to solve tht aftr tht thy askd me to spk one min abt my clg thn followd with sm qstns on my proj aprt frm tht thr wer puzzles \ 1) make 4 equilateral triangles using 6 matchsticks ans) build a triangular pyramid 2)u r given two rods one is iron othr is magnet hw do u fnd whch is iron n whch is magnet ans) hang thm magnet aligns itslf with north-south perform tht 3-4 times to confrm the rods 3)"fast cars chewing gum" explain tht stmt i dint gt tht the intrvw wud be gud if u can be cool n confident hope i hlpd ya guys n thnx fr the materials u always keep posting on mails.03 APR 2006 .com .www.vyoms.HYDERABAD today i had my Infosys intrvw in hyd campus.

vyoms.THERE ARE NO PUZZLES as they used to ask but two parts as usual part1 is like aptitude. & some 3 to 4 statements were given like i: kumble took 5 wickets or srinath took 3 wickets or one more player name i didn't remeber suppose X took one more run than srinath ii: if a player run out no credit goes to bowler & two more statements were there I didn't remember n based on it 5 questions were asked each carrying 2 marks like 1> who took five wickets ? 2> how many were run out ? & three similar kind of question related to given statements 3>4>5>similar questions I didn't remember exactly then Q6>Q7>Q8> Q9> 10> these 5 questions r based on figures given we have take out the odd figure out then for the next 5 questions again they have given some data like salary. few more things of 5 or 6 people n ther total based on the given data 5 questions were asked. I attended the test . investments. reasoning & part 2 is of English test. around 300 to 400 have attended the test & they only selected 35 candidates. England all out by 38 runs.02 APR 2006 – BANGALORE Infosys technologies test held on 2nd April 2006 Sunday at Christ College Bangalore. So the questions I remember are as below: A paragraph with few statements were given Its based on cricket between India & England. Infosys people today shocked us by changing the test pattern completely.Redefining the way freshers get job! INFOSYS PAPER .com . Then now they have added from question 16-20 Option 1 : statement 1 is sufficient & statement 2 is not sufficient Option 2 : statement 2 alone is sufficient & statement 1 is not sufficient Option 3 : Both statement 1 & 2 are required Option 4: both r not sufficient Based on these again 5 questions few which I remember are Q16> if x is divided by 2 Stmt 1: remainder is an odd number Stmt 2:remainder is a multiple of 3 Q17>x+2=2x Stmt 1:something was there Stmt 2: (x-1)<3 Q18>similar simple mathematics Q19> find the area of the shaded figure(figure consist of circle inscribed in a square the square is a floor n circle is a carpet remaing parts area have to be found) stmt1: area of carpet is 9sqrft . The test questions which i remember are: Part 1 First 20 30 questions consist of 50 marks in 45minuts questions carries 40 marks 2 marks for each question n next 10 questions carries 1 mark.www.IT'S A MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION PAPER.

So that's all I remember about it hope it will help you out So prepare well BEST OF LUCK to all the Job Seekers. Remaining 10 questions were for each questions a paragraph with some information is given then we were having 4 options from which we have to choose the correct appropriate sentence which draws the correct meaning of it. Fill up blank with appropriate words. Then idioms kind of words were given we have to choose its meaning . .Green . Part 2: So this is all about aptitude n regarding English It contains 30 questions within 30 minutes Two big passages n questions on it.www.Blue .vyoms.com .Redefining the way freshers get job! stmt2: area of carpet is 2. white 5couples live in these houses So ten people information who live besides each the information is given in 4 to 5 statements n based on this questions were asked .black.25*(pi)sqrft Right Triangle: Q20> find po(degree of p) RQP traingle Stmt1:if PQ=PR Stmt2:something Again 5 more questions based on a para n some statements like a house whose ground floor having one room n 2 floors having 2 rooms n the people living there according to ther habit n all in which room they live something like this based on it 5 questions Q21>Q22>Q23>Q24>Q25> Again similar question like the above there r five houses colored with Red .

Ann 5) (repeated)Ship sum.Y. K L M N O and P some conditions K father of N and grand father of P.com .s husband and one more condition 3 questions who is O's Husband Who are the brothers How many male members are there 8) A repeated sum to find who is strongest of Tom. what is the minimum distance it should traverse to reah the fly Ans. there are 2 fathers. 12 feet wide. Sam And Ann.www. One kilogram on left pan is equal to 8 melonson the right pan. there is a fly on opposite wall. each have two fruits in common. i think 24. please check 4) (repeated)the problem as to who won the race between Jack.Redefining the way freshers get job! INFOSYS PAPER . where there are 12 rungs of a ladder at 10am with spacing of . Jack And Bill 9) sorry dont remember 10) for 8 Marks XYZ XYZ AB+ AB------. it takes 30 days to spin web. midway between sidewalls and 1 feet below ceiling. Hank. 3 brothers and a mother L is brother of O. if 2 spider start spinnin.2mt/hr at 1am 6) For 8marks Some Conditions like A B CD etc with they prepare salads using 3 fruitts each. when tide rises what is the no of rungs if tide rises at 1.----CDEF BGA find X.02 APR 2006 – CHENNAI 1) A spider spins a web on a window frame.4mt . What is theactual weight of the watermelon? 3) there is a room 30 feet length. there is a spider on one side of a wall midway between sidewalls and 1 feet above floor. 12 feet height. it spins the amount spinned the previous day.vyoms. Ans. Ans. One kilogram on right pan equal to 2 melons on the left pan.Z. in how many days will both together finish it. 29 (not sure) 2) (repeated) the problem of melons with different lenghts of pan A weighing balance of unequal length bars. 4 questions from that 7) (repeated) 6 marks there are 6 peole.G .

78 -----867 .Redefining the way freshers get job! Ans: 945 + 78 ---------1023 945 .www.vyoms.com .

Series: a)1..util they met. According to his will: First give one coin to manager. If the spped of a girl is 15kmph.B.D and his disignations P. Regarding this 4 Questions(I dont remember) 7.C. and he has to pay Rs. A cook went to a shop and bought some eggs with 12 pounds..While he was returning from the shop.16. After giving coins to 5th son. A bird flys from boy to girl and then return to boy and so on.R.__.vyoms.Atlost he earned Rs.grapes.One person in a prison can earn Rs.Q. April-2006 1. Then how much distance that bird can fly inbetween them.170..3.now cost of 1 dozen eggs are 1 pound less than what he bought initially.Cherrys.5. 1/5th of the remaining to the elder son.__ b)1.A boy and a girl started in opposite direction of 20km distance.D. divided the remaining coins among five daughters equally..com . and boy & girl speeds are 10kmph.Redefining the way freshers get job! Infosys-paper:1st.Q.2. 4. All should get full coins.www.There r 5 girls A.S not respectively..Tom says that there r 1/3 of childrean infront of me and added to 3/4 of children who stands before me gives the total no of children.2. Some conditions.A rich man died. Now give one coin to the manager and 1/5th of the remaining to second son and so on.5 Initially How much she had? 8.T families has to make a fruit salad with a mixer of Apples. 3..3 If he doesnt work. How many children are there? 9. and then she bought an ice creame with remaing rs. In his will. he has divided his gold coins among his 5 sons.15.7 per day if he works.B.(I dont remember) we need to find Who is belogs to which job? 6. 5 daughters and a manager.. Then originally how many eggs he bought? . taht shop keeper called him and gave two exta eggs to him. They have to use min of 3 fruits but no one use same combination.E belongs to P. then how many days he worked in60 days. she spent 1/2 of the amt and + 2 rs at bucher shop and she spent 1/2of remainig+5rs at bakery and then went to market and bought some vegitable with 1/2 of the remainig amt.C.224 5..S...3.A women started her Shopping with some amount.R.Given 4 persons A. Find the minimum number of coins he has? 2.Oranges.

You do not need to visit any other site to check jobs.Redefining the way Freshers get job! Why Only VYOMS . .vyoms.com .http://www.www.com : • VYOMS is the most comprehensive index of Freshers Jobs on web.vyoms. All that is worth your attention is there at VYOMS.Redefining the way freshers get job! Introducing VYOMS .

We never let you be part of any hate campaign. each day demands a new resource! www. along with job resources. freshers and experienced. because we know.Redefining the way freshers get job! • • • • • • • • VYOMS is by VYOM Network. another VYOM Venture.VYOMS.VYOMS.554+ members.VYOMS. which is already trusted by thousands of freshers. if there is one name on which you can count upon. VYOMS is very objective and professional in the approach towards any other website or group. And the stakeholders are all of us! Visit www. VYOMS brings you best offers and deals on the web. VYOMS is a brand new series of content and resources for students. its VYOM! So. Certainly.com.com everyday for latest Freshers Jobs! . welcome to the latest VYOM Venture .000 to 85.com is the shortest domain name for job search in India and is easy to remember and type. VYOMS is going to be a website. We have not erupted overnight when there is a web business boom. our subscription count increased from 18.com .vyoms.www. We were there with you even when there was Dot Com burst. VYOMS brings you world's most exhaustive collection of Interview Questions in association with CoolInterview. We are here with the motto of Knowledge Sharing. In the past three months. powered by word of mouth of our users! VYOMS is hosted in India and loads at lightning fast speed.

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com | www.freebangalore.sourcecodesworld.com | www.jobsassist.indianfreeads.com | www.onestopmba. www.vyomlinks. please delete this guide immediately.onestoptesting.businessinfoworld.onestopgate.com | www.discussionsworld.www.in .com | www.com | www.org | www.com | www.com | www.tech-archive.com | www.vyomebooks.com | www.free-downloads-center.academictutorials.com | www.com | www.iasprep.com | www.com | www.topmasala. Please use this as a reference only and do not rely blindly on this information. Please verify the authenticity of the information before accepting it.com .bestebooksworld.testsworld.com | www.vyom.onestopsap. Neither Vyom Network or any of its employees or advertisers shall be liable for any error/inaccuracy/IP issues or any action taken in reliance thereon.com | www.vyoms.com | www.tasty-food. If you do not agree to these terms.com | www.vyomworld.com | www.vyoms. Vyom does not claim the copyright of the papers presented here.com | www. The information contained in this guide is collected from various unreliable sources on the Internet.com | www.vyom-intl.com | www. We shall not be liable for any damages or costs of any type arising out of or in any way connected with your use of information above.Redefining the way freshers get job! • • • • • • • • • • • • • Tata Infotech Placement Papers TCS Placement Papers Telco Placement Papers Texas Placement Papers Thinksoft Placement Papers TISL Placement Papers Trilogy Placement Papers Verifone Placement Papers Virtusa Placement Papers Wilco Placement Papers Wipro Placement Papers Xansa Placement Papers Zensar Placement Papers Disclaimer: The information contained in this GUIDE is for informational purpose only.goglogo.com | www.co.

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