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the art of flash animation

the art of flash animation

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Published by: farizeid on Dec 04, 2010
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All right, that magical moment has arrived! You’ve done all your

animation drawings, and scanned them, and now you’re ready to

bring them into Flash! Hooray!

Now you may remember some of this from way back in

Chapter 4, when we talked about putting together your pose

test/animatic. But the subtle difference here is that most of the art-

work that we were bringing in before was merely for preview, or

planning purposes. The artwork was just for our own benefit and


Now we’re getting to the point where the actual artwork we’re

bringing into Flash is going to be the finished art the audience will

actually see, whether we’re putting together a cartoon for web

download, a multimedia CD-ROM presentation, or my personal

favorite, video production.

Open up Flash, just like you did last time.

236 Section II / Using Flash to Animate Your Drawings

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