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The world’s number one planning tool

Maximise coverage, network capacity and quality, It goes without saying, that a poorly planned network
while reducing costs – the ultimate aim of any can have huge negative financial implications.
network operator.
ASSET™ is the world’s leading planning tool. OSS
In order to increase productivity and efficiency, an Observer places AIRCOM International™ as the global
integrated approach to planning and optimising market leader in network engineering tools. We work
radio networks is essential. The faster the network with all of the world’s top 20 telcos, and over half of
can be planned and optimised, the sooner that the world’s mobile operators.
operator can monetize the network and gain – and
retain – subscribers. Why trust your network to anyone else?

Data and voice services continue to evolve, and it is

imperative that operators offer customers the latest
technologies in a bid to minimise churn and improve
customer satisfaction.
Addressing the business case – Enhanced measurement support
ASSET Integrated Financial Analysis Tool Users can now load third party interference tables (ICDM) into
ASSET 6.2 adds a new dimension to radio network planning ASSET. Data can be loaded into an empty interference
and optimisation with an integrated financial analysis module, matrix or combined with an existing one.
providing engineers with critical, business-oriented views
of their network plans. ASSET’s financial analysis module
MYRIAD propagation model
focuses the network planning and optimisation efforts on
getting the best return on investment and maximising revenue ASSET 6.2 now offers the option of utilizing a newly
from existing or new networks. integrated MYRIAD model – a sophisticated and versatile
propagation model.

Users can analyse business parameters such as captured

revenue (additional or total), Net Income and Return on The MYRIAD model is able to automatically adapt itself
Investment using multiple sources as input – for example, to all cell sizes (micro, mini, small and macro cells), to all
revenue maps or service-specific ARPU. environments (dense urban, urban, suburban, mountainous,
maritime, open), and to all systems in frequency ranges from
400MHz to 5GHz.
‘What if’ scenarios can be performed quickly, and different
plans compared based on business value.
Enhanced frequency planning
Comprehensive support for measured interference matrices
HSPA evolution (HSPA+) planning support
is a key development in the enhanced frequency planning
ASSET 6.2 now supports HSPA Evolution (HSPA+) planning, of ASSET 6.2. Through its new IFA module, ASSET 6.2
as defined by 3GPP Release 7. This added planning ability delivers a powerful new way to visualise and interact with
represents an evolution (for both HSDPA and HSUPA) toward frequency plans, utilising user-defined criteria. This approach
higher speeds and better spectrum utilisation, meaning ASSET delivers faster, more accurate and higher quality plans by
is best placed to assist network operators moving to next calculating and reporting the co-frequency allocation cost
generation networks. for different cells.

Version history management Advanced EV-DO service modelling and ACP support for
ASSET 6.2 allows the history of each object, including both CDMA2000
project and configuration data, to be automatically stored. Support for CDMA2000 technology in ASSET ACP has been
Users can not only track all changes made, but clearly see made available with all of the requisite productivity benefits
the identity of who has made changes and ‘roll back’ to a for users. ASSET 6.2 provides additional flexibility in its
previous version of the object if they have appropriate EV-DO service model, with enhanced support for VoIP and
security privileges. RT services, giving more accurate coverage and capacity
analysis that considers service prioritisation and different
Web-enabled map data (WFS client) scheduling algorithms.

Continuing AIRCOM’s web-based integration approach, WEMD

(Web Enabled Map Data) is new to ASSET 6.2. WEMD is a ASSET 6.2 now includes the iBwave RF-vu Viewer
complementary extension to the WED (Web Enabled Data) specifically for in-building planning
feature, introduced in ASSET 6.1. WEMD brings seamless and The RF-vu viewer makes in-building site information readily
effective integration of any web-based content directly onto available for viewing to macro radio planning and optimisation
the ENTERPRISE™ GIS. engineers, including site radio parameters, inventory data,
In-building site floor plans, and in-building coverage or
measurements information.
About ASSET:

ASSET is the only tool required for designing, site and cell ASSET comes with eight optional productivity packs, for
planning and optimising multi-technology radio networks. Its operators to further harness the power of ASSET. These
advanced planning capabilities can save both time and money packs can be added as and when needed, to ensure ASSET
during network deployment by automating time consuming can deliver a custom solution, ready to cope with continually
tasks such as site configuration, traffic planning, network changing planning team requirements.
dimensioning, and parameter planning.

Productivity packs:

ADVANTAGE™ - A productivity pack of ASSET, is an ACP Web Enabled Data (WED) allows:
module, designed to enable operators to make better business
decisions by assessing the impact of different network •• External performance measurement counters linked
configurations within their license obligations. Automated Cell to site content
Planning (ACP) enables networks to be real-time engineered
•• Design guidelines tailored to display content relevant
to maximise capacity, coverage and network quality, whilst
to your current technology
reducing the cost of OPEX and reducing the inherent risk of
error by minimising manual intervention. •• Feature-rich online GIS integration allowing accurate
aerial and street map data.
ASSET ACP™ – An in-built, ACP tool for cell planning - Taking •• Customised reports and views of your ASSET
the world’s number one radio planning tool, ASSET, with network data
proven optimisation algorithms from ADVANTAGE, we have
created a revolutionary new concept in RF planning that Multi-core predictions (dual/quad core options) for rapid
improves the efficiency and effectiveness of planners, by processing - potentially doubling or quadrupling performance,
integrating the core functionalities of a full blown ACP product by using multiple CPU cores to process path loss prediction
into the everyday planning activities of an RF planner. calculations in parallel.

Using ASSET with the ASSET ACP module, operators may Distributed predictions (single/dual/quad core agent)
study the effects of LTE requirements within existing networks to reduce OPEX - allowing users to make more use of new,
and prepare for the changes needed to introduce LTE into the powerful hardware becoming available on both desktop and
current infrastructure. server machines – increasing the prediction throughput in
direct proportion to hardware resources.
ASSET 6.2 Financial Analysis has the power to effectively tell
the user if there is a business case 64-bit simulator – support for very large/detailed simulations
for rolling out LTE, while planning an optimized network prior - The native 64-bit version of the simulator has the ability to
to deployment. It also has the capability to enable detailed address up to 16TB of virtual memory and 128GB of physical
OPEX and CAPEX ’what if‘ planning scenarios, maximising memory (RAM).
revenues and operating margins.
ILSA – Automatic frequency planning – Intelligent Local Search
ARRAYWIZARD™ – to maintain up-to-date arrays and Algorithm (ILSA) utilises advanced heuristic search algorithms
predictions - ARRAYWIZARD ensures that detailed and up- with the latest techniques in combinatorial mathematics
to-date statistics on predicted national network coverage for optimum frequency plans - critical for the quality of the
- critical for customer care services – are produced reliably radio network. The proprietary algorithm works by iteratively
and regularly. No other tool is capable of automation and improving a frequency plan. ILSA is able to evaluate thousands
scheduling on such a large scale. of changes every second. The algorithm will intelligently adapt
its search to concentrate on those areas of the network which
have the largest interference problems.
Use ASSET to: Unlock ASSET’S potential:

•• Plan, design and optimise integrated networks •• Coverage and capacity planning using the Monte
•• Maximise network quality of service and ensure Carlo simulator
subscriber contentment, reducing churn •• Detailed outputs and reports
•• Reduce network maintenance costs and the time •• Neighbour analysis
in planning networks •• Automatic cell planning (power and antenna)
•• Analyse future and current capacity scenarios •• Seamless and effective integration of any
with static and dynamic simulators, and deploy external content within ENTERPRISE via
optimum solutions web services
•• Analyse coverage, interference and traffic across •• Faster path loss predictions with seamless
multiple technologies user experience
•• View capacity planning scenarios •• Highly efficient scheduled and automated
•• Plan and optimise neighbour relationships generation of statistics
•• Share information throughout the organization •• Fast and accurate resource planning
within a multi-user environment improvements save up to 50% of engineer’s time
•• Switch between textual and map analysis for saving operator OPEX - more accurate plans
quick interpretation of results reduce CAPEX

•• Generate sophisticated statistics and reports •• Up-to-date statistics produced reliably and
regularly at minimal OPEX for the operator
•• Harness drive test data for increased accuracy of
path loss predictions •• Create ‘what if’ financial analysis scenarios for
comprehensive evaluation
•• Auto-tune propagation models
•• Understand business cases for new
technology networks

ASSET supports the following technologies:

GSM, EGPRS, UMTS FDD, HSPA, Mobile / Fixed WiMAX / BWA, CDMA2000, EV-DO Rev 0 / Rev A, DVB-H, TETRA,

ASSET and the ENTERPRISE suite are powered by an Oracle database for resilience, scalability and to best
support data exchange with other network operations.
ASSET key features:

•• Multi-technology analysis – Each technology •• Detailed reporting options – Composite reports

pack expands the high performance ASSET for a 360° network view, sector based handoff
simulator with a comprehensive set of coverage/ reports, for more detailed data analysis,
interference/ capacity facilities appropriate to downlink performance reports, throughput
that technology. These output results can then reports for traffic monitoring, QoS, site/node
be analysed spatially on the map view or using reports and more. Reports may be saved to TXT,
the simulation reports. When used in Excel®, and XML formats, with PDF, BMP and TIFF
conjunction with each other, the simulator outputs for archiving data more effectively.
becomes multi-technology aware and can model •• Multi-user access - The ASSET database is
the transition of traffic between UMTS and GSM. shared across multiple users (and multiple
•• Multi-technology projects – ASSET’s database sites), with a current view of the network
is able to simultaneously model all technologies always available, without the requirement
without having to swap between projects. to synchronise manually. A powerful in-built
•• Web enabled – Capable of seamlessly and security system ensures that network privileges
effectively integrating any web based may be specified to manage individual and
content, complementing the engineers group access at multiple levels.
experience with related information •• Shared database - ASSET data may be shared
originating from external sources. The web across multiple tools: - no manual uploads of
based content integration endows ASSET databases required, saving operator time and
with the ability to easily integrate into large minimising risk of errors.
scale multi-application environments. •• Set-up and configuration wizards – An
•• Data analysis – Powerful multi-user dynamic improved user interface adds a number of
and static filtering capabilities allow multiple wizards to save time and free the user from
views of the network configuration to be created tedious manual tasks, ensuring rapid rollout
and shared amongst individual users and teams. of new sites, and fast optimisation of
existing configurations.

For more information, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact

our sales team on and a local
representative will be in touch.
About AIRCOM International
AIRCOM is an independent provider of Consultancy and training
network and data management tools
and services. The company specialises AIRCOM also offers a comprehensive
in end-to-end network planning, sharing, range of consultancy services, to advise
outsourcing and OSS optimisation for IP businesses at every stage of their
and cellular networks. network lifecycle.

Headquartered in the UK with offices in We also run a number of highly

14 countries, AIRCOM has more than 10 acclaimed training courses, held at
years’ experience across 135 countries international locations, not only for
for over half the world’s mobile AIRCOM’s own product lines, but also
operators, including more than 4 million for various technologies, including 3G
man hours working on 3G networks and WiMAX core network convergence,
alone. The top 20 global operators HSPA technology and applied planning
depend upon AIRCOM’s tools and and optimisation.
consultants to improve the coverage and
customer experience, for more than 1.1 Visit
billion subscribers. course_list for more information.

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