CSE 301 Homework: 4 DOA: DOS


PART-A Question 1: What variations are possible on two-phase locking protocol? Question 2: “Thomas write rule modifies the time-stamp ordering protocol”. Do you agree? Justify your answer. Question 3:”In databases is there a possibility of deadlocks”. If yes why? In how a many ways, deadlocks can be handled? PART-B

Question 4: Compare deferred and immediate database modifications with help of an example. Question 5: Assume that the Railway reservation system is implemented using an RDBMS. What are the concurrency control measures one has to take, in order to avoid concurrency related problems in the above system? How can the deadlock be avoided in this system? Question 6: “Shadow paging uses the concept of paging scheme (in operating system)”. Do you agree? Justify your answer.

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