: To study the effect of the different quantities of water intake on urine output.

Problem Statement : What is the effect of different quantities of water on urine output? Hypothesis : The more the water intake, the more the volume of urine produced. Variables: Manipulated : Volume of water intake. Responding : Volume of urine produced. Constant : Time, no food before experiment. Materials Apparatus Procedure: 1. Four students A,B,C and D were asked to empty their bladders. 2. Student A ,Student B ,Student C and Student D were given 200 ml,300 ml ,400 ml and 500 ml of water to drink respectively. 3. After 40 minutes ,the four students were asked to empty their bladders and the urine collected in paper cups were measured and recorded. 4. The volume of urine produced by each student was measured and recorded. 5. Another four students A,B,C and D were asked to repeat steps 1 to 4. : Paper cups and mineral water. : Measuring cylinder.

Results: Student Volume of water taken(ml) A/A1 B/B1 C/C1 D/D1 200 300 400 500 Volume of urine 1st student 180 230 356 472 Produced (ml) 2nd student 150 250 338 454 3rd student 165 240 347 463


1. When the volume of water is increased, the volume of urine produced is increased. Conclusion: The student who drank more water produces more urine. The hypothesis is accepted.

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