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EXPOSED - How Satan Physically Rules This World

EXPOSED - How Satan Physically Rules This World

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Published by cyberwatchman

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Published by: cyberwatchman on Dec 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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[Matrix Report v4.0, Dec. 2010] This report has been conducted in the spirit and honor of one of our most preciousrights: Freedom of Speech. This work is totally not-for-profit. All material herein is to be
treated and protected under Fair Use and Archived for Educational and Research Purposes Use Under U.S.C. Title 17 Section 107.Therefore
, those who would wish to censor this work, or silence us, you must first eradicate the laws of freespeech. The content of this work is so controversial, so heart breaking, so far from
―official sanctioned narratives
traditional established norms and beliefs, so different from that what you were taught you whole life, it cantherefore be deemed as radical, revolutionary and even detestable, thus can easily be misconstrued as viscousdefamatory or even framed as dangerous content... but only to those who choose to read without an unbiased openmind. For if you can manage to begin chapter one all the way to the end of this report, you will understand thebasis of the big picture. The purpose of this report in NOT to instill hate and animosity, but to identify and revealthe cruel cold hard shocking reality of this world in hope that once the causal core root sources of the problemsthat plague mankind are revealed, then and only then can they be confronted and adequately fixed. I have investedmany years of research on this report; I have done so without bias or malice in my heart, my only goal is thepursuit of and to discovery the unadulterated TRUTH. TRUTH DOES NOT FEAR INVESTIGATION.This Matrix report does
dwell in speculation or silly conspiracy
I despise conspiracy theories.Everything covered herein within these pages has undergone exhaustive research and cross referencing.Everything included within these pages is completely based on true unblemished VERIFIABLE FACTS andnothing but CONFIRMABLE COLD HARD FACTS that expose the true COSMIC REALITY, hard corePROVABLE TRUTH which I hereby try my best to disclose and articulate. What I reveal within these pages andmy language is NOT rated PG, it is NOT sugar coated and most definitely not politically correct part of the statusquo. Those who enjoy living in La La Land, can do so, go ahead remain plugged into the matrix, take the blue pillroute of life for you can continue to sing and pray for evil to go away while you hide your head in the sand. I onthe other hand come forth as a warrior carrying my razor sharp sword of TRUTH to boldly cut through theestablished hyperbole narratives to expose and destroy the evil works of those who wish to enslave mankind.In this world of darkness full of lies, deceit, false misleading information, I have come forth with the onlyreference work in existence of comprehensive encyclopediac size, scope, depth and breadth exposing the
it is designed to reveal the big picture and point you in the right direction with key links for futherexploration, I try my best to keep topics as brief as I possibly can while definitively beyond a shadow of doubtexposing TRUE REALITY. I must also point out that each chapter introduces and touches upon a multitude of subjects that cannot possibly be covered in great detail in this report. Treat EVERY topic herein as subjects thatyou must take time to independently research and verify on your own.People often wonder, if evils exist in any given enterprise then where are the whistle blowers? Well, thousandsupon thousands of whistle blowers have come forth from every part of the matrix, the problem is that they haveALL been ridiculed, censored and/or silenced
in one way or another… I am here to remove your blindfo
restore your sight, break the matrix‘s grip on your perception of reality and
restore your internal compass.Please download the Matrix Report and MAKE COPIES, hand them out to all your friends, rename and repost allthis info on your own websites before this information is made to disappear by "Big Brother." The worst thing youcan do in your life is NOTHING. Make all the copies you wish, print it, publish it, seed it in P2P networks, BitTorrent, bulletin boards, Usenet, post it, email it, Digg it, Reddit, Facebook it, Tweet it etc., put it in hundreds of different places for people to download it from, please circulate this report anyway you can. Truth will eventuallyovercome for once all their lies are EXPOSED
there will be no where for the ―hidden masters‖
to hide. Yes
thetruth IS instrumental in setting everyone free
; it is the secret ingredient that will usher in the great awakening...The choice is up to you now. You have been warned of the disturbing
nature of the content… It is your decision,
do you put this report down right now, burn it and walk away, continuing your life in LaLa Land in the total blissof pure ignorance
or - do you, continue to read on, to free your mind, proceeding through the portal, staying inWonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-holes go
Prepare to b
ecome unplugged from the matrix…
 Behold, for I present to you:
By Dr.
, PhZ