pkgadd without -d

Looks into /var/spool/pkg whether the package is present or know.

to be used in place of the default administration file. ● ● Give full pathname or else it looks into current directory. ● If it is not there in current directory then it looks into /var/sadm/install/admin directory. .#pkgadd -a admin Define an installation administration file. admin.

#pkgadd -k keystore Use keystore as the location from which to get trusted certificate authority certificates. . when verifying digital signatures found in packages.

➢ If keystore is a file. ➢ If -k keystore is specified. then keystore is assumed to be the base directory of the certificates to be used. ➢ When -k is not specified. .Keystore locations ➢ Package and patch tools such as pkgadd or patchadd use a set of trusted certificates to perform signature validation on any signatures found within the packages or patches. then the file itself is assumed to have all required keys and certificates. and keystore is a directory. then /var/sadm/security is used as the base directory.

.#pkgadd -n Installation occurs in non-interactive mode.The default mode is interactive. Suppress output of the list of installed files.

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