Pathophysiology of IUFD

(Union of Sperm and Ovum)

Zygote- Unicellular (Intermingling of haploid paternal 23 X or Y and maternal 23 X chromosome) Series of mitotic cell division- Cleavage (In 24 hours become 2 cell organism) In 72 hours become 16 cell organism called morula Morula enters the uterus on the 3rd day through peristaltic movement. Separate into 2 parts by fluid from uterus in the 4th day.

The outer layer give rise to the placenta (Trophoblast)

The outer layer give rise to the Embryo (Embryoblast) Blastocytes attaches to endometrium on the 6th day Implantation Embryonic development begins during the 2nd week and continues through the 8th week.


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3 stages st 1 Stage ± increase in cell number and with elaboration of cell products 2nd Stage ± morphogenesis/ includes mass cell 3rd Stage ± differentiation or maturation of physiologic process

Fetal development is from 9th week to birth

Non Modifiable Factors AGE Congenital Anomalies AOG: Preterm Modifiable Factors Ineffective role performance Anxiety/Stress in work Abnormal Pattern of Fetal Development Arising from Congenital Anomalies Resulting to Abnormal Fetal Heart Rate Pattern Ominous Pattern Late Decelerations Due to Uteroplacental Insufficiency Due to Cord Compression Variable Decelerations Normal Pattern of Fetal Development .

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