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Notice Sheet 5 Dec 10

Notice Sheet 5 Dec 10

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Published by: johncheadle on Dec 05, 2010
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Weekly Diary (for information and prayer

8.30am Prayers in church (Mondays & Wednesday – Friday) 9.00am Old School Nursery (weekday mornings + some pm’s) 12.00pm Mission (Home) Prayer Meeting 3.30pm Youth Club (High Lane) th Tuesday 7 … 10.00am Acorns 8.00pm Homegroup 42 Boundary Rd th Wednesday 8 … 10.00am Mothers & Others Bible Study 12 noon Holy Communion & Lunch 6.30pm All Stars Club (Y 5 & 6) th Thursday 9 … 2.00pm Church Café 3.30pm After School Club (Y 1-4) at The Old School th Friday 10 … 9.00am Assemblies at Meadowbank KS1 & 2 7.30pm Friday Club (Y7+) th Saturday 11 … 9.00am In Stitches 2.00pm? Sunday School Christmas Parties th Sunday 12 … 6.30pm LOST? (Y 10+) meets in the upper lounge Monday 6


05 December 2010
…set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed…
Curate: Mike Newman (428 5212) Wardens: Andrew Pugh (610 2570) Lindsay Burrows (485 1509) Careforce: Jacob Madin (07403 271274) e-mail: enquiries@stcuthberts.org web: www.stcuthberts.org

A special welcome to today, especially to the family & friends of Matthew Addis
• • • • The morning service is usually projected and so no books are required. For those who prefer, printed sheets are available containing the songs. There is a crèche throughout the service in the lower lounge. For older children there is Sunday School (age 3-9) and Covies (age 10-18). Children leave for these before the reading Prayer Ministry is available at all Sunday services with a particular provision at Communion service. Please move to the front after the service or speak to a member of the Prayer Ministry team. It is our policy not to take public collections, but if you wish to give towards the work of St. Cuthbert’s please use the offertory box. If you are a tax payer please think about completing a Gift Aid declaration Ten per cent of all that we receive is in turn given away to the following mission agencies: OMF, CMS & Crosslinks. We also support YFC/ Covies, Careforce & The Message. If you know of anyone who is sick or in need of a visit please pass on the details to Liz Duxbury Items for the Sunday noticesheet must be sent to Fiona Earnshaw by the previous Wednesday Drinks are served after both morning and evening services. Please do join us for a chat


Please pray for
The Sick ... Val Chalke, Michael Chandley, Nicola Flowers, Barbara Beynon, Alan Duxbury, Alan Bonsall, Duncan Trevor, Cynthia Longman, Joan Wilkinson, Jean Watts, Margaret Brookes, Andy McCormick, Lee Taylor, Joe & Karen Coleman, Betty Green Arthur Burslem, Doreen Robertson & Jessica Davids, Merilyn Haslam, Chris & Harry Thompson (St Mary’s) The Bereaved... The family & friends of Tom Fulton, especially his wife Lesley, sister, Margaret, children, Fiona & Helen and grandchildren, Ryan & Aidan Other… This years Bible Encounter Trust Story "Trail" is being held currently at St James' church in Glossop - please pray for Peter and Julie Fraser and all those involved that they might have the opportunity to share the true meaning of Christmas to all the children and adults who attend. Pray for safety in travel each day and that the Community of Glossop would be encouraged to visit the Trail.

• • •

Special Prayers for The Second Sunday of Advent
Almighty God, give us grace to cast away the works of darkness and to put on the armour of light, now in the time of this mortal life, in which your Son Jesus Christ came to us in great humility; that on the last day, when he shall come again in his glorious majesty to judge the living and the dead, we may rise to the life immortal; through him who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

This Sunday
10.30am Ten Thirty Service + Baptism Theme: When the Saints go Marching In Lead: Al Rodgers Preach: Mike Newman Reading: Revelations 21.9-22.5 6.30pm The Evening Service & HC Theme: The Second Sunday of Advent Lead: Mike Newman Preach: Rob Munro Reading: Isaiah 2.1-5, Romans 13.11-14, Matthew 24.36-44

Next Sunday
10.30am Ten Thirty Service (HC) Theme: When the Saints go Marching In Lead: Mike Newman Preach: Phil Highton, All Hallows 6.30pm The Evening Service Theme: The Third Sunday of Advent Lead: Mike Newman Preach: Phil Newsome

Above are the details from ITunes of a CD Adam Brown (Reflex / YFC) recently made with young offenders in Brinsford HMP & YOI. It is a charity release in aid of World Disaster Relief charities for Haiti and Pakistan. Please download each song and support a great cause. Thanks!

Don’t forget Messy Church next Sunday 3.30 – 5.30pm. Lots of Christmas fun and learning. More details from Catherine or Clare

St Cuthbert’s Calling / Christmas CD
If you are a regular or are able to help on this occasion, please take a carrier bag (yes, that’s right!) containing the following items for delivery this week – St Cuthbert’s Calling, Christmas Card CD and Church & Community) Sorry about the extras, but we hope and pray that they will make a difference.

Christmas Choir
Has now begun rehearsals in preparation for the Carol service on 19 December. If you wish to join please have a word with John O or Andrew P. Singing experience is preferable, but not essential.

Christmas Cards Mission Prayer Meeting
An hour of prayer for our church and community next Monday at 12 noon. Please join us if you can whether in body or spirit. The "St Cuthbert's Silver Christmas Tree" will soon be up in the foyer again for church-based Christmas cards. Instead of sending loads of cards to church members, just put one on the silver tree to everyone, and put a donation in the wooden box. We sent £120 to Bible-lands last year supporting needy children in the Holy Land & would like to send even more this year.

Ladies Christmas Meal
Ladies please put Saturday 18 December in your diaries for this year’s Christmas Meal in church. A Saturday was chosen to make it easier for those who work during the week and then have to cook for families as well as prepare/cook food to bring to the Ladies Meal, also the ladies who bravely stay behind to clear up and tidy away don’t have to get up early for work the next morning (just church!). A sign up sheet will be available soon.

Recycling for The Leprosy Mission
Please don’t forget to pas s your Christmas card envelopes (with the stamp still on them) and holiday postcards to Liz Duxbury - the Leprosy Mission can make a lot of money from these. Thank you.

The Nativity
In the week before Christmas BBC1 will be screening a brand new peak-time dramatisation of The Nativity story. It's been retold by the genius Eastenders screen-writer Tony Jordan and made by Kudos, the company behind Spooks, in four 30 minute programmes. Watch out for the advert on the tv!

City Centre Ministries
CCM have a ministry to the destitute and homeless. On Christmas Day we are inviting people to bring hats, gloves and scarves and leave them under the Christmas tree with a view to distribution to those in need. More details from Catherine or Mike

Nativity in the Park
Mike is putting together a team of volunteers to help with this new venture on Christmas Eve. If you are able to help e.g. with setting up, stewarding, hospitality, acting, clearing up (after sheep and donkey’s etc) please have a word with him as soon as possible. Likewise if you have access to costumes, bales of straw, a full size manger etc or any creative ideas please see him as soon as possible.

Prayer Diary / Address List
A limited number of the new booklets are available today. Please use for prayer and information. Also do advise of any incorrect information – assuming there is any – so that we can rectify in for the next print run.

A grate team effort
The refurbishment at the Old School continues with turf recently being laid down by Rick Phillips and the drains cleared out by Rob Walker (shown right). This is in addition to the many other works carried out under the supervision of Phil Newsome and other team members. We are very appreciative of their efforts and look forward to an Open Day in the spring.

St Cuthbert’s Christmas Lunch
As last year we will be serving a turkey lunch with all the trimmings after the service on Christmas day. This is open to any-one. If you would like to help or attend or know someone who would like to come see Tricia or Julie.

St Cuthbert’s Houseparty
Please collect and complete, if you have not already done so, the returns form on the comprehensive leaflet which is now available in the Foyer.

Christmas Programme
Do take the time to look through the Christmas timetable available in the Foyer and then advertise appropriate events amongst family, friends and colleagues. Hopefully there is something there for everyone to enable them to connect with the true message of Christmas.

Church waste
Over the next few weeks we will have a brown, blue and three black bins delivered. With careful management it is hoped that these will prove sufficient for all our church waste (we are yet to make a decision about green waste). Would all group leaders please make every effort to categorise and / or reduce waste as much as possible and also remember to consult the table of collections so that the correct bins are put out for Wednesdays.

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