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Communicate With an Ill Patient

Communicate With an Ill Patient

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Published by: dkaraibrown4282 on Dec 05, 2010
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Communicate with an ill Patient


Communicate with an ill Patient La’Shaunda Brown Communication Skills for the Health Care Professional/ HCA 230 September 07, 2010 Instructor: Kelly Brazao

or eating). problems and confusion may arise. Therefore if no one is there to assist with the patient. the hospital administrator may need to be contacted. (bathroom. Someone needs to assure the patient how things are running. there would need to be family member/friend present in order for the patient to feel comfortable. A patient’s family member may be needed in the case that he/she does not fully recover from surgery and questions from the doctor may need to be answered. As a medical assistant. Not all patients will be comfortable with being alone with a doctor or medical assistant. The hospital administrator is there to help if anyone other than the medical assistant or doctor can not help the patient.e. or in need of assistance. Communication is very much important. i. and what other things may need to be done after the procedure. so there would need to be someone there to assist with the patient. Any big problems that may arise. Patient doesn’t need to feel that they are alone and no one wants to help them. If it’s a while before the patient will speak to anyone. There should be someone close to the patient to help in case the patient has any questions. They also go over who will be their doctor. .Communicate with an ill Patient 2 Helping someone with recovery after going through surgery can be very critical “mentally” for the patient. telephone. how long it would take before actually speaking/seeing a doctor. their duties are to help the patient get the proper care while being hospitalized. Patients who are desperate need of attention would act out. A family member is also needed for the comfort of the patient. and to better inform the patient what just happened.

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