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Clean Pursuits is a Sports-based platform for promoting and funding Sustainable development projects. Clean Pursuits captures the “inspirational capital” of athletes and adventurers who participate in inspired endurance events and expeditions, and directs it to sustainable development projects. Clean Pursuits is...Making Miles Matter. Join the Pursuit • • •
Clean Pursuits is currently seeking-

Corporate partnerships that enhance the “Clean Pursuits” events and adventures of memberathletes (sports vendors) Corporate partnerships to support “Clean Pursuits” missions: sustainable development projects (cleantech vendors, engineers, and contractors) Member-athletes to promote the Clean Pursuits mission

WANTED: Solar Power Here

Why Clean Pursuits?

Clean Pursuits campaigns utilize and require the best of cause marketing: an inspired ground team, social media, events, sponsorships, speaking engagements, corporate partnerships, and compelling beneficiary stories and projects. Furthermore, the “means” and the “ends” are well aligned-

• Inspired endurance events and expeditions have “inspirational capital” • Like energy and environmental issues, endurance events and expeditions are about successful problem solving • Endurance events and expeditions rely on the natural world which Clean Pursuits aims to protect • High tech and low tech solutions to energy and environmental already exist, but sometimes require demonstration environments or need promotional power • Demonstration projects in rural or otherwise needy communities have immediate and direct impacts Current “Pursuits”
Founder Matt Marino’s participation in a 100-mile endurance run raised $2,000 for the Somos Amigos solar energy project at the Mission’s clinic in El Naranjito, Dominican Republic. Matt will host a winter 2011 fundraiser for Clean Pursuits in Boston, and attempt another 100-miler in March, 2011 ,with the goal of raising an additional $8,000 on behalf of Somos Amigos. Clean Pursuits is 100% volunteer-powered, and 100% of funds raised by the Clean Pursuits team are channeled directly to beneficiary (501c3) organizations. ### Contact: Matt Marino, Founder 617-299-0626

All photos: Clean Pursuits site visit - El Naranjito, Dominican Republic.

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