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Leeds Metropolitan University Graduate Internship Programme

Graduate Internship Application Form
Please add as much information as possible: Role applied for: Online Marketing Executive First Name: Jonathan Family Name: Baylis Title: Mr Address: Midhurst, Crag View Huby, Leeds LS17 0BN Email: Baylis_27@hotmail.com Tel No: 07500925644 ELIGIBILITY TO PARTICIPATE IN SCHEME: Are you: 2010 graduate Are you available to work full time for 3 months? Are you currently employed? Do you have a notice period - if so how long? Degree / Postgraduate Course Title: Name of University studied at: Result: Please indicate your status: My student visa expires on (date): Dates 2006-2010 PREVIOUS EDUCATION University Sheffield Hallam University Course Title and Qualifications BA Hons Business & Marketing YES YES – Santander UK – End Date 10th November BA Hons Business & Marketing Sheffield Hallam University 2:2 I am a UK/EEA national (excluding A2 and A8 nationals)

Dates 1998-2003

School / College St John Fisher RC High School St Aidans & St John Fisher Associated Sixth Form


GCSEs, A Levels or equivalent 10 A-C’s including English Language B, English Literature B, Maths C, Science C Business Studies C, C, English Language D

EMPLOYMENT / WORK EXPERIENCE Please provide examples of relevant work experience: Dates Name of organisation Job Title August 10 – November 10 Santander UK PLC Technical Business Specialist

Description of Duties Currently undertaking a 3month project in a graduate role for Santander (UK). This involves identifying any gaps in processes within the banking and savings division and

Please return to Ben Hooper, Graduate Internship Coordinator, b.hooper@leedsmet.ac.uk

I have also been responsible in training team managers to process map to necessary standards set by Santander. which comes from my sporting background in tennis and football (I competed against Leeds Met on many occasions!). further down the line I was asked to train some of the team managers in process mapping their areas. intellectual property. Google analytics. I thrive on new challenges and am a fast learner. Semi Western has given me experience in ecommerce. During this time (which is still continuing) I took a line of products through all the stages from development right up to launch. Wordtracker and various other online tools.ac. problem solving and so on that I have established over the years. In my most recent role with Santander I was thrown in right at the deep end literally having to train myself using whatever and whoever around me. March 09 – Present Semi Western (www. which can be found online.semiwestern. will be an asset to any organisation.hooper@leedsmet. I began an online tennis clothing company. branding. I am hugely enthusiastic and even more so competitive. As a result of this. Specialising in high quality cotton clothing. Graduate Internship Coordinator. August 08 – December 08 Asker Tennis Club Tennis Coach As mentioned above. Worked in Oslo (Norway) for 4 months during University placement as a tennis coach.Leeds Metropolitan University Graduate Internship Programme Graduate Internship Application Form establishing solutions to help prevent fraud amongst other things. b. starting my own brand. My marketing degree combined with the organisational skills.uk . ad words.com) Director Semi Western is an online tennis clothing company I created whilst on placement at University. ‘Semi Western’. which can be used to maximise traffic. interpersonal skills. raising of finance and finetuned my people’s skills to an advanced level. in what is a fiercely competitive market (trust me!). attributes and experience would you bring to the Leeds Metropolitan Graduate Internship Programme Along the way I encountered so many online marketing and research avenues and am well acquainted with SEO. I am applying because I want a new challenge that relates to my Business & Marketing Why are you Please return to Ben Hooper. law. What skills. The success of the business is yet to be determined but the experience gained has equated to more than a business degree in itself.

ac. Declaration I agree to the above terms and conditions and confirm that the information provided is correct.hooper@leedsmet.Leeds Metropolitan University Graduate Internship Programme Graduate Internship Application Form applying for the Graduate Internship Programme? degree. ever changing environment. Daniel.com NORWAY) Tel: +47-93427866 Email: Leeds LS10 2BR Telephone: Tel: 0845 130 77 00 E-mail: info@imagecoltd. (OSLO. I wish I knew! Please describe My short-term plan is preparing myself for my long-term plan. As I near the finish of my current 3 month internship with Santander I understand the great value in having almost a taster (with a view to continue) within different industries. REFERENCES: Please give two references and include the following information: Daniel Nordell – Asker Tennis Club Image Co LTD) Referee's Name: Britannia House E-mail: daniel.nordell@gmail.hooper@leedsmet. please inform the Graduate Internship Coordinator as soon as possible to withdraw from the selection process. You should be expected to work no more than 37 hours per week. I see myself in a marketing role more than anything else. Graduate Internship Coordinator.ac.com Position: Beza Road Tel: 00473427855 Organisation Hunslet Address: Sandvika. b. This will be paid monthly on the 16th of each month. I understand that any false statements may jeopardise my application and may result in any offer of interview or employment to be withdrawn.uk .com Relationship to Applicant: Can we contact the above referee? Yes Yes Terms and conditions: Leeds Metropolitan University acts in good faith when sharing this information with external organisations and cannot be held responsible for any misuse of information that may arise as a result of your details being forwarded to an organisation external to Leeds Metropolitan University.uk If you are successful in securing the graduate internship you will be paid a salary of £266 per week for the twelve weeks. in a fast moving. You will be given a ‘terms of engagement’ document prior to the commencement of your internship. Hopefully I will come across this soon. That is to get as much your long term experience as possible in different areas and really get a good understanding of what I am career plans going to enjoy the most. I want to develop my learning so I will later be able to apply it to my online tennis clothing brand. If you gain alternative employment after submitting your application to the Graduate Internship Scheme. I Agree Date: 14/10/2010 Please return to Ben Hooper. Email: b.nordell@gmail.

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