Current strengths ‡Good sanitation & proper waste disposal ‡Exact date of manufacturing & expiration ‡Healthy workers at the same time efficient & productive ‡Trusted suppliers ‡Good quality of products at a reasonable price & highend technology on food packaging ‡Good sales promotion through TV commercials and print ads ‡Good location of stores and branches which is easily accesible by the public ‡Good manufacturing capabilities equipped with advanced facilities and equipments ‡Food processing expertise

‡Unstable financial situation ‡Decreased customer loyalty/retention . there are instances wherein the company loss overwhelms the profit and goes the other way around.SWOT ANALYSIS Weaknesses Current weaknesses ‡Some products are weak-branded and don t sell very effectively in the market ‡Scarcity of staff & personnel ‡Cash flow position is unstable.

at f fits f si t c ka .SWOT ANALYSIS Opportunities Curr t opportunities r gra s a istri i g a fac k r cts ti ‡I vati f liv ry syst ls t r g li s c a ‡M lti ia a v rtisi g f ‡W rk r r cr it t s ‡La c i g f r ‡ alt a s cial s c rity ‡T c l gical s ifts f s s i ca s r a y-t .

‡Shortage of workers/laborers due to low compensation ‡Tax increase will cause decrease profit ‡Increased regulations about standards of products . etcs.SWOT ANALYSIS Threats Current threats ‡Competition against other food processors ‡Health consciousness about botulism and health issues related to carcinogenic effects of meager products threatens the demand of sales and safety of products ‡Changing customer tastes into other food which is not producing by the company such as ice scramble.

SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT ANALYSIS Presented by: Gr u 4 BSN 4Y2-15 Members: Marian G nzales Svends n Ordanza Geraldine Relavo Melody Santos Fernandina Macalino Farwa Marquez Hannah Rizza Lucille .

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