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Yiquan essays

Yiquan essays


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Published by Andrzej Kalisz
Essays published on Yiquan Academy site in years 1996-2010
Essays published on Yiquan Academy site in years 1996-2010

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Published by: Andrzej Kalisz on Dec 05, 2010
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As for the way of martial art, you need to know and you need to be able to put it into
practice. You need to be able to do something and you need to know what is the principle
behind it. Otherwise it would be deceiving yourself and deceiving others, it would be
continuing the repeating of rubbish. Knowledge and practice are simple words, but the
meaning is complex. Some say that it is easy to do something but difficult to explain. Others


say that it is easy to explain and understand something, but it is difficult to do it. Sometimes
people say that it is difficult to explain something and difficult to do it. Or that theory and
practice are related. Or that actually there is not such thing like being easy or difficult. There
is some basis for each of those statements. But they are all very general and shallow. They
will not enable understanding the issue completely.

I think, that in any field, if you put enough time to it, you will achieve some results.
But because of limitation of knowledge it may happen that it is difficult to explain the essence
of what you are doing. This can be described as “easy to do, difficult to explain”. If
knowledge is rich and skills developed through long practice are deep, it is “ easy to
understand and easy to do”. If there is no knowledge and skill, you “cannot do and cannot
explain”.There is no limit for development of science. There is some knowledge and some
skills. What kind of level of skill could be regarded as true skill, true knowledge? I’m not able
to tell. But if someone knows about something and can do it, if he can do something and he
understands how he is doing this, it can be seen as a beginning of unity of knowledge and
practice. If you don’t understand something well, you will not be able to achieve the level of
really deep skill. If you cannot do something in practice, it cannot be said that you have real
knowledge about it. Knowledge and practice cannot be separated. It is the same in any
science. It must be like this in martial art which is based on moral values. This must be
embodied in any moment of practice. When there is a fight, there is no time for thinking. And
you cannot only keep talking about it whole life. On the way of science, you should try to
understand the principles clearly. You should put time and effort to practice. If someone
doesn’t understand principles, doesn’t know demands of practice, he will easily go astray.
Then the more time he practices, the bigger harm.

No matter which field of science or art, it is easier to teach young people. Those elder,
who have some achievements or even are famous, will not learn new things easily. If
something which teacher teaches is not valuable, if student is not truly dedicated to the study,
only mimicking what others do and repeating what others say, it is only following blindly. If
someone is studying, but results cannot be seen, there must be lack of what is really important
– practical experience. If it is like this all the time, when there is no real connection between
theory and practice, it leads to thinking about mysterious and supernatural. Such people will
never really enter the gate of the field which they study, they will never get practical
experience. What a pity!

You should know that skill is only the gate of science. It is said: “even if children are
stupid, they should not be freed from the duty of study”. They also should understand
principles, learning to use them in practice. External and internal, what on surface and what
inside should help each other, otherwise it will be difficult to enter the right path.



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