Performance Appraisal in IBM In the competitive era, IBM focuses on employee satisfaction because of satisfy employees provide their

best efforts to the organizational growth by providing customer satisfaction. IBM provides monetary and non monetary benefits to their employees on the basis of their performance. (Take This Job and Love It, 1992) IBM focuses on team work rather than peer pressures that enhance the motivation towards the organization. IBM believes on their traditions. IBM has its own culture, values, traditions, history, practices and rules and regulations for whole employees. Performance Appraisal system of IBM shows their unique culture. According to this Walton E. Burdick, Quality employees play a vital role in this competitive environment to achieve the organizational goals. (Take This Job and Love It, 1992) Thomas Watson (Founder of IBM) stated that creativity and values of an individual makes an organization. An organization success depends on their employees¶ performance. Louis V. Gerstner (Former chairman & CEO IBM) focused on flexible and innovative consistent performance appraisal system. (Jun & Hong 2008, pp. 12-18) IBM focuses on innovation through the effective workforce performance. So they have launched ³Personnel Management's Training and Management Assistance Program´ at their U.S. Office. IBM helps to govt. agencies to produce effective workforce by providing relevant skills, knowledge, supportive... environment and team work for organizational growth as well as self advancement. (IBM, 2010) Conclusion IBM focus on employee satisfaction because the satisfy employee play a vital role to achieve the organization goals through the innovation and creativity towards their assigned tasks. Motivated employees provide their best efforts for the organization growth as well as self improvement.

3. IBM offers integrated. From improving efficiency to aligning performance with strategic goals. We are committed to serving the Federal human capital marketplace. Promote collaboration and knowledge sharing with colleagues. and their personal contribution in executing the agency's vision.000 consultants focused on delivering a wide range of strategic human capital services. 2.IBM is proud to serve as a Prime Contractor for the U. strategy. with the right skills. innovative Human Capital Management solutions in four key areas: y y y y Human Capital Strategy Learning Solutions Knowledge & Collaboration HR Strategy Transformation .S. 4. Office of Personnel Management's Training and Management Assistance Program. at the right time. Build the relevant skills to achieve their objectives. Deploy workforces in optimal teams ± in the right place. Create a workforce who understands the objectives. We help government agencies to: 1. Our Human Capital Management practice has over 2. We do this by enabling enterprise innovation and performance through improved workforce effectiveness. we can help you achieve your strategic human capital objectives and enable your workforce to excel.