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Brochure - Comarch OSS Suite

Brochure - Comarch OSS Suite

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Comarch supports telecommunication operators with the Comarch OSS Suite – a set of modular products enabling the construction of an OSS solution tailored to your business requirements.
Comarch supports telecommunication operators with the Comarch OSS Suite – a set of modular products enabling the construction of an OSS solution tailored to your business requirements.

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Published by: Comarch Telecommunications Business Unit on Dec 06, 2010
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Operations for supporting new revenue sources while minimizing costs

Comarch OSS Suite

Comarch strengths in OSS

More value for your business

Comarch supports telecommunication operators with the Comarch OSS Suite – a set of modular products enabling the construction of an OSS solution tailored to your business requirements. Flexibility in adjusting to client business models The suite allows for easy configuration and adaptation of processes to support different business models and functional areas. a balance between flexibility and performance The OSS products are based on an out-the-box data model and processes. They can be implemented as they are or customized with design tools to adapt to client needs. The adaptations are made without degradation of the product operational performance. Supporting planning activities and providing auditing capabilities The OSS can be used for planning process support, storing future network states and keeping the closed loop with network reconciliation – planning is done based on current network data. Additionally, the systems tracks all data changes. Vendor agnostic approach to the network model The solution is easily extendable to support various technologies and network vendors. Both service and network layers within the same solution Comprehensive system tracking both service and network information, faults and quality.

One of the Comarch’s fundamental distinguishing factors is our focus on the flexibility and configurability of our solutions, which are developed in-house and customized to suit the specific needs of our customers. Our solutions are business driven, and have evolved since the company’s inception in 1993, based on customer demand. With 17 years of experience, Comarch is expert at the design, implementation, as well as integration of our solutions and services. We are proud to work with customers from four different continents, including some of the market’s largest players, such as T-Mobile International, Vodafone Germany, Telefónica O2 Germany. The following core solutions of the OSS Suite are created by leveraging individual OSS Suite modules:

Next Generation Service Fulfillment Next Generation Service Assurance Service Quality Management Network & Service Inventory Next Generation Network Planning

The OSS Suite is composed of fine-grained modules, which can be implemented together in different combinations supporting the telecom operators service and network layers of Operations Support and Readiness, as well as Fulfillment and Assurance areas.

Operations Support & readiness Fulfillment assurance

neTwOrk & SerVICe InVenTOry
Service Inventory Management
Service Fulfillment Network Inventory Management

neTwOrk & SerVICe aSSuranCe
SLA Management Service Quality Management Performance Management Service Monitoring Fault Management

Auto-discovery & Reconciliation


Figure 1: Comarch OSS Suite

Operational benefits
Two delivery methods: either independent modules following the best-of-breed paradigm for dedicated requirements, or advantages of fully pre-integrated solutions Reduced integration costs due to modules based on industry standards (eTOM, ITIL, SID, MTOSI) Complete pre-integrated solution, comprising the vertical eTOM areas of fulfillment, assurance, operations support and readiness, and product lifecycle management Business-driven operations enabled by bridging the gap between the customer-centric view and network-driven operations Optimized operation costs provided by the seamless integration of the customer service layer and the network resources, in combination with orchestration via dedicated operational processes Shortened time for introducing new services to end customers through service lifecycle management and service fulfillment, with service assurance process automation spanning the service and network layers


Comarch OSS Suite – Logical Architecture

Comarch OSS Suite – Modules

The logical architecture of the Comarch OSS Suite is depicted in Figure 2. This modern set of tools for your business is built from open interface modules, which can communicate with each other or third party components via the communication
KnowHow database Trouble Ticketing system (3rd party)

bus. The openness of the OSS Suite architecture is based on the NGOSS concept, with a prominent role for SID, eTOM and MTOSI standards.

network & Service Inventory
Comarch Network & Service Inventory is a pre-integrated solution providing you the key benefits of a joint customer/resource view, end-to-end support for service fulfillment and service assurance. The Network Inventory module is responsible for maintaining information for a comprehensive multi-vendor, multitechnology network. In contrast, Service Inventory provides a customer-centric view of the network by leveraging the TMF SID: CFS-RFS-R model. Managing Customer Facing Services (CFS) provides a point for integration with BSS systems.

Absence of gaps between the corporate, customer-centric view and underlying technical infrastructure, thus ensuring more effective cost control of network development and maintenance Improved resource utilization Heightened process automation enabled by the “intelligence” captured in comprehensive data Capture of complex dependencies between both physical and logical resources, as well as customer services, thus enabling more efficient management of inter-dependent resources and service lifecycles A central inventory providing a unified view for various cross-organizational operational processes Support for tracking changes in planning and network configuration

BSS (3rd party)

Other systems

enhanced Communication Bus

Reusable components of Comarch OSS
Comarch SLA Management Comarch Service Quality Management Authentication Service System Repository & Configuration

Comarch Configuration Management

Comarch Fault Management

Comarch OSS Process Management

Comarch Inventory Management

Comarch Performance Management

The solution provides the following benefits:
Operational excellence resulting from a complete top-down view, from services to the underlying network resources

Comarch Service Management

Reporting Service

Notification & escalation Service

enhanced Communication Bus Mediation device Mediation device Mediation device

Comarch OSS Console

Comarch OSS WeB Console

Comarch OSS Mediation Platform

Melody Service

Radio Access Network environment
3rd party system NMS/eMS Physical devices

Core Network

Melody Platform

Figure 2: Comarch OSS Suite – logical architecture Comarch OSS is unique solution combining service inventory, service fulfillment and service assurance in one framework. Services are not just abstract models - they are related to resources. Through this relation, Comarch OSS provides capabilities such as service impact calculation or service decomposition on resource activation and provisioning processes. The service inventory provides a hub for integration of the service and resource layer, and can also serve the information to external systems, such as Trouble Ticketing.

Content Provider

Server Cluster Application

CFS RFS 3rd party provided service
Content Manager Content Provider Melody Server


Increased business automation, due to retaining intelligence from inventory data for use in service fulfillment and assurance process automation Increased ability to shift the focus from network operation to customer service innovation Bridged gap between service inception and network operations Faster service introduction, with service fulfillment and service assurance operational readiness Efficient delivery and assurance of convergent services

Customer Focus

SerVICe FulFIllMenT CrM
Customer Facing Services

SerVICe aSSuranCe CrM

Figure 4: Network event customer service impact calculation based on service model stored in service inventory

Capture customer needs

Calculate Customer service impact

nG Service Fulfillment
Another part of the Comarch OSS Suite that can help you quickly and efficiently launch and deliver services to your customers is the Comarch Next Generation Service Fulfillment. The solution is based on a component-based service creation concept, which is implemented by a service catalog-driven service assembly process. NGSF also gives you the ability to embrace new revenue sources, based on complex convergent services with a prominent role in content-based services.

resource Facing Services

Identify what technical services are required

Identify impacted technical services


allocate resources network Focus

Identify faulty resources

Figure 3: Fulfillment and Assurance data driven synergy

Reduced maintenance costs, due to a single tool that has the potential to replace complex IT landscape.



nG Service assurance
Since your customers are the main focus of your business, you need an efficient tool that can guarantee that the service they receive is of the highest quality. Comarch NG Service Assurance can help you improve your customers’ experience due to its two main capabilities: pro-activeness and the reduction of the time required for service incident resolution. Pro-activeness is achieved through early detection of service incidents, based on network events and customer impact calculation. The early detection enables beginning the resolution of the service incident before the customer experiences any service deterioration. The reduction in service incident resolution is achieved through the automated analysis of root causes, and the implementation of ITIL industry best practices for service incident and problem management. The solution helps the service provider with the following activities Improved customer experience through a reduction of service incidents and faster service restoration processes Pro-active service incident management capability Reduced costs due to increased automation, both in customer service impact calculation and root cause analysis Service incident and problem management excellence, achieved by leveraging a ready-to-use ITIl process library Business-oriented, customer service-centric view of network quality Customer impact prioritized incident resolution process More efficient SLA management due to the translation of automated network events into customer impact

Streamlines integration of new services through preformatted counter and KPI tables, and out-of-the-box statistical functions Enables service quality visualization through KPI graphs, which can be embedded into company dashboards based on web portlets Includes out-of-the-box capabilities for integration with BI tools

OSS Process Management contains the following features:
Yes Yes equipment available on date Order equipment No Verify spares equipment available Verify SLA Change Approved Change to be executed

ready-to-use process library tuned for telco operations no costs associated with the integration of BPM with the OSS platform high level of automation achieved by attaining intelligence from OSS data for enhanced process automation reduced costs and time-to-market for new service introduction, driven by highly automated service fulfillment processes Increased end-customer satisfaction due to self-learning service assurance processes Open interface for integration with corporate BPM and ERP platforms

Change approval
Schedule Change No Change Request Verify Affected Services Is approved




equipment available


next Generation network Planning
Comarch Next Generation Network Planning is a multi-vendor and multi-technology solution that provides support for activities related to the planning and management of a mobile network, including radio, transport and the core network. It enables simplification and automation of network operation through the integration of planning and optimization, configuration management and network provisioning functionalities, and delivers Self-Organizing Networks (SON) capabilities to your doorstep. The modules described below are at the heart of the Comarch Next Generation Network Planning solution and enable addressing various use cases related to strategic and operational planning of radio, transport and the core network. Process Management - allows fully managed and controlled execution of all operational processes auto-Discovery & reconciliation - enables attaining information regarding current network status, as well as the configuration of SON functions network Provisioning - multi-vendor provisioning system capable of configuring all network elements, while simultaneously reflecting all the changes in the inventory database automation engine - enables automation of manual activities related to planning and optimization. Flows of automated operations can be run by users, represent parts of processes, or can be provided as a web service and triggered via an external system Planning & Optimization Modules - pluggable pieces of logic used to prepare plans and calculate required radio, transport and core network parameters


Figure 5: Processes as an additional layer

Strategy, Infrastructure & Product
Strategy & Commit Infrastructure Lifecycle Management Product Lifecycle Management

Operations Support & Readiness Fulfillment Assurance Billing

Marketing & Offer Management

Customer Relationship Management Service Management & Operations Resource Management & Operations Supplier/Partner Relationship Management

Service Development & Management

Comarch OSS
Process Management

Resource Development & Management

Supply Chain Development & Management

enterprise Management

Strategic & Enterprise Planning Financial & Asset Management

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Effectiveness Management

Knowledge & Research Management

Stakeholder & External Relations Management

Human Resources Management

Service Quality Management
Comarch Service Quality Management is a module for aggregating all network and applications statistics, calculating KPI and KQI, and propagating these KPIs in the service hierarchy. This is an extremely important module for Service Assurance solutions, where the service state does not depend solely upon alarms, but also on the quality of the network and supporting systems. The solution enriches the service assurance process by automated correlation of the network and service statistics with existing faults. It provides the following benefits: Enables measuring service quality, the most important prerequisite for customer experience management Calculates the impact of network quality degradation on customer service

Figure 6: Comarch OSS Suite vs. eTOM

OSS Mediation
The primary role of Comarch OSS Mediation is to assure that upper layer OSS systems contain a realistic view of the underlying network, as well as the ability to apply management operations down to the network. Since real networks tend to be heterogonous with various types of NMS and EMS, Comarch OSS Mediation provides a set of ready-to-use adapters for typical NMS and an open architecture that enables quick development of new adapters, including direct mediation capability.

Comarch OSS

OSS Process Management
Comarch OSS Process Management is a BPM platform, pre-integrated with the OSS Suite and equipped with a ready-to-use OSS process library. The library is based on ITIL and eTOM industry standards and best practices. Its role is to provide the process orchestrations and automation of operations for all solutions built over Comarch OSS Suite.

Comarch OSS Mediation
Comarch Mediator Comarch Mediator Comarch Mediator Comarch Mediator



direct Mediation NMS Mediation eMS Mediation

Figure 7: OSS Mediation capabilities



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Comarch is a leading Central European IT business solutions provider specializing in forging business relationships that maximize customer profitability while optimizing business and operational processes. Comarch’s primary advantage lies in the vast domain of knowledge accumulated in and applied to our software products. These products incorporate highly sophisticated IT solutions for businesses in all vertical sectors. Comarch has a multinational network of offices employing over 2800 highly-experienced IT specialists in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.
Comarch Spółka Akcyjna with its registered seat in Kraków at Aleja Jana Pawła II 39A, entered in the National Court Register kept by the District Court for Kraków-Śródmieście in Kraków, the 11th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under no. KRS 000057567. The share capital amounts to 7,960,596.00 zł. The share capital was fully paid, NIP 677-00-65-406 Copyright © Comarch 2010. All Rights Reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced in any form without the prior written consent of Comarch. Comarch reserves the right to revise this document and to make changes in the content from time to time without notice. Comarch may make improvements and/or changes to the product(s) and/or programs described in this document any time. The trademarks and service marks of Comarch are the exclusive property of Comarch, and may not be used without permission. All other marks are the property of their respective owners. en 2010-11

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