Doubts regarding UCP articles- we do not need to study whole 39 articles but only few articles mentioned belowARTICLE

- 1,2,3,5,6,10,13,14,16,17,18,27,28,29,30 How questions wud b asked? we dont need to cram these articles but jst undrstand them. Questions would be in the form of ONE PAGE case study ALREADY given by Sir (ABC LTD.) (we jst need to mention that what wud be the effect of discrepancies mentioned in the case study,as per the Articles ) (no need to mention article name or number ) THE ABOVE MENTIONED ARTICLES are sufficient to solve the questions. QUESTION 2- there would also be one general CHOICE question based on leanings from THE INDIVIDUAL LEADER selected by you. Welcome to GBO !! Finally its about getting global.

UCP 600 ± Article 16-compliance of docs Article 17-original copies Article 18-commercial invoice Article 27-clean transport Article 28-insurance(proxy, all original, Article 29-presentation date Article 30
Tolerance in Credit Amount, Quantity and Unit Prices

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