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Catalogue - Fans

Catalogue - Fans

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Published by: Prem Rajagopal on Dec 06, 2010
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Industrial Fans (India) Private Limited

A Leading Air Movement & Control Solution Provider

Heavy Duty Fans & Blowers

Balancing Every Rotor built by Industrial Fans (India) is dynamically balanced on precision computer balance equipment. Our Manufacturing Works is located in Chennai. enable us to accomplish a wide variety of installation work. We specializes in the production of Heavy duty Air Movement & Control Equipments that are Engineered-to-Specifications. with “state of the art” balance and alignment equipment. We take pride in making sure that our engineered quality equipments that will provide the desired performance results.3 Installation Factory trained personnel. and has developed an outstanding reputation for Engineering and building Custom made Air Movement & Control equipment. combined with skilled field labor.About IFI I ndustrial Fans (India) established in 1972. are prepared to supervise the installation and start up of all equipment provided. Each customer’s application requires unique Design. our reputation continues today. Our Boiler ID Fan in Operation . Factory has a fully Computerized Precision Balancing Machine of 10 Tones capacity. With our strong focus on quality. Standard balance criteria as per ISO 1940 Grade G 2.5 & G 6. Engineering and supervision experience.

Each design has its own features such as maximum efficiency. available in Single width. economy. Fatigue Analysis. including Works Performance Testing. Verification of our analytical results can be provided through a variety of testing. abrasion resistance. including Finite Element Analysis. Design Resonant Speed Analysis and installed Resonant Speed Analysis. we have constantly improved our four basic centrifugal fan designs. Over the years. Torsional Analysis. etc… IFI offers a full range of Analysis for our custom designed fans. Standard Impeller Type Airfoil Blade Backward Curved Blade Backward Inclined Blade Straight Radial Blade Standard Fan Arrangements . Our wide range of fans and blowers. Double width and Double stage can move air and various gases with capacities up to 600 m³/s and up to 40 kPa. etc. Field Performance Testing.Custom Made Heavy Duty Centrifugal Fans I ndustrial Fans (India) offers a full range of custom made industrial fans and blowers to meet the requirements of all the applications.

All our fans are designed to satisfy the requirements of individual applications and service conditions. IFI uses only the very best quality components available. We design capable of reaching static pressures up to 2.High Pressure Blowers W blowers e have a complete range of Single & Multi-stage Centrifugal Blowers in various sizes and configurations.1 Kg / cm2 with Blowers in Series. Robustly designed and suitable for a range of heavy industrial to small commercial applications. Variations in these configurations are available in order to suit exact installation conditions. IFI fans are designed and purpose built to achieve specific duty requirements. always innovatory. IFI axial flow fans are available in both direct drive and vee belt drive configurations. IFI manufacture from a vast array of materials such as: Hot dip galvanized coated mild steel Stainless steel Specialized coatings to suit client specifications Standard range impellers are available in Die Cast Aluminium Specialized impellers are available in mild steel and stainless steel construction . Our belt drive axial flow fans for extreme environment installations. high quality axial flow fans. Axial Flow Fans I FI specialize in the design and manufacture of heavy duty. where bearings. shafts and drive belts can not withstand air stream contact such as high temperatures or corrosive fumes. direct driven or belt driven to attend to the requirements of today’s needs with technical expertise. To combat the variance in axial flow fan applications. With reliability and longevity in mind.

proven reliability. however grease can be used according to necessity. high speed and load operations. Alternate arrangements can be supplied as per specific requirements. Our Inlet Boxes are specially designed case to case to suit the applications and fans. One piece housing incorporates a deep groove ball race and a cylindrical roller race. Pillow Block Bearing These are designed to meet higher radial and axial loads and operation under severe conditions. babbitted or bronze liner bearing is required which is self aligning and quiet in operation. quiet operation. Inlet Box Aerodynamically designed for Optimum Performance. They can be designed for high thrust loads including oil and other lubrication methods. extended life (No metal to metal contact during operation) makes the perfect choice for a Heavy Duty Fans. babbitted liner and the sealing between the shaft and the bearing is of multiple labyrinth type.Accessories & Features Mono Block This will meet applications of high rotational speed and axial load well beyond the range of normal Plummer blocks. Deep groove ball bearings series 6300 (C3 Internal radial clearance) and cylindrical rolling bearings series NU 300 are supplied as standard. rugged construction. All blocks are constructed for oil lubrication. The pillow block bearing housing is fully split for trouble free assembly. The housing is of cast iron. . Can be integrated with the Fan Casing or designed as a separate Unit. Inlet Box on Inlet Side of the fan shields the bearing on inlet side from transported gas. It can also be water cooled making it ideal for high temperature. They are suitable for a wide range of industrial application where a precision built.

impart a rotary motion to the gas stream as it reaches the impeller. the right shape. This type of device works by deflecting the incoming gas to one side of the inlet box which produces a swirl at the fan inlet by conservation of angular momentum as the gas is drawn into the fan inlet. Inlet Vane Damper The Inlet Vane Control assembly is designed for flow control in centrifugal fans and is connected directly to the fan inlet flange. geometry and angling of the fan impeller blades or hard facing with heat-resistant tungsten or abrasion resistant chromium carbide all provide protection against both localized and large scale wear and tear. The assembly is of a robust construction and provides highly economic flow control. There are significant cost savings and increases in service life compared to complete rotor replacement. which can be set in various positions. Wear Protection Special components can be used to minimize fan impeller wear and the risk of break down. The guide vanes. This lowers the pressures and output characteristics of the fans and ensures good operating economy over a relatively wide control range. . For instance. The dust deflectors are protected with chromium carbide hard facing and will need to be replaced as required. Dust Deflector IFI has applied this technology in high abrasion applications.Accessories & Features Multi Louvre Damper This proven range of Inlet Box Control Dampers is in use in many industries.

and to conserve energy are phenomenal.Retrofit and Enhancements I n the environment of deregulated industry. IFI has succeeded by providing customers with cost effective retrofit solutions. The contribution and potential of retrofit and Enhancements of fans to overcome the above bottlenecks and difficulties. In several of these applications. including duct work and foundations. faced with increased competition and strict compliance regulations. IFI supplies retrofit equipment for existing fans. providing the end user with a dual benefit. In critical cases. when they are operated at their designed system resistance. Due to various reasons many fans are operated at other than the original rated duty. Loading of DIDW Cooler Vent Fan Impeller in our 10 Ton Computerized Balancing Machine . to minimize the cost of environmentally driven changes. IFI has also been able to provide an innovative retrofit equipment that solved severe mechanical problems with the customer’s existing fan equipment. regardless of the original manufacturer and has a proven track record of success in these applications The fans would deliver their best efficiency. providing increased output from existing fans while maintaining as many of the existing component as possible. we carry out a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for the mechanical stability of fan equipment and Computerized Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis for the evaluation of predicted flow in the modified Retrofit & Enhancements of fans.

Tamil Nadu. India.in IFI/HDF/RPK/JAN-2010 Works 189. I. Nandanam.industrialfans. t +91 44 4218 1767 / 2433 0501 f +91 44 2431 1581 e indfan@eth. Old Mahabalipuram Road. t +91 44 4218 1767 .co. C.net w www. Chennai -600 119. Chennai -600 035. Nagar. 1st Main Road. Sholinganallur. T. India.Industrial Fans (India) Private Limited A Leading Air Movement & Control Solution Provider Admin 77 / 36. Tamil Nadu.

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