The Amazing Secrets Of The Enneagram --A simplistic, extremely easy to follow guide to the Enneagram and its secrets

. WHAT IS THE ENNEAGRAM AND WHAT DOES IT REVEAL ABOUT US? The Enneagram is a Personality Typing System. Based on nine personality types (Ennea) and depicted in a diagram (gram) that shows how these personalities interrelate. The premise the Enneagram is based on is this: YOU DEVELOPED YOUR PERSONALITY TO GUARD YOUR HIGHER SELF CONSCIENCE (YOUR LIGHT, YOUR PURE ESSENCE). THEREFORE YOUR PERSONALITY AND YOUR HIGHER SELF ARE INTRINSICALLY LINKED. THE ONE WE ARE MORE READILY AWARE OF, OUR PERSONALITY, HOLDS THE KEY TO THE NATURAL WISDOM OF OUR HIGHER SELF. We developed a personality to act as a mediator between the communication of our higher self and the way we perceive the world in which we live. When you become very aware of your personality you will be witnessing what you, as a very young child (from conception to around age 4), made up about your world. Your world is the environment in which you lived during these early years. You were influenced by the people who were significant within that environment. The most significant being your parents. Their own reaction and responses to the situations in their world taught you how to survive around them and others. Some of what they taught you is useful. However much has given rise to very rigid repeated patterns that no longer serve you as an adult.

Freed from the beliefs that make you hide and alter parts of your nature so you feel accepted in your world. YOUR WISDOM. you can then choose to live more of WHO YOU REALLY ARE. You . the small child. We can decide what is real about what the child decided.We use the Enneagram as a map of our personality. The Enneagram has been chosen by many who are seeking their true nature and purpose as an extremely useful tool because it demonstrates clearly the integrity of the structure of your personality and how it operates to PROTECT your heart from the original pain you felt as a child. By studying the 9 personality-points of the Enneagram you see what your personality is protecting and what you are afraid to reveal because your heart will feel the pain again. By becoming the truthful and loving witness of our particular map we can know all that there is to know about our personality. YOUR LIGHT. Whatever way the child decided to behave he/she FORMED A BELIEF SYSTEM that enabled him/her to act in a given way to his/her environment that made him/her feel safe and secure in it. YOUR HEART. This desire is more in line with what is true about you and your higher nature. These fears are hidden in your belief system and it is only by revealing your particular beliefs that you are set free to express what your heart wants to create. in a glorious display of your gifts and talents. The more you can be open to your core personality number and its associated numbers. We can then examine this as a more aware adult. This revelation of self is the very thing that will set you free from your fears. We can bring all the hidden aspects of ourselves up into our conscious awareness. innocently shone the light of your true nature. When you know your particular belief system and how it causes you to REACT OR RESPOND TO SITUATIONS you will know the fears that drive you to PROTECT YOUR HIGHER SELF. Some people call this higher part of yourself your SOUL and this is the reason that the Enneagram is often referred to as THE GATEWAY TO YOUR SOUL. you were very often given the message that this was not the acceptable thing to do. the more you will come to know the darker side of your personality which has been well protected during most of your life. You will come to know that when you.

REVEALING HOW THE ENNEAGRAM SHOWS YOU WHAT YOUR PERSONALITY DOES AND WHY? Your core personality is usually easily recognisable in the Enneagram model. This makes it an invaluable tool to use when you want to set your TRUE CREATIVE NATURE FREE and bring all your gifts and talents out into the light. which reflect in your personality. In later e-books I will reveal how this is done. ©Conscious Creative Living ® created by Dale Symons. act as a filtration system for all information coming to you to be sorted so that you know the appropriate way to respond and react in that situation. The Enneagram model shows your core personality intrinsically linked to two other personality types. aspirations and dreams cause you to respond and react to situations in your own way. No matter how much you try to reject your core personality type it will keep revealing more and more "a-ha's" for you until you claim it. that drive your personality. Your beliefs. Your core personality type never changes and once you acknowledge it through the Enneagram model you see the repeated behavioural patterns that run through your life.then felt pain in your heart and you made up your beliefs. Through my work I have come to know that the only way to really know your personality and its way of making you behave in a certain way is to study the Enneagram intuitively. For ease of understanding they are described this way: . to protect your heart from further pain. 2001 The most powerful secret of the Enneagram is that it leads you to know your hidden gifts and talents that are a true expression of your natural self. kept in the dark so nobody can violate it again. Therefore by observing your personality in action it is easy to see what is obvious about you. Everyday you are operating through your personality. The light comes on and cannot be denied. Yet your personality is unique to you because your experiences. March. The result is that your true nature is hidden.

It triggers your core belief about yourself that was formed between conception to approximately age 4. It is driven by the need to know how to act so that you are not emotionally hurt in the situation. The particular experiences you had at that time will determine your reactions or responses. It is driven by the need to defend yourself from feeling extreme pain. March. HIGH STRESS TYPE--IS THE SYSTEM YOU ACTIVATE WHEN YOU FEEL MOST THREATENED. LOW STRESS TYPE--IS THE SYSTEM YOU FEEL MOST SECURE IN. ©Conscious Creative Living ® created by Dale Symons. It is YOUR EVERYDAY WAY OF PERCEIVING YOUR WORLD. It is driven by the need to have a way of feeling safe in any situation.CORE TYPE--IS YOUR MAIN DEFAULT SYSTEM WHEN YOU FACE ANY SITUATION. 2001 .


Attitudes. 2's live through other people's emotions.The arrows in the diagram describe how the emotional energy driving your personality shifts from LOW STRESS TYPE to CORE TYPE to HIGH STRESS TYPE. which are inherent in your personality type to give you a fuller picture of how it operates. HEART--FEELING--these people are the "people" people who take care of everybody else These types are emotionally based. These Beliefs. And. In the model created by Dale Symons for Conscious Creative Living® and Life Intuition. These numbers are called WINGS. Depending on the situation and the degree of your stress you are experiencing you will use either one or both of the Wings to validate why you are thinking and feeling that way. the way you react and respond will be determined by how fearful you are in the situation. BODY AND HEART. So. or the divine energy of self or Soul) and the emotional centre of us is our heart. This is used to divide the Enneagram model into the three main ways that people experience the world. It is important to note again that your "Belief Filtration System" was developed as a specific protective tool by you to protect your higher self (Some describe it as the "essence" of self. whenever these fears are triggered in you. of course. You will notice the dotted line dividing the diagram. Attitudes. you made up your Belief System when you felt fear as a child. From the wings we gather more ammunition to support the way we perceive the situation. Strategies and Emotional Reactions will determine your Enneagram Behavioural Pattern. Even the workaholic who is a high achiever has never the less surrendered their own needs in favour of being acknowledged by others. 3's deny their emotions and 4's immerse themselves completely in them. The two numbers on either side of our Core Personality Type also play a role in the way our personality works. These are through MIND. They are the core types of submission and depression . Numbers 2 3 & 4. your "Belief Filtration System" kicks into gear and you perceive the situation to be the same as what you experienced as a child. Strategies and Emotional Reactions. They surrender their own needs in favour of the needs of others. Remember. Dale has included Beliefs.

emotionally or mentally abused. 5's act as though they are untouchable and have all the answers . Numbers 8. They are the types that react with fear and flight. March.Numbers 5. 7's use their mental thoughts to exist in a fantasy. They are not concerned that they will not have what they need but they fear that they will be physically.COM AND DISCOVER HOW TO . They keep a lid on it and stew. MIND--THINKING--these are the "head" people and they rely on their intellect or mental capacity--They must understand the situation These types are mentally based. 2001 To fully understand this ancient philosophy of the desert nomads it is wise to use your intuition in the same way they did. 9's use passive aggression and 1's show their aggression but keep it in check because it will appear that they are not perfect if they use it. 8's act totally on their instincts. I have used this personality typing system in my trainings and counselling and mentoring sessions for many years and find that when my students first try to understand their Enneagram Number by doing the question and answer section in books about the subject. They are the core types of paranoia. They are the types that act with anger and a need to fight. BODY--SENSING--these are the "gut" people. They act upon their instincts. 6's are always checking out where the enemy is and 7's are always on the move mentally and physically so you can never tie them down to commitment. 6 & 7. 9's deny their instincts and 1's do the opposite to what their instincts tell them to do. To learn how to access your intuition and get greater insights into the Enneagram plus a lot more go to LIFE INTUITION. 8's are obviously aggressive. At the slightest sign of danger they run and hide. Therefore it is wise to activate your higher wisdom to get a more accurate picture of your personality and how it works.9 & 1. they are usually off the mark by about 70% of the time. 6's deny their mental thoughts and confuse their emotions for thinking. They believe that if they are aggressive they are powerful. 5's live totally through their mental thoughts. These types are physically based. ©Conscious Creative Living ® created by Dale Symons.


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