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Gilmartin Weekly


December 6 - 10

-We will have our holiday party on Friday, Dec. 17 at 12:45. The theme is a surprise for the children, though; they may bring in pajamas to change into after lunch. We will also have a book exchange that day. Please send in a new or gently used book, wrapped for the book exchange. Thanks!


Chapter 5 – Understanding Place Value. http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com

If you need another copy of your child’s information for visiting the online math series, please let me know

-This year, fourth grade is sponsoring a family with a 10-year-old boy for “Secret Santa.” Secret Santa is a way MACS provides more at Christmas for families at our school who are stressed to the limit during this season. There is a list of suggested items posted on my classroom door. Families are encouraged to purchase larger items together. Let me know if you have any questions.

Spelling - plurals

1. shelves 2. sheep 3. teeth 4. elves 5. mice 6. calves

11. men 12. geese 13. salmon 14. series 15. scissors 16. halves 17. oxen 18. crises 19. knives 20. thieves Bonus acceptance cooperation

Reading/Language Arts
This week’s selection is entitled Stealing Home written by Mary Stolz. The skill for this selection is “compare and contrast.” Students are learning narrative-style writing. I will occasionally send writing homework in place of the reading FCAT practices on Wednesdays. Please study the meanings of the following vocabulary words with your child. pastimes - pleasant ways of passing times tutor - to teach privately disposition - one's usual way of acting; temperament glumly - in a gloomy way irritably – crossly; grumpily bicker – to disagree in a quarrelsome way impose – to put an unwanted burden on grudge – ill will toward someone

7. spacecraft 8. jeans 9. feet 10 women

Science – Animal habitats Social Studies – Early Floridians

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Math – 5-2-A

Math – 5-2-B Sp.10 sent./ paragraph

Math – 5-2-C Rdg.
FCAT practice

Math – 5-3-A Sp.Practice test

No H/W

Dates to Remember:
December 8 – Interim reports go home December 11 – Light Up Micanopy December 17 – Christmas party

Sp.2x (try) cursive

No H/W

December 20 – 31 – Christmas holiday

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