NDP Leadership Candidate Calls for Police Investigation Into Lingenfelter Phony Membership Scandal

For immediate release: May 20, 2009

NDP Leadership Candidate Calls for Police Investigation into Lingenfelter Phony Membership Scandal
“I think the NDP should recognize that and take the next steps, whatever they feel are

appropriate to further investigate and really make sure that is really understood. If that next step is the RCMP then yes they should...it's the NDP that should ask for that to be done.”
-NDP Leadership Candidate Ryan Meili, May 22, 2009 SaskParty MLA Dustin Duncan called on Lorne Calvert and the NDP Party to listen to one of their own leadership candidates and turn the 1,100 phony membership forms from the Lingenfelter campaign into the authorities. “This isn’t just any citizen calling for the NDP to do the right thing,” said Duncan. “This is one of the people running to be the leader of the NDP. Ryan Meili is saying the same thing the people of Saskatchewan are saying – the NDP need to turn the phony memberships over to the RCMP and have the whole Lingenfelter scandal properly investigated.” Duncan said the NDP refuse to hand over the evidence while there are allegations of identity theft, forging signatures, attempting to defraud NDP headquarters and breach of privacy. On May 5, 2009, NDP Leader Lorne Calvert said, “My role is, as best as I can, to ensure … the integrity of the party. The integrity of the process by which we select a new leader. I take that seriously.” “Well, the only way to preserve the integrity of the NDP Party at this point is to turn the evidence over to the RCMP,” Duncan said. “If the NDP don’t turn over the 1,100 phony memberships to the authorities, Lorne Calvert will be leaving the NDP in shambles for years to come.”
-30For further information: Steve Rennick, Saskatchewan Party Caucus, Regina, 787-4300

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