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Amoeba Av Workshops Aple Russia

Amoeba Av Workshops Aple Russia

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Published by Hagbard Celine
amoeba.av:in.workshop_a.p.l.e. in theory and practice

/arrange.process.loop.edit_thee workshops m1+m2
.lecture .AV experiment .interactive workshop

a.av workshop_01 for St Petersburgh, Russia.
amoeba.av:in.workshop_a.p.l.e. in theory and practice

/arrange.process.loop.edit_thee workshops m1+m2
.lecture .AV experiment .interactive workshop

a.av workshop_01 for St Petersburgh, Russia.

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Published by: Hagbard Celine on Dec 06, 2010
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amoeba.av:in.workshop_a.p.l.e. in theory and practice

/arrange.process.loop.edit_thee workshops m1+m2
.lecture .AV experiment .interactive workshop

Each student will receive a loop pack of selected amoeba HD+SD_AV movies, and will in return be expected to participate in a workshop remix experiment, using supplied laptops/desktops, and remix these loops with or without their own footage, using techniques taught in the first part of the workshop. The final student AV loop mixes being part of a live a.p.l.e RESTRUKTURE experiment will be shown on cyberbrothersTV and used as part of ongoing installations, collaborations and AV workshop experiments. This workshop consists of two modules, the time allocated to these depends on the facilities.
Arrange.Process.Loop.Edit [ a.p.l.e ] is an amoeba.av [a.av] live performance and typographical visual music DVD released on lightrhythmvisuals.com Originally starting off as typographical, memeticly-influenced, Five second long AV performance loops in 2005. It has now evolved into a cross-cultural, multi-loop, AV-typographical live performance, installation, workshop and a visual-music dvd.ep and album release. With tracks remixed by international av artists, like dubassy, tom wall, ben sheppe, and russias premier AV specialists inVISIBLErain [vj.eps+vj.tokyio] [ a.p.l.e ] as a live installation and av performance has been shown at universities, media festivals and digital events in moscow, kazantip, vienna, stuttgart, paris and london at at various media events between 2007-2010, always evolving and interacting with audiences, styles, music and visual content and production.


2 hrs+

The first part is an introduction and an explanation to the amoeba a.p.l.e performance, the ideology and the style of a.p.l.e. Here the students will learn real world design and motion graphic tricks and techniques about a.av loop production and learn about the three separate origin, version and reaction animation production processes within a.p.l.e. in a Q+A interactive workshop. 01.ORIGIN The initial AV sample production process including vector and photoshop graphics and typographical illustrations through to the basic after effects sound synched compositions, rendering to AV loop specifications. Using Illustrator/freehand/photoshop/logic, these loops became the [origin]

02.VERSION Each [origin] av loop was re-sequenced timed and processed using ableton live sending purely midi patterns controlling the rhythm of the movies playing through variations of arkaos/resolume/ co-ge/module 8, with the resulting visual music sequences, evolving into the first full individual av tracks, that are now known as [versions]. Here students will learn how to create rhythm with AV mixing whilst retaining the original quality of captured realtime edits and maintain quality codec control in the production pipeline.

03.REACTION Once each [version] visualmusic track evolved, the next process for these themselves to be remixed, as reactions to the versions. Here we will understand how to keep the production process flowing and how to deconstruct, remix and erode visual-music tracks whilst retaining the original codec quality of the [origin] animations using after effects, finalcut/premier-pro. After this initial a.p.l.e showcase, introduction and AV loop creation module ends, the students will be aware of the techniques and tricks for them to create their own AV loops ready for their own experiments. If time allows, students can create their own samples. In this case I will provide bespoke AV loops in SD and HD quicktime.mov's/AVI's with embedded audio.

>>> b r e a k <<<

m2 a.p.l.e_practice

3 hrs+

The second module is a hands on workshop, using my supplied AV content.  Students who agree to take part will get the AV loop pack and take part in a remix-restructure workshop, where they can use their own software and/or supplied software and utilise the techniques and tips shown in the previous module to remix, edit and sequence a new visual-music track.  This is a live Q+A module where students can ask myself and possibly another professional of my choice for hands on advice. Students can collaborate or produce individual mixes of at least 30 seconds. Depending on the length of this module and the amount of time students will have to actually produce some finished work, either full individual tracks or mashups of clips will accepted and submitted to cyberbrotherTV as part of the amoeba restructure competition. 

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: /A.AV_HISTORY http://www.aavaple.info

_1998-2010: amoeba.av a.av has been actively involved with electronic music, AV installations, VJ'ng, video projections and realtime AV performances since the early 1990's, originally in Scotland, outputting and mixing

computer graphics, and graphic design with typography and music through VHS, then hi-8/mini-dv for the likes of Slam, Soma Records, jeff mills, Percy x, T-in the Park and Rub a Dub records, and as art director of the Scottish Underground VJ and arts collective A.'.A.'.A a.av was formed for the separate performance, production and experiment of realtime AV mixing and live cinema performances with self-created motion graphic visual music content utilising quicktime, midi/osc, software and hardware. a.av was an early practitioner of a realtime audio/video performances, using quicktime movies with embedded sound to create the entire performance. Providing a unique realtime AV experience showcased at AVITUK.02, utilising the amoeba.design library of synched motion graphics, short films, music videos and A/V edits and loops. a.av performs at selected music, video, media and digital festivals. Now using ableton live to send midi signals only to arkaos and resolume, where sequences of quicktime movies with embedded audio are hosted. These host software trigger the .movs with embedded sound, and they are the mixed live using various video effects, plugins, quartz patches and vst audio effects creating unique typographical AV visual music and reactive and immersive AV environments. a.av has now evolved into a cross cultural realtime digital A/V experiment. With a current dvd releases through lightrhythmvisuals, and solo A.AV shows in Russia, Ukraine, London, Vienna, Paris and Vancouver. Performing at various types of media events, music festivals, film festivals, design shows, art installations and code/visual festivals throughout the UK, Europe, Russia and the Ukraine.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: /AMOEBA.DESIGN_history http://www.theestateovcreation.co.uk

_1995-2010: amoeba.design established in Glasgow in '95 as an independent creative design studio working with brands, advertising agencies, design studios, broadcasters, publishers, record labels, TV production facilities and recording artists.  Specialising in creatively led digital campaigns. Design, direction and consultation for projects in print, branding, broadcast, publishing, music/screen technologies, and reactive audio+visual installations. Now based in Brighton, uk with clients in Europe and Russia including: MTV, Sony, MTV Asia, Playstation Network, Viacom, The Cartoon Network, Wall of Sounds Records, Channel 4, Princess Productions, Compost Records, Soma Records, Maverick Media, Abracadabra, The Lowey Group, ITV, MacUser and Dennis Publishing.

/amoeba_Scott Mcpherson

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