Rumena Yasmin 10E Compare the ways a particular viewpoint is developed in Give and one other poem from

Character and Voice . In the poem Give , Simon Armitage is expressing the beggars feelings about being on the streets and being neglected. He is desperate and perhaps bitter about his situation; this is expressed through his tone and sarcasm. This can be seen in the poem where it says, of all the public places, dear, to make a scene, I ve chosen here . The word dear shows the sarcasm that the beggar is implyi ng. And the phrase to make a scene, I ve chosen here, shows that he has a choice however this changes throughout the poem to show that he has no choice. In contrast, Armitage examines the way clown punks are conveyed to be an outcast in society in the poem The Clown Punk . An example of this would be found in the poem where it states, the deflated face and shrunken scalp . This portrays the clown punk as an ugly flat faced clown punk with a small head. In the poem give , Simon Armitage uses a range of techniques to explore the feelings/experiences of the beggar. For example, Armitage has given multiple meanings to many of his words. This can be seen in the poem where it says, I m holding out . This suggests that the beggar is holding out his hands for spare change. This quote also suggests that he s got no choice and that he hand been waiting for a long time. On the contrary, Armitage has also used a variety of techniques such as similes and metaphors in The Clown Punk . In the poem it states, s till daubed with the sad tattoos of high punk . The use of the adjective sad suggests that he is trapped in an uncomfortable nature. The simile Like a basket of washing that got up makes the reader visualise a coloured basket with the colours of the sp ectrum whirled in it, this is used to describe his one -toned skin covered in a slick of rainbow. However it also implies that he is wearing dirty, scruffy, creased clothing. This creates a negative tone towards the clown punk. The tone created in Give is sarcastic. This is because the beggar is criticising the public by using words like dear . By contrast, the tone in The Clown Punk expresses anger at being rejected and expresses a negative tone due to the way he is viewed. This can be seen in the p oem where it says, Like a basket of washing that got up . This makes the reader feel disgust because the simile implies that he is wearing dirty, scruffy, creased clothing which suggests that he doesn t iron his clothes or bother doing anything with them apart from wearing and washing them. Simon Armitage used sonnet form in The Clown Punk because he wanted to show that punks should be loved, that they re only human beings. Quotes such as sad tattoos and high punk portrays the emotions of the clown punk. It also shows that he has a pathetic personality. However, each line in the poem Give has 8 syllables. This creates a rhythm.

Rumena Yasmin 10E .

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