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Study Group 6 - Elections

Study Group 6 - Elections

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Published by: IsaacSilver on Dec 06, 2010
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The usefulness of the Democratic Party in its open defense of the
Republican Platform and its attacks on our Constitution and the rule of
law internationally would be of little value to those who favor the
present policies if it led to the development of a mass independent
opposition. The failure of such forces to exist in sufficient strength
permits the Democrats to be more open in their support for anti-
democratic policies.

Nevertheless, some voices outside the Democratic and Republican
Parties are beginning to be heard. Massive anti-war street
demonstrations and the voice of a new small party, the Green Party,
have gained some attention and respect. In no case did the
Democratic Party as an institution support, call for, or help mobilize
popular forces for peace and respecting international law. Yet large
numbers of its rank and file and many lower level elected officials,
against their party, participated in and promoted anti-war protests.

Many lower-level elected officials among the Democrats and even
some Republicans who defend the Constitution of the United States are
voting to oppose the USA PATRIOT Act at the local level. Even many
middle-level Democrats have conflicting views and sometimes take
progressive stances in concert with the Green Party’s platform. These
individuals live in contradiction with the Party to which they belong
and, while we can and should join with them behind specific issues, we
do not adopt their error of being in a party that is against the interest
of the people, pro-corporate and against the rule of law.

Democrats attack the Green Party

The Democratic Party allows its lower level representatives to present
themselves as opposed to the war. Some of its leaders have begun to
take on an appearance of disagreeing with “how” the policies of Bush
are being implemented. The Democratic Party has unleashed a
campaign to divide and conquer those opposed to the pro-war policies.
On one hand it tries to appear sympathetic to anti-war sentiment while
on the other it tries to silence voices opposed to Bush’s policies.

Soon after the 2000 presidential election, the Democrats began an
attack on the Green Party on the grounds that since there is no run-off
system, that is, since the Democrats in partnership with the
Republicans do not allow free elections, the Green Party’s existence
and its candidate for President in 2000, Ralph Nader, should be
declared responsible for George Bush becoming the president.

The corporate media has heavily promoted this campaign. It has
achieved success in part because of the support it has received by the
more liberal wing of the Democratic Party and some of the
“progressive” journals controlled by liberal Democrats such as The
Nation and Mother Jones.

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