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K-12 UniversalAccess/SDAIE Lesson DesignTemplate
Teacher: Grade(s):

Content Area: or Course:






Main Concept/Big ldea [Essential understandingyou expect students to lonw as a result of this module/unit of study]

Standard(s)/Skills'lTheskills/concepts betaughtat eachgradelevell to
A. Main Standard lGeneralized broad statementof what is to be learnedf

B. Focus Standard(s) - If Applicable [Specific concepts/skillsthat support the main standard]

C. Skills I Science- Process,Social Studies- Analysis, Math - Problem Solving]

Objectives I What will be evaluated and howl A. Content Objective lWat studentswill learn and be able to do and is measurableand observable]

B. Language Objective llanguage neededto engageand demonstrateunderstandingof concept/objectives. is It guided by active verbsfound in the standards (analyze,describe,etc.))

Possible Language Forms:

Concrete Materials fYisuals, manipulatives,realia use tofacilitate engagement with content and help make it comprehensiblel

SDAIE Yocabulary lMaximum of I0 vocabulary words essentialto understandand meet the objectives)


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