Rio de Janerio
y Rio Carnaval has

become the most famous carnival of the world through the Samba Parade, a show and competition of the Rio samba schools. The two major days are Carnival Sunday and Monday. Want to be part of the big Parade?


Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro is home to 10 million people, and all of them are dedicated to having the best time of their lives every day. This is a city that has it all, great weather, great people, and great attractions. Nearly all of Rio s attractions are found in the affluent Zona Sul, the neighborhoods near the beach. It is here that hotels, restaurants, shops, and nightlife are concentrated. During the day, Rio life focuses on the beaches, the most active is Copacabana. Most of the best urban attractions are located close to each other in the city center.

y There are amazing churches and museums that help present the best of this

vibrant culture. Rio s restaurants serve some of the best steaks and meats to be had in the entire world, and the unique Brazilian style of cooking is not to be missed. Rio features the greatest party in the world "Carnival" every year. Visitors to Carnival won t be disappointed when they see the most amazing floats and the most beautiful people. Dancing, drinking, and having a good time are a must during Carnival, and also every other day of the year. Visitors to Rio come with the highest expectations, and those expectations are definitely surpassed by what they find in this amazing city.

The superlatives.
y You use superlatives to express something in it s

greatest way.
y The biggest family

y The smartest kid of the class.

y The most amazing movie.


The most beautiful girl.

Primero, tienes que ver de qué tipo de adjetivo se trata.
y y y y y

a) Adjetivo corto. Son los de una sola sílaba. Por ejemplo: - Fat : gordo/a - Tall : alto/a - Big : grande - Fast : rápido/a

y Regla: Si se trata de un adjetivo de una sola sílaba entonces debemos añadir "est" al final para hacer el comparativo, de esta forma (al construir la frase antes del adjetivo hay que poner "the"): y - Fattest: más gordo/a y Nota: En este caso doblo la última consonante "tt" porque hay una vocal entre dos consonantes. y - Tallest: más alto/a y - Biggest: más grande y Nota: En este caso doblo la última consonante "gg" porque hay una vocal entre dos consonantes. y - Fastest: más rápido/a

y b) Adjetivo terminado en "y": y Por ejemplo: y - Funny: divertido y - Easy: fácil y - Ugly: feo/a y Regla: Si el adjetivo termina en -y cambiamos la -y por una -i y

añadimos est, de esta forma (al hacer la frase hay que poner "the" antes del adjetivo):

- Funniest: más divertido y - Easiest: más fácil y - Ugliest: más feo/a

y c) Si el adjetivo es largo, es decir, tiene dos o más sílabas. Por


y -Beautiful [biutiful]: bonito y -Interesting [intrestin] :interesante y -Intelligent [intelichen]: inteligente y Regla: En este caso ponemos las palabras " the most" delante del


y y y y

Así: - the most beautiful, - the most interesting. - the most intelligent

y d) Es un adjetivo irregular. Hay un grupo de

adjetivos en inglés que son especiales porque no siguen las reglas anteriores. (Al construir la frase hay que poner "the" delante del adjetivo). Algunos ejemplos:

y -Good: bueno/a -> comparativo: best el mejor (de

todos). y -Bad: malo/a-> comparativo: worst el peor (de todos). y -Old: viejo ->comparativo: oldest/eldest el más viejo o mayor (de todos).

Elige la alternativa correcta
y 1. James es el hombre más alto del mundo y a: James is the taller man in the world

b: James is tallest man in the world c: James is the tallest man in the world

y y 2. William es el chico más tonto de la clase. y a: William is the more stupid boy in the class y y 3. Mi casa es la más barata en la zona. y a: My house is the cheapest than the area

b: William is the stupidest boy in the class c: William is the most stupidest boy in the class

b: My house is the cheapest in the area c: My house is more cheapest in the area

y y 4. Jane fue la chica más rápida. y a: Jane was the quickest girl

b: Jane was the girl quickest c: Jane was the girl most quick

Completa las frases con un superlativo.
y Ej. He s a very good footballer. He s the best footballer in Europe

at the moment.

1. She s a pretty girl. She s_________________ girl in my class. 2. There are many exciting cities in North America, but I think New York is _____________________. 3. August is a hot month in Spain. It s usually_________________ month of the year. 4. I was so happy when I got married. My wedding day was __________________ day of my life. 5. It s such an expensive restaurant. I think it s the ____________________ restaurant in Madrid. 6. It s a very interesting book. It s one of the __________________ books I ve ever read.