English Test

Name: _______________________________ *Remember:
We use Can to express: Ability, Impossibility, Permission and Request

Class: 7th

Date: December 1st

I. Classify these sentences according to the uses of “Can”: (7 PTS) 1. Can you turn the light on, please? ____________________ 2. I can´t live without you, my love. ____________________

3. Diego can’t have a good behavior in class. ___________________ 4. Mister Gallardo, can I eat in class, please? ___________________ 5. Cynthia can write lovely poems in her copybook. ________________ 6. Darling can sing very well in front of many people. ________________ 7. Jose Luis, can you lend me $2000, please?

II. Write 4 things you can do and 3 things you can’t do. (8 PTS) I CAN I CAN´T

III. Match these action verbs with the pictures. (5 PTS) 1 Do the washing up 2 Think about you grass 5 Ride a horse 3 Lend money 4 Cut the

____ ____




We use Should to: Make suggestions and Give advice

IV. Give advice for each situation using SHOULD or SHOULDN’T, and the expressions in the box. (6 PTS) smoke anymore hot-dogs in the street get a job sing her a love song eat more vegetables buy

waste time in front of the TV

1. Aylin got a bad mark in the last English test. She ___________________________________ 2. Fernando is deeply in love with Paola, but he doesn’t know what to do. He____________________________________ 3. Jorge is so lazy; he doesn’t do anything at home. He____________________________________ 4. Palma has got problems for breathing He____________________________________ 5. Mario is so fat, he looks like a pig. He____________________________________

6. Matias is stuck in the toilet since last night. He____________________________________

Bye Bye kids…

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