Read the following text and write the name of the character that correspons to each paragraph.

FOLK HEROES A. _________________________
He is a legendary English hero. He lived in Sherwood Forest, in Nottingham, with his band. Stories about him and his adventures began to appear in the XIV century, but the facts are uncertain. He was probably born in 1160. He fought against injustice and robbed the rich to give to the poor. He was also a brave fighter and was very good with his bow and arrow. His wife was Maid Marion and his main enemy was the Sheriff of Nottingham, who always tried to capture him but never could.

B. _________________________
The show represented many aspects of Latin and Mexican culture, while making a critique on the unrealistic image of superheroes. For some reason, this character is believed by people to be a great superhero, but they usually end up disappointed when they realize he is actually weak and timid. Despite this, he did try his best to help, and all his adventures ended well. The typical episode had some person get in trouble and say aloud, "Oh! And who can help me now?" and he would appear out to save the people. C. _______________________ He was born in Madrid in 1973 but he then emigrated to USA with his parents Alejandro Vega and Elena Felicidad. They settled in California and became rich. He returned to Spain to study art and science but he always considered California his home. When he was back in USA he discovered that the mayor used his position and influence to exploit and rob the poor people. He decided to change the situation and adopted a secret identity. He wore a black mask, and rode a black horse called ´Tornadoµ.

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