Lead - Industry usage

08.27 (local) 7 Dec 2010

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Standard Lead
First traded on LME: 1903 Current specification introduced: 1968 World production: 8,084,900 tonnes per annum (2007) Being very soft and pliable and highly resistant to corrosion, Lead was ideal for use in plumbing as well as for the manufacture of pewter. In the early 20th century the automotive industry took off and new areas of consumption – batteries and petrol – created an enormous market. Storage batteries remain the main outlet but lead-free fuels have caused a decline in usage. Ironically, environmental issues have brought about new uses for the metal, particularly in the housing of power generation units to protect against electrical charges or dangerous radiations.

World lead production
Region %

Asia Europe Oceania Africa Source: WBMS www.world-bureau.com Total

48 22 3 2 100

America 26

Industrial consumption
Industry %

Batteries Sheets/Extrusions Ammunition Other Source: Standard CIB Global Research www.standardbank.co.za Total

71 7 6 4 100

Pigments/Chemicals 12

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